Why Valor Fireplace Beeps But Won’t Light [2 Easy Solutions]

Valor Gas Fireplace is a reliable fireplace every homeowner trusts to boil down the ice-cold condition in the winter months. The best feature we love most about this fireplace is its zone heating system. It provides both radiant and convection heat to warm the room evenly. 

valor fireplace beeps but won't light

Despite having these features, the gas fireplace also has some drawbacks. For example, the Valor fireplace beeps but won’t light is a fireplace issue almost every user goes through. 

Your Valor gas fireplace will beep but won’t ignite if the receiver batteries go out or the receiver gets defective. To let you learn how to fix these gas fireplace problems, we compiled this valor fireplace troubleshooting guide. So, let’s get started to dive into this article. 

Why My Valor Fireplace Beeps But Won’t Light [2 Simple Solutions]

The valor gas fireplace won’t light but it beeps! It’s a common fireplace issue every user goes through. The following two reasons are responsible for this gas fireplace problem.

1. Receiver’s Battery Is Dead

Your fireplace will beep but won’t ignite or light if the battery of the receiver goes out. You can find the receiver behind the lower fret or trim kit of your gas fireplace. And you will get the fret or trim kit at the front of your Valor gas fireplace as you can see in the picture below.

valor gas fireplace receiver location

If its battery gets weak, it fails to pick up the radio signal from the handheld remote. Consequently, it will only beep but fails to ignite as the gas valve will remain closed. 


The receiver’s batteries don’t have a long life. You should exchange the battery frequently or every six months. When the battery of your receiver gets weaker, you will hear an audible beep. Whenever you hear this beep, change the battery right off the bat. 

2. Defective Receiver

The receiver is the part of your gas fireplace that receives a radio signal from the handheld remote. Then, it transfers this signal to the gas valves. And when the gas valves get the signal, they open and your gas fireplace will light.

If the receiver gets defective, the gas valves will not receive the signals. In simple words, the gas valves remain closed, and no gas will go to the pilot. Consequently, your valor gas fireplace won’t light. 


Replacing the faulty receiver with a new one is the easy solution to this problem. If you are not mechanically inclined, we recommend hiring a professional to do this task for you. 

4 More Valor Fireplace Problems & Solutions

Besides those gas fireplace issues, you may also experience the following Valor fireplace problems over time. 

1. No Transmission (Motor Doesn’t Turn)

The motor of the gas fireplace will not turn for several reasons. They are:

  • Batteries of the fireplace go out or dead
  • Metal or an antenna surrounds the receiver which reduces the transmission range
  • Defective transmitter
  • The wiring at the valve gets damaged
  • The pins on 8 wire connector get bent


You can easily solve those issues by following the below steps.

  • Replace the batteries 
  • Change the position of the antenna
  • Change the faulty transmitter with a new one and reprogram the code
  • Replace the valve
  • Straighten the pins on 8 wire connector

2. No Ignition; One 5-Second Continuous Tone

The Valor gas fireplace won’t ignite but you hear the One 2-second continuous tone. You may listen to the 7 short beeps before this issue. You will encounter this fireplace problem if:

  • The On/Off switch is in the Off position
  • Loose wire connections
  • Faulty receiver


To fix the gas fireplace problem, ensure:

  • You turn the On/Off switch to the On position.
  • Secure or tighten every wire connection
  • Change or replace the receiver

3. The pilot Is Lit And Sparking Stops

This problem will occur if the thermocouple doesn’t generate enough voltage. Alternatively, too much resistance on the circuit will be the culprit behind this gas fireplace issue.

Therefore, defective thermocouples, low inlet pressure, and faulty valves are responsible for the fireplace problem. 


First off, test the thermocouple with a multimeter to measure the voltage. Regarding this, set the multimeter in the mV range and measure the voltage by attaching test leads to the spade connector. You should get 5 mV volts from the thermocouple. If the thermocouple gets faulty, replace it.

Secondly, check the regulator pressure and size. If required, change the regulator. Lastly, replace the defective valve with a new one. Make sure you don’t overtighten the thermocouple interrupter. 

4. Pilot Flame Lights But There Is No Main Gas Flow

The following reasons are responsible for this issue:

  • The manual override knob may turn to the MAN position
  • You may turn down the valve to pilot flow
  • Low inlet pressure
  • Defective valve


Here is the solution to the problem:

  • Turn the manual override knob to the On position
  • Press the up button on the remote control to turn the flame to high fire
  • Correct the regulator pressure and size, change if required
  • Replace the defective valve 


Why is my Valor fireplace beeping?

