Munchkin Boiler Problems [9 Easy Solutions]

Today, we are going to talk about Munchkin boiler problems, their effective solution, and how you can prevent such issues as well.

And the most interesting thing is if you know the munchkin boiler troubleshooting method from our guide, it may be effective with New Yorker boiler troubleshooting also. 

Basically, you are learning about 2 device problem solutions in one single article. So, now let’s get started…

9 Munchkin Boiler Problems & Simple Solutions

Munchkin boiler provides the utmost service to its users. Even when it comes to dealing with boiler problems, Munchkin keeps the user’s convenience in mind. One such helpful feature is the Munchkin boiler fault codes. 

Here we will be discussing the 9 major and most common of these fault codes. Low combustion fan speed, high combustion fan speed, blocked vent, high temperature of the control board, high temperature of the vent, failed ignition, faulty flame signal, gas valve failure, and device lockout are the issues we have tackled here.

1: Low Combustion Fan Speed (Error Code- F13)

Munchkin boiler code F13 is the most common problem that the majority of users face. This error code indicates low combustion fan speed. Low combustion fan speed means your boiler is technically dead. The combustion fan basically keeps the device running. But faulty wiring or problems in the fan can cause it to slow down. In this situation, you can do the following,

  • Examine the control board to identify any faulty wiring
  • Fix combustion air fan wiring if it’s not correct
  • Install a new combustion fan 
  • Replace the circuits of the control board

2: High Combustion Fan Speed (Error Code- F14)

Low combustion fan speed hampers the boiler performance. Similarly, high combustion fan speed can damage the boiler components. If your Munchkin boiler fans speed is 130% more than required, do the following,

  • Check if the combustion fan wiring is okay
  • Check if the combustion fan motor is in perfect condition
  • Replace the combustion fan with a new one
  • Change the control board

3: Blocked Vent (Error Code- FLU)

The vent can be blocked due to many reasons. The prominent cause behind such an issue is the collection of dirt and debris. Damaged components can be a reason behind the blocked vent as well. No matter what the cause is, here’s what you can do about it,

  • Check the vent path to see if it’s perfectly placed
  • Clean the debris and dirt clogged in the vent
  • Inspect the vent pressure switch operation. Change the switch if you find it faulty

4: High Control Board Temperature (Error Code- F00)

Though Munchkin boiler control boards are known for excellent performance, certain issues can cause problems. The Control board’s heat can drastically rise due to internal malfunction of your boiler. Here’s the solution to this problem,

  • See if the circulation pump is operating perfectly
  • Ensure proper flow of electricity in the boiler
  • Replace the thermistor switch if it seems faulty
  • Make sure that the water pressure is right on the mark. Your Munchkin boiler manual has specific information about this

5: High Vent Temperature (Error Code- F01)

Vent temperature can exceed its limit for many reasons. The clogging of debris can be the primary cause of such inconvenience. In case of high vent temperature, here’s the solution,

  • Reset the temperature limit by pushing the reset button
  • Install a new vent limit switch
  • Clean the combustion drain thoroughly
  • Ensure that the target wall is intact. Replace if it isn’t

6: Ignition Failure (Error Code- F09)

Munchkin boiler makes 3 attempts to ignite a fire if the sensor can’t detect any ignition. The failure of ignition will only cause your boiler to eat up electricity with no outcome at all. This is why take the following steps to solve the problem,

  • Make sure that the spark electrodes are set apart by ¼”. You can determine this gap by holding 2 quarters together between the electrodes
  • Check if the gas supply to the boiler is okay
  • Look for flue blockage or any form of blockage in the ignitor
  • Make sure that the flame sensor is okay and not sending you the wrong message

7: Faulty Flame Signal (Error Code- F11)

Sometimes the Munchkin boiler can give a false flame signal. The malfunctioning flame sensor will give hints of flames while there aren’t any. You can avoid getting confused by the faulty flame signal in the following way,

  • Turn the gas off to see if the signal is still on
  • Replace the igniter or clean it thoroughly
  • Inspect the gas valve and see if it’s working properly
  • Clean out any obstructions in the gas valve

8: Gas Valve Failure (Error Code- F18)

The gas valve supplies gas to the ignitor. This gas is used up to ignite a fire and keep the boiler active. If the gas valve fails to function correctly, the boiler will not show any efficiency. Here’s what you can do if this is the case,

  • Check if the gas valve is properly connected to the gas valve
  • Look for cracks and leaks in the gas valve
  • See if the wiring in the gas valve is in perfect condition
  • Change the low-voltage wiring
  • Install a new control board

