Napoleon Grill Troubleshooting [7 Easy Solutions]

The Napoleon grill troubleshooting guide will break down the following issues:

  • The grill knob lights not working.
  • Grill producing low flame.
  • Heat Fluctuation.
  • Excessive flare-ups.
  • Grill burner blowing out and uneven heating.

However, keep reading and learn how you can instantly fix your grill’s troubles on your own.

Napoleon Grill Troubleshooting [7 Easy Solutions]

Here are the common Napoleon grill problems, their causes, and simple solutions:

1. Knob Issues

Napoleon grill’s knob issues include the light not working and the knob light flashing. Both problems hinder the grill’s proper functioning.

However, for the following causes, the light may stop working or start blinking.

  • Damaged battery
  • Worn-out spark module
  • Cracked igniter element
  • Corroded or dirty igniter tips or grills
  • Loose wire connection
  • Wet weather
  • The electrode and pilot bracket are not lined up
  • Low or no gas flow


To solve the grill’s knob issue, you could follow the solutions below:

  • Replace the dead battery, faulty igniter element, and worn-out module
  •  Properly clean the dirty igniter tip and avoid corrosion by keeping the grill away from moisture
  • Tighten the loose wire connection
  • Use a soft brush and cloth for grill cleaning
  • In wet weather light the grill manually
  • Ensure that the electrode and pilot bracket is lined up
  • Ensure the grill has a proper gas supply

2. Low Flame

Another problem you may face with your Napoleon grill is that it produces low or no flame. Your grill will fail to produce enough heat because of your grill’s low flame. However, the concerning causes for this issue are the following:

  • Leaky propane tank
  • Defective regulator
  • Blocked orifices
  • Tripped OPD device


The general solutions are repairing the leaky tank, replacing the defective regulator, cleaning the orifices, and replacing the tripped OPD devices.

After trying all these solutions, rotate the grill’s knob clockwise to see whether the flame size increase or not. If it doesn’t increase, you may need to fix the low flame issue in the following way:

  • Turn off the burners to reset the gas grill regulator
  • Open the lid
  • Shut off the propane tank’s gas
  • Disconnect the tank’s gas line
  • Turn on the grill’s all control valves, including its side burner
  • Let it reset for 2-minute
  • Turn off the grill’s all control valves
  • Then reconnect the propane tank’s gas line
  • Slowly turn the gas on

3. Low Heat Or Too Much Heat

Napoleon grill heat issues include it doesn’t produce enough heat even if the grill’s knob is in a high position or may produce too much heat.

Now having low heat or too much heat are both problems. The culprits responsible for this issue are the following:

  • Dirty burner orifice
  • Kinked or bent fuel hose
  • Improperly adjusted air shutter
  • No or low gas supply
  • Improper gas pressure


If you find that heat issues are creating hindrances in using your Napoleon grill, you should go with the following solutions:

  • Properly clean the burner and its orifice
  • Replace the kinked or bent hose
  • Inspect and properly adjust the air shutter
  • Ensure that there is enough gas supply to the grill
  • Check the empty tank and gas supply pressure both
  • Repair or replace the burner’s holes

4. Excessive Flare-Ups

Napoleon Grill’s other concerning issue is its excessive flare-ups. Excessive flare-ups mean that the grill is producing smoke in extensive amounts. Most likely, this issue is caused by the following:

  • Excess grease in the grill
  • Soft spots or metal failure in burner and flame disbursement system (Heat plates, flame tamers, briquette trays, etc.)
  • Dirty grill
  • Heat plate’s larger holes


Excessive flare-ups create obstacles in Napoleon’s grill’s smooth running. Thus immediately solve this issue in the following ways:

  • Check the excess grease in the grill’s cooking grids. Properly clean it or replace it if required
  • Replace the heat plates with larger holes
  • Inspect and replace the flame disbursement system’s element if required 

5. Burners Blow Out

Sudden blowing out of the Napoleon gas grill burner may create a problematic situation for you. The following factors are responsible for this issue:

  • Defective burner
  • Incorrectly installed burner
  • Improperly adjusted air-gas ration
  • Low or no gas supply or empty LP tank
  • Incorrect gas pressure


If you experience your Napoleon grill stop working because of its burner blowing out, you should do the following:

  • Check the burner malfunction and replace it if required
  • Ensure its correct installation
  • Properly adjust the air-gas ration
  • Inspect the LP tank and ensure appropriate gas supply  and pressure

6. Yellow or Orange Flame

Usually, you will see the blue flame in your gas grill. But suddenly, if you see a yellow or orange flame, be sure that there is something wrong with it. The reasons for this issue are the following:

  • Obstructions in burner inlet
  • Alignment and obstruction in venturi tubes and control valve
  • Non-continuous fuel flow


If your gas grill produces an orange or yellow flame, you should check the grill’s venturi tubes and control valve. First, ensure the venturi tube’s proper alignment. Again correctly adjust it. And finally, remove the burner inlet’s obstruction.