The beeping sound of your Valor fireplace will indicate the batteries of the receiver are getting weaker. It means you need to replace the batteries. To replace the valor fireplace batteries, find the holder under the firebox near the controls. Change the batteries and put the holder back in its place.

How long will batteries last in the gas fireplace?

The batteries of your gas fireplace will last 6-12 months under normal conditions. 

How do you clean a thermocouple on a gas fireplace?

First off, turn off the gas fireplace and pull out the front panel from the unit. Then, locate the thermocouple, which is next to the pilot light. Now, use a can of air pressure gently to remove dirt, dust, and debris. 


Valor Gas Fireplace will provide a warm, cozy, and of course, glowing light effect on the frigid day of winter.  However, it has some limitations, like every gas fireplace.

Fortunately, you don’t need to think about those gas fireplace problems as this troubleshooting guide will provide the solutions to those issues. 

However, if you fail to solve the fireplace issue by following the steps we have mentioned above, let us know in the comment box. We will be happy to help you.

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35 thoughts on “Why Valor Fireplace Beeps But Won’t Light [2 Easy Solutions]”

  1. I have an old (but excellent!) Valor unit Model BR622 ignited by pressing down a lever but increasingly the gas refuses to stay lit. The unit has been cleaned and the battery is new so what is the problem and remedy please?

    • Hi Robert

      Clean the thermocouple. If cleaning doesn’t work, replace. Then check the gas pressure if it’s okay or not. Also, investigate the gas valve. Finally, clean the clogged burner.
      I hope, you will get the solution.


  2. Hello.
    We have a Valor Plus gas fireplace with a no spark condition. When turned on the receiver beeps 14 times followed by a continuous long beep. The pilot can be lit manually and the flame height can be adjusted manually, the flame height can then be reduced by the remote but not increased and can be turned completely off by the remote. We have changed the batteries several times, and cleaned the pilot. We were getting a spark but no ignition and no automatic control of (only manual control) of the valve. Now we are back to no spark and no ignition.
    Can you suggest a solution?

  3. We have a Valor fireplace less than a year old. Recently after starting the fire (pilot is left on) the unit flames out with a long blue very week flame, it seems the pilot goes out as well. Last night it took 40 mins before the fireplace finally lit up after numerous attempts as per instruction manual. Batteries are new Energizer in the receiver. Before the problem the fireplace was used approx 6 hours a night and the pilot is always left on.

    • Hi Bernie

      Check the pilot assembly and clean it if you get dust in it. A dirty pilot produces a lazy flame that lifts away from the thermocouple and drops the temperature on the tip of the thermocouple. As a result, the gas valve shut off.

      If it doesn’t work, Check the pilot tubing, thermopile, and thermocouple. One or more issues from these may be responsible for your problem. First, find out the main culprit and fix it.

      If you are not comfortable with the process, you can take help from the Valor service center. Must check the manual for warranty coverage as your unit is about 1 year old only.


  4. Thank you for the helpful post. We have a Valor gas fireplace insert. The receiver batteries were indicating it needed to be changed (beeping continually), so we changed it, and not the fireplace is not igniting when we try to use the remote. We were able to manually light it, but are wondering if something may have been put out of place?

    • Hi Shantal

      Besides dead batteries, a faulty receiver is also could be a culprit behind the issue that fails to send signals to the gas valves to open and consequently, won’t light the fireplace. As you have changed the batteries of the receiver and your unit is light manually, check the receiver whether it is ok or not. Also, make sure your remote batteries are ok and you use remote control close to your gas fireplace.

      If there is no remote issue and the receiver is the culprit, replacing the receiver with a new one is the easy solution to this problem. If you are not mechanically inclined, we recommend hiring a professional to do this task for you.


  5. I have a valor plus fireplace, I just bought the home and wanted to try it out. Polite won’t light but beeps and the motor turns to adjust flame. Do you still think it’s the batteries or something else. Or should I just call a tech? Thank you

    • Hi Scott

      If the batteries are new, take out all the batteries and unplug the power strip. Wait for a minute and then, input the batteries back and plug the power strip. Then again wait for a minute. Or, exchange the batteries if they are old(six months). If it doesn’t work then call for a technician.


  6. I have a Valor 739 Legend that refuses to light the pilot. I have a wall switch only. Batteries are good and I tested control box on another fireplace and it works correctly. I can see nice sparks during start up, but pilot will not start. I am however able to light the pilot when set in the manual mode.