9: System Lockout

Though the issue of system lockout does not have any error code assigned to it, it is a crucial Munchkin boiler problem. The boiler can go into lockout condition if its sensor can’t detect any flame or if the flame signal gets lost midway. Here are the necessary steps in case of Munchkin boiler lockout,

  • Make sure the boiler is connected to its power sources
  • Press the red reset key once to clean all the faults. Then press the key again to set it to its default setting
  • Call an expert if this doesn’t solve the issue

There are over 20 Munchkin boiler fault codes. But the majority of them are trivial inconveniences and aren’t worthy of your attention. However, the 9 problems discussed here are the most common Munchkin boiler troubleshooting. If you are aware of these points, then you are good to go.

5 Things You Can Do To Prevent Munchkin Boiler Problems

It is better to prevent Munchkin boiler problems than to solve them. If you can successfully maintain and keep your Munchkin boiler safe from any such issues, then you can hope to keep using it for years to come. But how to prevent Munchkin boiler problems? Here’s the answer:

1. Wiring: Make sure that the wiring of the whole device is perfectly placed. The combustion fan, the control panel, and the circuit unit’s wiring should be in proper condition. Change the wires if they are damaged in any way.

2. Gas Supply: The major issue that can prevent gas supply is clogging and debris. You can avoid the accumulation of dirt by cleaning the gas supply pipe and the gas supply valve regularly. Replace the gas valve or gas supply pipe if you notice any cracks on them. Otherwise, it can easily lead to accidents.

3. Igniter: It is crucial to make sure your igniter always remains clear of obstructions. The electrodes that ignite sparks in the boiler need to be cleaned and placed appropriately as well. Replacing the igniter is the best option in case you notice any problem with it.

4. Regular Cleaning: You should clean your Munchkin boiler at least once a year. Follow the manual to disassemble the whole device and clean each part thoroughly and perfectly.

5. Keep The Surroundings Clean: Keeping the surrounding of the boiler neat is as important as cleaning the boiler. Vacuuming the area and keeping the spot dry is all you need to do.

5. Keep The Surroundings Clean: Keeping the surrounding of the boiler neat is as important as cleaning the boiler. Vacuuming the area and keeping the spot dry is all you need to do. You won’t have to deal with Munchkin Boiler problems if you can maintain your broiler following the above points accordingly. 


How long do Munchkin boilers last?

A munchkin boiler can last up to 15 years with proper maintenance.

What does F09 mean on a Munchkin boiler?

The F09 in the Munchkin boiler indicates the clogged or restricted burner tube.

Are Munchkin boilers still made?

Unfortunately, Munchkin boilers are not manufactured anymore.

What is a good replacement for a Munchkin boiler?

If your Munchkin boiler is wrecked and you want to replace it, then The Elite Premier will be the best option for you.

What pressure should my Munchkin boiler be?

Perfect Munchkin boiler pressure is 1 to 1.5 bars.

To Conclude:

Munchkin boiler problems are not difficult to solve if you are aware of the proper solution. This article about Munchkin boiler troubleshooting should have satisfied your need.

If you utilize our instructions accordingly, then you can hope to have a perfectly working Munchkin boiler. If you have any questions regarding this article, then leave a comment below.

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  1. I changed my expansion tank on my munchkin boiler the original was a 15 the replacement is a 30 would the effect the operation of the unit

    • This will certainly cause issues a 30 has a bladder inside that is precharged to 30PSI most boilers especially one that had Pressure tank that was set to 15PSI Is What the internal pressure of the boiler should be. So essentially the 30 tank you installed is twice the amount of pressure that the boiler needs. So A15PSI take needs to be reinstalled for the boiler to function properly

    • Hi Jim

      Generally, this type of issue happens when condensate becomes frozen inside the pipe which leads to a blockage, and as a result, you get a leakage upstream.

      To solve the issue, simply pour warm water onto the pipe. Plus, carefully check the pipe and fittings because they might crack due to frozen. Also, to avoid this type of problem again, ensure proper condensate pipe insulation.

      Hope you will get the solution.

      Wish you all the best.

    • Hi Glen

      To solve the f09 error code, follow our guide on Ignition Failure (Error Code- F09) section from Munchkin Boiler Problems.

      Well, As water running out of overflow on the boiler, the common reason behind the problem may be the expansion vessel failing for which your boiler has created too much pressure. Plus, water leaks if the pressure relief valve is not placed properly. First, find out which one is responsible for the issue and fix it.

      It would be wise to take help from a professional if you are not a pro.



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