Pit Boss ErL Code or Er1 Or Err Code [Reasons + Solutions]

Pit Boss ErL Code or Err code is the error indication, pointing to an issue with the temperature sensor of the grill. It may be stopped communicating with the controller board. 

The major reason for this error code include:

  • Bad wiring
  • Accumulation of dirt on the probe
  • Connecting the grill through the extension cord 
  • Or, the probe is damaged itself. 

To fix it, just turn off your grill and unplug it from the power outlet for up to 30 minutes. Meanwhile, check underneath the grill for any loose probe wiring. Clean the probe if it is covered in grease and ash. 

Keep on reading our comprehensive guide to tracking down the Pit Boss Er1 or ErL Code and how you will troubleshoot them by yourself.

What Does “Err” Error Code Mean On Pit Boss Pellet Grill?

The “ErR” code on the Pit boss pellet grill mainly refers to the malfunctioning of the grill temperature sensor or temperature probe. There are various factors that might be responsible for here. Either there is an improper connection of the probe with the grill or it is completely stopped working. 

The Remote Device (RTD) temperature probe is one of the major components in a pellet grill, located inside the main barrel, on the left side wall. The probe is figuring small, vertical piece of stainless steel whose core function is measuring the internal temperature of the unit.

pit boss RTD temperature probe

When you start your pellet grill, the pellet starts igniting and the temperature on the grill increases. The temperature probe reads out the actual temperature from inside of the unit and adjusts it to your desired set temperature on the control unit. 

The grill will communicate with the probe to find out what temperature you need for cooking and add pellets to set the desired reading.  

In case the temperature stops reading temperature, the grill passes through a hard situation about which temperature it should run on and right then it displays the ErR or Er1 or at times ErL code. All these three codes refer to the same meaning.

Quick Solutions For Pit Boss Err/ ErL/Er1 Code

Before heading over the detailed guide, let’s make your reading easier through the below quick table, highlighting all the probable reasons with their instant solutions:

Probable reasonsPossible solutions
Bad wiring connection to the temperature probe > Ensure a sing Temperature Probe wiring connection and Molex connector following the electric wire diagram on the manual.
Internal glitch on the system> Reset the pit boss grill by unplugging it for about 30 minutes. 
Accumulation of dirt on the probe> Inspect and clean the probe
Connecting the grill through the extension cord> Plug in your Pit boss directly into the wall outlet.
Damaged temperature probe> Replace the faulty probe. 

How To Fix Pit Boss ErL Code or Err Code [Reasons + Solutions]

Here are all the steps elaborately described to eliminate the ErR/ ErL or Er1 Code on your Pit Boss display: 

1. Improper Connection Of The Temperature Probe

If there is a malfunction in the temperature probe, the first would be the reason is improper wiring connection of the probe with the grill or control unit. 

As for being an electrical appliance, the entire wiring connection should be secured and connected well to ensure all the grill functions running properly. In case, there are any damages or not secured correctly, many of the components will not work as they should like here we’re talking about temperature probes. 

How To Fix:

As for the first troubleshooting step, you need to access the temperature to check all the wiring connection goes to this element. But safety is first. Unplug your unit from the power connection and then remove the service door under the hopper.

Now you will easily access the temperature probe wiring connection and check whether all the secure enough. 

temperature probe wiring connection

For this instance, you need to go through the manual of your particular Pit Boss model

No need to worry if you have lost it. We are providing an effective image of the complete electrical wiring diagram for a pit boss pellet grill. 

electrical wiring diagram for a pit boss pellet grill

Now go through the image above and fix the wiring fault with your  RTD probe or with the control panel. If needed, contact a professional to complete your task.

2. Reset Your Pellet Grill

After ensuring a snug wiring connection of the temperature probe and still there is the error code, be sure it is time to approach the new effective process. As per the expert suggestion, resetting an electric appliance proves well to fix all the entire bugs in the system. 

So, in the case of ErR code on your pellet grill, there may have a minimal glitch in the system that can easily be resolved via a resetting process. 

