Patio Heater Yellow Flame [Reasons + Solutions]

Does the patio heater yellow flame is an indication of a faulty heater? Yes, this is a sign of a defective patio heater because the properly burning heater will produce a blue flame. 

In this troubleshooting guide, we will break down:

  • What Does the Yellow Flame Indicate on Patio Heater?
  • What Causes the Flame To Turn To Yellow?
  • And What Should You Do If the Yellow Flame Is Tipping? 

We will also describe other issues with your patio heater as a bonus point. So, let’s get into this troubleshooting guide right here.

What Does Patio Heater Yellow Flame Indicate?

Your patio propane heater will burn with yellow-tipped flames or gas odor with extreme yellow tipping of flames. It means incomplete combustion.

In simple words, there is a lack of sufficient oxygen, or the air is not mixing all the way.

Consequently, the fuel of your patio heater will not burn completely. The output of yellow flame is a high concentration of Carbon Monoxide, which is deadly to breathe. 

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What Causes the Yellow Flame to Tip On Your Patio Heater?

There are several reasons behind a tipping yellow flame on your patio propane heater. They are dirty orifices or corroded burners, sediment build-up in the burner, and incorrect gas pressure. 

Reason 1: Dirty orifices or burners are the main culprits behind this issue. Spiders, critters, and insects can nest in the burner or orifices.

Consequently, the burner or orifice can get clogged easily which can cause the patio heater to malfunction. 

Reason 2: A clogged air intake or venturi is also responsible for encouraging the yellow flame to blink. If you don’t maintain the heater properly, dirt & dust can easily block the air intake. 

Reason 3: Another thing that can also cause the patio heater issue is the high humidity in the area where you live. If you live in a salt-air environment or near the ocean, corrosion will occur more quickly than normal. 

All of these can damage your heater and render it insecure to use. To operate your heater safely, you should clean, repair, or replace the heater. Check out the below chapter to learn what you should do if the yellow flame is tipping. 

Things To Do When Yellow Flame Is Tipping On The Patio Heater

You already know the meaning of the yellow flame on your patio heater. It indicates the flame is not burning clean enough with the production of carbon monoxide, a cumulative poison.

When the yellow flame is tipping, stop using the patio heater. Then, ventilate the area where the heater is located and do the following things. 

  • Clean the burner, orifices, and burner holes with a heavy-duty pipe cleaner. You can also use an air compressor to blow away dirt, debris, and dust from the burner. 
  • Therefore, adjust the burner air shutter to allow more air to enter the burner. 
  • Don’t forget to wash the dome and burner screen if any carbon deposits develop. 
  • Also, check the venturi or air intake for a clog and remove the blockage using an air compressor.
  • If the burner gets corroded, replace it with a new one.
  • You can also hire a professional if you are not mechanically inclined to inspect the orifice and clean the burners. 

Other Issues With Your Patio Heater

The patio heater starts malfunctioning over time or due to the lack of proper maintenance. Here are other patio heater problems you can encounter. 

01. Patio Heater Making Noise

Your patio heater making a ‘roar’ noise for some of the escaping propane gas ignites at the air shutter before all of it goes through the burner to the burner port.

This usually happens when there is a misalignment between the burner orifice and the burner tube. 

So, make sure there is a proper alignment between the burner orifice and the burner tube. Ensure the orifice points directly into the middle of the burner tube. 

02. Burner Won’t Light

You will find your patio heater burner won’t light or stay lit if there is a blockage in the orifice. Therefore, not setting the control knob to the On position and the cylinder getting frosted also prevents the burner from lighting on. 

First off, clean the orifice by removing every dirt, dust, and particle speck. Then, check the cylinder and wait until it gets defrosted. Lastly, check whether you set the control knob to the ON position or not. 

03. Burner Flame Is Low

Low gas pressure and lack of fuel in the cylinder are the main reason for a low burner flame. To solve this issue, ensure every gas valve is turned on. If there is a low amount of propane in the cylinder, use a full-tank propane cylinder. 


What color should the patio heater flame be?

A properly burning propane patio heater will produce a blue flame. In other words, the patio heater that burns the fuel cleanly will make a clean-blue flame. 

Why is gas flame orange?

When the gas burner gets clogged by the buildup of soot, dirt, and dust, we bet the fuel will flow to the burner unevenly. And this causes the flame to turn orange. 

How do you fix a yellow pilot light?

You can easily fix the yellow pilot light by cleaning the blockage out of the air intake. 

Why does my patio heater not work?

Your patio heater will not work if the gas valve is off or the burner gets blocked by carbon deposits and dirt. Therefore, not having enough fuel in the tank also prevents the heater from turning on. 

What is the difference between a yellow gas flame and an orange gas flame?

The yellow gas flame represents there is a combustion issue because of sufficient oxygen. On the other hand, the orange gas flame indicates the heater is burning dust. 


The patio heater’s yellow flame indicates there is a lack of enough oxygen for a given rate of fuel flow. And this issue occurs when the air intake, orifices, or the burner gets clogged by dirt, debris, and insects. To fix the patio heater issue, ensure you clean the orifices evenly. 

The best suggestion we can provide is- to maintain your patio heater properly to avoid any heater issues. Lastly, don’t hesitate to reach out to customer service if you fail to solve the patio propane heater problems. 

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2 thoughts on “Patio Heater Yellow Flame [Reasons + Solutions]”

  1. My table top patio heater is brand new, so I doubt that the burner is dirty and yet the flame is definitely yellow and large. The flame starts out blue but quickly turns to yellow. Can the fuel regulator be adjusted to allow more air to the flame to eliminate or reduce the yellow flame?
    This is a model #SRPT03 manufactured by Shinerich.US. (I have another unit purchased several years ago which has a perfect blue flame with no flareups) Any Suggestions?

    • Hi Dennis

      As your Patio heater is new & clean, then, maybe there is a lack of sufficient oxygen, or the air is not mixing all the way. Consequently, the fuel of your patio heater doesn’t burn completely & produces a yellow flame.

      Well, in such a case, adjust the burner air shutter to allow more air to enter the burner.

      If it doesn’t work, take help from the Patio support center. And your heater must cover the warranty period as it is a new one.

      Best of luck!


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