Muskoka Electric Fireplace Troubleshooting [7 Easy Solutions]

The common Muskoka electric fireplace problems are: fireplace not heating, won’t stay lit, producing excessive noise, fireplace not turning on, constantly shutting down, light on but no flame, and continuously squeaking. 

Whatever the problem, you need instant and easy solutions. To think about this, we are here with the Muskoka electric fireplace troubleshooting guide. So, stay connected…

Muskoka Electric Fireplace Troubleshooting [7 Easy Solutions]

Here are some DIY fixing methods that you can do by yourself. Just scroll down to get a clear description related to all of the problems. Hopefully, you will not be disappointed.

01. Fireplace Is No Heating

In some cases, it is seen that the fireplace heater is not operating. Actually, there is a conventional heater in every fireplace as well as the Muskoka fireplace to produce heat. But sometimes, due to incorrect operation, it may not work.

Other possible reasons are that the switches for the heater may be defective, or the heater place may not assemble correctly, or for loose wiring. Moreover, there is a safety switch in the fireplace to prevent unburned gas from building up. If the button is enabled, then the heater will not work. 


Whatever the reason, roll on eyes to the effective solutions:

  • First, make sure that the main switch “ON” is enabled. 
  • To get the low heat, turn on the low settings switch with turn on the power switch. That means both the switch must be turned on.
  • If you want to get high heat, you have to check that all three switches (Power, Low, High) are turned on. 
  • When the above ways do not work, see the thermostat. Do you know why it is used? It helps to keep the current room temperature in a constant mode. Increases or decrease the dial mode of the thermostat. 
  • Make sure that your entire heater area is clean and there is no clogged dust or debris.
  • Check the heater’s inlet and outlet aren’t blocked by specks of dirt. 

02. Fireplace Light But Won’t Stay Lit

If the fireplace light but won’t stay long, there may be various reasons. Sometimes it happens due to improper maintains or sometimes due to longer use. Anyway, don’t get hassled. You also can fix it by DIY methods. Read the following steps carefully:


  • First, try to find the pilot light of the fireplace. You may find it on one side of the fireplace.
  • Now check, it is lit or not. Also, see if the gas logs are located in the right place. You can see that your pilot is lit, but gas logs aren’t. 
  • Then there is undoubtedly a problem in the thermocline. It is mainly an essential component that converts heat to electricity.
  • First, clean the thermopile.
  • Then check the electricity amount produced in thermopile with THP contacts. 
  • If you see that the multimeter of the TH shows 300 millivolts, then it is okay. Otherwise, you have to replace the thermopile. 

03. Producing Excessive Noise While Operating

There are several reasons behind this. You may get here a clicking noise while the heater is on. Or sometimes, it seems the same situation while your flame is on, but the heater is off. This happens because of the wrong position of the flame reflector. When it rubs against housing, it may cause excessive noise. Anyways, try to fix all these by following methods:


  • To stop the clicking noise, check if your room temperature setting is not risen above or fallen below the thermostat.
  • If there is no clicking sound, open the back of the firebox and try to reposition the flame reflector.

04. Fireplace Won’t Turn On.

If the fireplace is not plugged in, it won’t turn on. In other cases, the ON/OFF switch may defect, and it seems not working. Also, if the connected wires are loose, the fireplace will not turn on. However, get the possible solutions:


  • First, make sure your fireplace is plugged in correctly with the wall socket.
  • Also, it should be plugged into a standard outlet, and the maximum volt must be 120V.
  • Then check if the main power button is on or off. If it is off, enable it.
  • Fix the loose wiring
  • If needed, change the remote battery if you control the fireplace with the remote.

05. Fireplace Shut Down By Itself

There has an overheat protection mode in any fireplace. It works as protection to get rid of the overheating problem. If your fireplace gets overheated, it will automatically turn off. Another possible reason is the dialer of the thermostat is not set correctly. Moreover, there is a loose connection between socket and fireplace, and there seems to be this problem. You may try out all these procedures:


  • First, Turn off the fireplace if the overheat protection mode has already been on. Let it be rest for some while, and then turn it on.
  • Keep the thermostat dialer above to prevent continuously switching off.
  • The entire inlet area and the outlet should be unblocked. If they are blocked, it may lead to the overheat protection mode.
  • Clean out the fireplace properly if there is any dirt stuck.

06. Power Light Is On But has No Flame.

Sometimes, you can see that you have turned in the power button, but there has no flame. Basically, this happens because of incorrect operation. Again, when the LED strip is not working, the flame will not operate. Loose wiring is also another reason behind this. 


 The possible solution methods for this troubleshooting are:

  • First, check your fireplace is appropriately connected to the wall socket.
  • You can see a power button that controls the flame. First, off the power button, and then again turned it on.
  • Check the lighting bulb or LED strip has no problem or is all okay. If needed, replace it.

07. Having Always Squeaking Noise

While operating, a fireplace may produce some squeaking noise. It may seem disgusting while working. There are several reasons for creating this type of sound. Mainly sound is coming from the blower. 

Simple, if the blower is clogged with dirt, it may cause noise. When the heater is assembled incorrectly, it will also be squeaking. Also, after more prolonged use, the motorized component makes a squeaking noise.


To fix the squeaking noise:

  • At first, turn off the fireplace and unplug it from the socket of the wall.
  • Then try to open the fireplace to reach the component from where sound is coming out.
  • When you open it, clean out all the entire parts and components properly.
  • Sometimes it is needed to lubricate all parts to make it slippery and quick in the workflow.
  • When done, see if all components’ connections are okay or not. If there is a severe major, contact customer care.


 Are thermopile and thermocouple the same?

The term derives almost the same meaning. Both are the electric instrument that is used to convert heat to electricity. But the difference is mainly the method of their measurement.

Why does my electric fireplace keep shutting down?

The main reason behind this problem is overheating. When the fireplace starts overheating, it will automatically shut down.

What is the good voltage of a thermopile of a fireplace?

The good voltage of a thermopile is about 300 V or higher than this. Bad when it falls down, that is the bad sign of thermopile and there need to replace it.

What is the easiest way to reset a fireplace?

In order to reset it, turn “OFF” the power button. Then unplug the fireplace and leave it for some while. After that, plugin and turn the power button “ON.” It will automatically reset. 


Hopefully, you could fix your current fireplace problem by following our above guides. If you still have any queries, feel free to ask us in the comment section. Thank you for being with us.

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