How To Fix:

  • Turn off your pit boss pellet from the controller then unplug it from the power connection. 
  • Leave the unit unplugged for half an hour. 
  • After that time, plug it back into the outlet. This will reset your grill and restart everything from the default setting.

2. Clogged Temperature Probe

If your pit boss pellet grill is triggering the ErR or Er1 error code on the display, higher chances are the temperature-clogged ashes. Due to blockage by dirt, it gets restrictions to monitoring the entire temperature of the unit. 

After constant cooking, the accumulation of ashes, grease, food bits, and any other things on the internal component is quite obvious as the grill continues to feed pellets. When this happens, certainly the clogged element will fail to function as it should. 

Anyway, if the grease and grime harden around the temperature sensor, it becomes unable to send temperature readings. Then the grill shuts down and displays this error code.

How To Clean Temperature Sensor On Pit Boss Pellet Grill?

Cleaning a Pit Boss RTD probe is quite easy. Follow the below simple steps to clean the temperature problem in a pellet grill:

Required Cleaning Tools:

  • Wet washcloth or microfiber cloth
  • A bucket of soapy water
  • An old toothbrush
  • A solution of vinegar and water
  • Phillips screwdriver
  • Q-tip or cotton swab.

Step #1: Before heading to the cleaning procedures, make sure your grill’s extension cord is disconnected from the power outlet

Step #2: Now take your Phillips screwdriver and remove all the screws of the service door, secured under the hopper. Remove the service door. 

Step #3: In this step, carefully remove the bracket surrounding the sensor. 

remove the bracket surrounding the sensor

Through this, you can easily reach both the top and bottom of the temperature sensor for proper cleaning.

Step #4: When done, start the cleaning procedures. For this instance, you can either use soapy water or a vinegar mix. To make a vinegar mix, prepare a solution of vinegar and water in a bowl.

Step #5: Take the washcloth and wet it in the cleaning solution. Then squeeze the water out of it completely. 

Step #6: Now start scrubbing the black buildup of the sensor with this cloth. It will help loosen up the dirt. 

scrubbing the black buildup of the sensor with this cloth

If needed, use a Q-tip to clean any grime, built up in a place that is hard to reach.

Step #7: When done, dry the probe completely after cleaning the sensor with a clean cloth or towel. Make sure there is no soapy residue remains on the probe as may lead to problems, such as rusting.

Step #8: Avoid hitting or applying too much pressure as it may potentially break off the sensor from the internal connection.

break off the sensor from the internal connection

Step #8: After cleaning, put back the bracket the way you have removed it. Screw it back securely and connect the service door. 

4. Degradation In Power Supply

Degradation in the power supply is one of the main reasons for triggering the ErR error code on your pit boss. Higher chances are you’ve connected your grill through an extension cord.

In such cases, your grill will fail to get the proper electrical wattage from the power outlet to run properly. 

How To Fix:

Always connect your grill directly to a wall outlet. Also, make sure the power outlet is in a well-working condition. 

5. Damaged Temperature Probe

After applying all the above steps and still, there is the same error code on your display, be sure the probe is damaged. Nothing but you need to replace the bad parts from your grill to diminish the error and get the unit back into its normal functions. Follow the below sections:

How To Test If The Pit Boss RTD Temperature Sensor Is Faulty?

Before heading to the replacement of the temperature sensor of your pit boss pellet grill, it’s always wise to run a test in order it confirm whether the sensor is faulty. To do so you don’t need to be tech-savvy.

test the temperature probe use the meat thermometer

 Follow the below simple steps to perform the test:

Step #1: To test the temperature probe, you’ll need a heat gun. Manage the heat gun and aim it at the sensor. Instead of the heat gun, you can also use a meat thermometer. But you will not get the exact result as from the heat gun. 

Step #2: Now start comparing the temperature reading to what is coming off the control board.

Step #3: if there is a major difference between the heat gun and the controller board, be sure the probe is bad and you’ll need to replace it as soon as possible. 

