Why My Nexgrill Not Heating Up [Reasons + Solutions]

Today we have come to bring up the most probable reasons for causing Nexgrill not heating up. Here, we have triggered the Nexgrill regulator problem, unusual OPD activation, faulty burners, and igniter.

Also, blocked regular hose, low flame on the gas grill, and low fuel supply are responsible for this issue. 

nexgrill not heating up

Don’t get in trouble. Here you will find the active solutions method for each problem. Without any delay, let’s get started

Why My Nexgrill Not Heating Up [Reasons + Solutions]

As you have read above, we are going to describe seven easy troubleshoots for the gas grill not heating issue. All of our suggested procedures are so effective and quick working.

nexgrill smoker

So, don’t miss any single word from our comprehensive discussion. Scroll down to learn in-depth. 

1. Nexgrill Regulator Problem

The first and foremost reason behind this problem is the grill regulator. If the burner doesn’t get enough heat, means the grill regulator is stuck.

 nexgrill regulator problem

Nexgrill regulator reset methods will probably free you from this issue. So, it’s not a bad idea to apply the below reset techniques.


  • Before starting, you have to turn off the gas in the propane tank. Then, carefully disconnect the hose from the propane tank.
  • Now it’s time to open the lid of your gas grill.
  • You have to turn all the valves in a high position this time.
  • Leave this for about 5 minutes.
  • Then, turn all the valves on.
  • After that, connect the gas line. Here, you have to connect it to the propane tank again.
  • Now turn the gas line. But obviously, you have to do it very slowly and carefully.
  • Your regulator is reset. Last, light the grill with your usual lighting methods. 

2. Nexgrill OPD Safety Valve Activated

You may find an OPD or Overfilling Prevention Device in the gas grill. This device has been included to it as a restriction of over gas flowing during gas leaking. When the valve is tripped, the overall heating process is stopped.

But sometimes, it can be activated for our silly mistakes. However, to get the grill heated, it must reset the grill OPD safety valve. Here are the following methods that you may apply:


  • First, turn off the propane tank valve.
  • Also, turn off the control knobs from the front.
  • Additionally, disconnect the regulator from the tank.
  • Now, open the gas grill lid.
  • After some while, assemble all the parts correctly, and your OPD safety valve is at rest.   

3. Faulty Burner

The Nexgrill burner not working or a faulty burner is another main reason for causing your grill not heating up. If there is an incorrectly assembled burner over the orifice, it fails to work.

nexgrill faulty burner

Also, low gas supply on the burner and incorrect gas location prevent usual burner acts. For that, your grill automatically does not get heated.

To fix not the heating problem, it’s also a better idea to improve your faulty burner also. See the following methods:


  • First check, if there are any clogged holes in the burners. If so, clean out these properly.
  • After cleaning, install the incorrect burner position.
  • Now check where there is enough gas supply in the tank. 
  • Then, verify the grill location. Assemble it in a windy area.
  • Besides all these processes, don’t forget to clean the burner ports.

4. Defective Electronic Igniters

In the case of your grill igniter not working accurately, your grill won’t get enough heat. The primary function of this igniter is to spark up the gas. A damaged igniter or defective igniter fails to spark burner gas and causes no heat there.

grill igniter not working accurately

Loose wiring, damaged batteries, incorrect igniter module, and faulty components prevent the igniter from normal working.


  • Start by replacing the batteries.
  • Now ensure a good power supply by checking the volts in the Nexgrill electronic igniter module. 
  • Tighten up all the loose wires. Replace them if needed.
  • Now check if the wires are correctly connected to the battery box.
  • Don’t forget to clean up the igniter.
  • If there is any major faulty component, it would be better to replace the complete igniter. Contact customer service to get Nexgrill replacement parts.

5. Blocked In The Regulator Hose

Blocked regulators often restrict the proper gas supply from the propane to the grill burners. Sometimes, there has clogged debris, and spider webs in the regulator hose.

blocked in the regulator hose

For that, it prevents the normal flow of gas, and lastly, your grill won’t heat up. Anyway, if you notice this problem, it needs to be fixed ASAP. You may follow the below procedures:


  • First, turn off the propane tank. Now disconnect the hose from the tank and inspect it. 
  • Now start cleaning the house. Here you may use small brushes and soap water to clean it properly.
  • When done, leave it for a while to dry up.
  • Then, reconnect it to the tank. Now turn on the tank and check if the grill starts heating or not. 

6. Low Flame On Gas Grill

This is the most common problem behind the grill not heating up. There are a few reasons for occurring this problem. When the valve opens too quickly and the burners open before turning on the propane tank, a low flame can be seen on the grill.

low flame on gas grill

Also, faulty regulator leaked propane tank, and blocked orifices are responsible for getting a low temperature.

Sometimes the propane is shut off before the control knob turns off which further leads to the low flame problem. Anyway, it needs to fix the issue quickly to get more prolonged heat on the grill.


  • First, you have to reset your gas grill regulator. We have already described the methods. See the above section to find that clearly.
  • If that doesn’t work, you have to replace the regulator.
  • But before, you may clean out the regulator hose at that time.
  • As well as, check the control knob and gas orifices. If they are clogged with debris, properly clean them out entirely. 
  • If all that fails, you have to contact Nexgrill customer service.

7. Low Fuel In Nexgrill Propane Tank

In some cases, insufficient fuel supply or no supply in the propane tank triggers the grill to not heating problems.

low fuel in nexgrill propane tank

A sufficient fuel supply allows gas to spark through coming out from the burner. Also, incorrect propane handling leads to heating issues. 


  • First, disconnect the propane tank from the gas hose. Now check if there is sufficient fuel there. If not, refill it with enough fuel. The process is not for one time. Always check it to prevent any heating issues.
  • But there is some precaution. Always handle the tank very slowly. Sometimes overpressure tripped the OPD valve, and the heat goes out.


Why my Nexgrill won’t light?

The possible reasons are a blocked burner, loose wiring in the electrode, incorrect assembly of the igniter knob, trapped air in the gas line, lack of proper gas supply, and insufficient fuel in the propane tank.

Why the gas grill burner blows out constantly?

Your gas grill burner may blow out constantly if there are defects in the burner and regulator hose. Also, improper burner installation, insufficient gas supply, empty LP tank, and too leaning of fuel mixture occur the problem.

Final Verdict

We have input all probable reasons behind the issue of Nexgrill not heating up with a complete solution. Hopefully, you can troubleshoot this problem successfully by following our guide.

Still, if you have any questions about it, feel free to ask us in the comment box. Thank you for staying with us.

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  1. This grill just never gets really hot. All the food almost tastes microwaved. If I turn on all the burners, it will get to 550. But other than that it’s about 350, like baking something not grilling. I’ll never purchase another Nexgrill

    • Hi Max

      Your Nexgrill doesn’t get hot due to one or more reasons like regulator problem, unusual OPD activation, faulty burners, igniter issue, blocked regular hose, low flame on the gas grill, and low fuel supply.

      Well, to fix the problem, inspect all the above-mentioned issue one by one to find out the main culprit. Then, fix it following our solution guide in the article.

      Hopefully, your problem will be solved.

      Wish you all the best!


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