  7. I have a valor plus fireplace and have never had a problem
    Turning the pilot on with the handheld receiver, the receiver has enough battery power and when I hit the off and large flame I hear it trying to light and get one beep then a stream of beeps not the double beep that I normally hear. I read there are batteries inside ? Where can I find the manual to replace the batteries inside the unit.

      • Thank and it did work
        However now the pilot light went off since it’s designed to do that if not turned on
        So I replaced the 9V battery and tried to turn it on however I hear just one beep and not the double beep that one normally hears to turn on the pilot
        I do hear it trying to do something but it never gets to the double beep to turn on any idea what I can try to do?

        • Hi Linda

          As you have replaced the batteries, check the receiver whether it is defective or not. If you get it faulty, Replacing it with a new one is the easy solution to this problem. If you are not mechanically inclined, we recommend hiring a professional to do this task for you.

          Wish you all the best.

          • Hi overall I have done the following
            1. Replaced the batteries in the unit
            Started it with the handheld receiver and it worked

            2. Replaced the batteries in the handheld receiver

            3. Tried to start with the handheld receiver since the pilot light went out and hear one beep then many fast beeps and it does not start
            So what are the fast beeps telling me ?

            I am not sure it is The receiver since it is making a sound that it attempts to start but I don’t get the slower beeps afterwards which will light it he pilot but several fast beeps

  8. Hi again I went back into the receiver to check the contact of the batteries of the receiver within the fireplace and you are correct it seems the receiver may be getting faulty I reset the batteries and then turned it on and it worked thanks for the tips

    • Hi Linda
      It’s my pleasure my guide could fix your issue. And Linda, whenever you face any issue with your fireplace, don’t forget to let me know. I will be happy to help you. Wish you all the best.

  9. Hello. I tried turning on our valor fireplace for the first time since last spring. Nothing happens when I use the remote. The batteries are new and not the problem. The pilot is surely out but there is no beeping or clicking when I press the off and high flame buttons. Would appreciate any advice! Thank you.

    • Hi E
      You are right. Your valor fireplace not turning on may be due to a faulty pilot light. To solve the issue, first, check the pilot assembly & clean it because a dirty pilot light can’t function well. As a result, your fireplace not turning on. Also, check the fuel line for any interruption & fix it.

      Hopefully, your problem will be solved.

      Wish you all the best.

  10. I have a Valor Horizon direct vent unit that was installed about 18 months ago. We have a tremendous amount of cold air coming in around unit. The technicians who installed it came back out to look at the issue, but said the unit was installed correctly and they weren’t licensed to install any type of insulation around the fireplace. I would appreciate any suggestions you can offer. We are also having an issue with the fireplace not lighting, no clicking noise at all and the batteries are new. We have a tech scheduled to come back and look at the problem, but it will be 5 weeks before they can get to us.

    • Hi Gerri

      Generally, this type of issue happens due to faulty or dirty pilot light that causes the flame out. Plus, an interrupted fuel line could be the reason behind the issue.

      Well, to solve the issue, first try cleaning the pilot assembly. Also, make sure the fuel line is clear.

      If it doesn’t work, you may need to replace the pilot light assembly.

      Hopefully, you will get the solution.

      Wish you all the best!

  11. Hello when I try to light my valor fireplace with the remote it starts to beep like normal but then quits beeping and never lights or makes any sounds. Please help

    • Hi Jay

      To solve your Valor fireplace beeping & won’t light issue, check the recevier batteries & replace them if needed.

      Well, if changing batteries can’t fix the issue, then inspect the receiver & replace it if you get it defective.

      Hopefully, you will get the solution.

      Best of luck!

      • I have a similar problem. When I try to light the fire there are 11 short beeps followed by 3 fast beeps and then it stops. The batteries are good. How can I test if the receiver is defective?

        • Hi Tom

          In most cases, when a gas fireplace beeps but won’t light, it indicates the receiver batteries are weak/dead or the receiver is faulty. In such conditions, the gas valves will not receive the signals and no gas will go to the pilot. Consequently, your valor gas fireplace won’t light.

          Well, to fix your Valor gas fireplace, first, change the batteries & check whether your unit is working or not. If not then you need to replace the receiver.

          Hopefully, your fireplace problem will be solved.

          Wish you all the best!

  12. I have an H3 Valor that is beeping after the pilot light lights. I replaced the receiver batteries and it still beeps before the main burner ignites.
    How can I check the receiver?

  13. Replaced batteries in unit (G4) and remote, hit reset, got short and long beep, pushed button on remote – get a long beep, no second beep, unit won’t light. Hadn’t used in almost a year, installed 5/21. Thoughts? Thanks!


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