How To Replace The RTD Temperature Probe On A Pit Boss

Replacing the RTD probe is quite easier and you can do it by yourself if you have a replacement part. Just follow the below steps:

Step #1: As for the first step, you will need some essential tools to perform the replacement task. Here you go:

  • Phillips screwdriver
  • Allen Wrench
  • Wire Ties
  • Vacuum
  • Bucket

Step #2: Start by unplugging your pellet grill from the power connection. Now remove all the pellets from the hopper to access the wires inside the grill. Then set the hoppers in a bucket. 

Step #3: Take a Phillips screwdriver and remove the screws to disconnect the hopper from the connection. Once the hopper is unscrewed, pull the hopper off.

 Step #4: this time you can vacuum out all the pellet dust from the auger. Open the grill lid and remove the grill grates, flame boiler lever, and flame broiler.

Step #5: Now remove the protective bracket that holds the probe in place. Use a Phillips screwdriver to remove the screws from the probe cover.

Use a Phillips screwdriver to remove the screws from the probe cover

Step#6: Take pliers or a wrench and hold the nuts on the bottom of the RTD. While holding the nuts, remove the screws using a Phillips screwdriver.

remove the screws using a Phillips screwdriver

Step #7: Remove the temperature probe from its place. It may be stuck in the place because of the pol and stuff from the food.

In such cases, take a flathead screwdriver and gently tap under the edge. It will loosen the RTD probe from the grill easily.

Step #8: Don’t forget to pull the connectors of the probes from the control board connection. 

connectors of the probes from the control board connection

Step #9: Now it’s time to install the new RTD probe. Place the new probe in place and feed the wires through the hole. Reattach the screws and nuts. Use a screwdriver and pliers to tighten the screw. 

Step #10: Reconnect the temperature probe wire to the control board and secure it. Connect the new black connector back into the control board. 

Finally, secure the hopper back into place and reassemble all the grill parts. 

Are Pit Boss Temperature Probes Interchangeable

Yes! The pit boss temperature probes are interchangeable only if it is well fitted to your pellet grill. For this instance, you need to insert the new branded temperature probe into your pellet grill and check whether it fits well without applying extra pressure to it.

The RTD temperature probe is a sensor on a pit boss which is basically up to 3.5mm in size. Along with the pit boss pellet grill, there are a few pellet grill brands that use the same sized and shaped temperature probe. They are:

  • Traeger
  • Camp Chef
  • Pit Boss
  • Memphis Grills

So in case, if you have a temperature sensor from any of the above brands, you can easily use it in your pit boss pellet grill and hopefully, it’ll work without any issue. 

Insert the probe into the bracket, secure it, and monitor the temperature whether the temperature effectively reaches the set temperature. For this instance, you use a handheld thermometer and compare it to your grill temperature.  

Can I Grill On My Pit Boss Without Using A Temperature Probe

Yes! Though temperature probes are a vital part of a pellet grill, you can grill even without using a temperature probe in case of an emergency. Here you need to use a handheld thermometer to monitor the grill temperature.

Almost all pellet grill including the Pit boss model uses up to a 3.5mm temperature jack inside of the main barrel that adjusts the internal temperature to the set one on the display. No doubt to say that it is one of the major components of the grill. 

But in case your temperature probe is damaged and there is no replacement part right this moment, no worry! You can easily run your grill without having a probe. Instead, you can use a third-party standard thermometer but it will never be a replacement for the RTD probe. 

  • Without installing the temperature probe, you need to lift the lid continually to monitor the temperature which is truly disgusting. 
  • Also, it may lead to the temperature to keep fluctuating. That will affect the food taste as well. 
  • So from the above perspective, we recommend installing a new temperature probe quickly if the previous one is damaged or not functioning properly.  

Where To Get Help For Fixing The Pit Boss ErR Error Code

Whenever you are encountering ErR or ER1 or ErL error code on the pit boss display and you are not feeling confident to fix it, no worry! There are various sources from which you can ask for help to eliminate the code. 