7. Uneven Heating

Due to this uneven heating problem, one side of your Napoleon grill may be hotter compared to the other side. The reasons cause this issue are the following:

  • Blocked burner
  • Clog ports
  • Burner tube’s uneven flame pattern


Remove the burner’s blockage and adequately clean it. And also remove the ports clog. Thoroughly clean the blocked and clogged areas using a stiff wire brush. Ensure that you remove dirt from the burner’s each hole that is creating clogs.

Don’t use any harmful cleaner or harsh detergents to clean the burner; otherwise, it would cause metal corrosion.


How do you remove Napoleon’s grill knobs?

To remove the Napoleon grill knobs, gently pull the control panel’s old knobs. Then remove its screws using a screwdriver. The screw tightly holds the bezel in place. Then pull the bezel and push the new knob in it.

How do you clean the inside of a Napoleon Grill?

Use a soft cloth to clean your Napoleon grill burner’s inside. First, remove the dirt and debris build-up from the grill’s outside. You can also wash the grill’s drip pan and the interior basin using soapy hot water. Then, use a soft sponge to scrub it properly.

Can a Napoleon gas grill convert to propane?

For converting into natural gas from propane, Napoleon for their P500 and Pro500 produces and sells the conversion kit. But vice versa is not possible. That is, converting natural gas into propane is not possible.

How often should I clean my Napoleon grill?

At least twice during the grilling season, you should clean your Napoleon grill. Frequent use or using the grill at least once each week requires regular cleaning also. You should clean it at least every two months in case of frequent use.

How do you use a Napoleon smoking tube?

Using the smoking tube, you need to remove the cover end and fill it with wood chips. Then replace the tube’s lid and use the lit burner to position the smoker pipe. You can also place it on the charcoal BBQ grill.


Now you know all the possible reasons why you need the Napoleon grill troubleshooting guide. If you encounter any issues with your grill, hopefully, now you would be capable of solving it by yourself.

If you still fail to get the job done, you can let us know your struggle in the comment box. We will come to you ASAP with a possible solution.

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    • Hi Robert

      You can convert your grill from gas to propane. To do the job, it would be wise to take help from an experienced technician.

      Wish you all the best.

  1. Hi, my bbq was working fine but now I can light one burner but when I light the next one the first one goes out and if I light the third the other one goes out. I changed the propane tank but that didn’t fix it. Any suggestions? Leslie

  2. How do I change the fuse? Is there a video? Just got my 665 grill and none of the lights work nor the ignition for rear/side burner and believe it’s the fuse

    • Hi Al

      Generally, the rear burner knob is not turning due to one or more reasons like a damaged battery, worn-out spark module, cracked igniter element, corroded or dirty igniter tip or grills, loose wire connection, wet weather, electrode and pilot bracket are not lined up, low or no gas flow.

      Well, to solve the issue, first, try to find out the main culprit behind the issue and then fix it following our solution guide on knob issues section in the article.

      Hopefully, you will get the solution.

      Wish you all the best.

  3. We are having the same problem as Leslie. We have cleaned checked gas lines replaced burner and done the steps to reset the regulator. We can only light 3 of the burners when we light the last one they all go out. Please help

    • Hi Debbie

      Do you clean the grill deeply? If not, clean it again thoroughly.

      But if still, it doesn’t work, it would be wise to take help from the Napoleon customer support center or your local dealer.

      Wish you all the best.

  4. Brand new Napoleon Pro 665 LED lights not turning nor is the ignition button for the side sear station. Again, this is brand new, never used grill.

    • Hi Amanda

      Generally, this type of issue happens due to a damaged battery, worn-out spark module, cracked igniter element, corroded or dirty igniter tip or grills, loose wire connection, wet weather,
      electrode and pilot bracket are not lined up, or low or no gas flow.

      But as your grill is a brand new one, just check the all-wire connections & tight them if they are loose. Plus, make sure the sufficient gas flow.

      Hopefully, you will get the solution.

      Wish you all the best.

  5. Hello………..the rear burner on my Prestige 500 comes on automatically when I light the grills .
    Rear burner knob is in off position .

    • Hi Peter

      Your grill may need a visual inspection to find out the main culprit behind the issue. It would be better to check for warranty coverage & contact the Napoleon customer support center or your local Napoleon dealer to solve the issue.

      Best of luck.

  6. I have a Napoleon Prestige 500 RSIB. The Jetfire pilot light no longer works on one burner (left-most). The igniter is sparking, but there seems to be no gas getting through to it. The burner itself works fine once lit manually. How do I fix the problem of gas not getting through to the Jetfire pilot light?

    • Hi Ed

      The reasons that could be the culprit behind your one burner not igniting are loose wiring connections, a dead battery, dirt or corrosion on the igniter tip.

      Plus, check wheather using match can ignite the burner or not. If not, then the problem could the low or no gas flow.

      Well, to fix the problem, check all the above-mentioned issue one by one & fix which one you get faulty.

      Hopefully, your problem will be solved.

      Best of luck!


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