Here we are listing some of such reliable sources from where you can get help for fixing any error code on your pit boss:

1. Pit Boss Support

Pit boss customer support is one of the most effective points to meet up any grill trouble. If your grill is still under warranty, you may get a replacement temperature probe. 

Just contact Pit Boss customer care through email or call. They will be available every day of the week from 6 am-8 pm PST (Pacific Time).

Here are all the details to contact them:

Toll-Free Fax Number1-877-303-3135
Toll-Free Phone 1-877-303-3134

2. Pit Boss Forum

Whenever you will search for your error code on the internet, you will find a bunch of pit bosses, indicating the same error from the customer. You can read through the forum from where you will get huge troubleshooting ideas. 

But in such case, we will recommend going through all the troubleshoots discussed in this guide. Here we’ve input all the effective solutions process suggested by experts and based on the personal experience, shared by the customer on the forums.

3. YouTube

It is another reliable source to find out the best fixing steps to eliminate any errors on any electrical appliance. Just search for the error code for your specific pit boss model on YouTube and you will find many helpful videos that will give you the right direction to fix your problem.

How Do I Prevent My Pit Boss Grill From Displaying The ERL/ErR/Er1 Code

The way to prevent your pit boss grill from displaying ERL/ErR/Er1 Code is to ensure the proper maintenance of the grill. Here are a few essential tips that you can follow:

Tip #1: As the accumulation of grease or ashes on the temperature probe is the core reason for triggering the ErR code in the pit boss grill, thus you need to concentrate on regular cleaning first. 

Tip #2: Wipe down the probe with a microfiber cloth every after 3-4 cooking sessions. But avoid touching the probe when it is too hot as it may cause the fine wire to become loosened. 

Tip #3: While cleaning, if you are feeling trouble getting the grime off, simply sponge the probe with soapy water. But never harsh sponges for this instance as it may leave scratches on the probe which affects its overall functions. 

Tip #4: Clean the entire probe, not just from the top. This will prevent the grease, ashes, or left food stuff from build-up on the probe. 

Tip #5: While cleaning, look for any faulty connections and damages. If you find any, contact the customer care team and ask for further help.   

Tip #6: Access the wires to find out if any of the wires are broken or loose. Just fix them. In case, the probe is corroded or broken itself, just replace it.

Other Major Pit Boss Error Code To Consider

Despite ErR, ErL, or Er1 code on the pit boss display you may encounter many more errors while grilling or cooking. Here we have listed some of the majors with the main error indications. Go through the below quick table:

Error CodeMeaning Quick Solution
Er2Ignition failureReplace the bad ignitor
ErH or HErOverheatingClean the entire unit
Er3Fire has Gone OutReplace the induction fan.
ErPIncorrect shut-downReset the unit
noPBad meat probeReplace the meat probe

So, if you are hunting for detailed information about each of the error codes with solutions, you can take a closer look at our comprehensive other pit boss error code troubleshooting guide.


Can I Use Oven Cleaner to Clean An RTD Temperature Probe?

No! You can’t! You need to always avoid abrasive cleaners or harsh chemicals inside of the pellet grill like oven cleaners to clean the RTD temperature probe. As chances are the remaining chemical residue may mix with the food which will be harmful to your health.  

How Often Should I Clean My Pellet Grill To Avoid Temperature-Related Issues?

It’ll be highly better to inspect the interior parts after every cooking session and remove the leftover grease and dirt on your grill. Use a brush and soapy solution for better cleaning.  

How Long Does A RTD Temperature Probe Last?

The factors mainly depend on the quality of the product and how well you maintain your grill. Generally, an RTD temperature probe should last up to 1-3 years or longer with the proper maintenance. In most cases, the user needs to replace the probe within six month-1 year. 

Where Can I Buy A Temperature Probe?

You will find temperature probes compatible with your pellet grill model available from the online retailer. They bring and sell the replacement parts of various pellet grill internal parts including the temperature probe at a reasonable price. Also, you can order a replacement on the Amazon or official Pit Boss website.

In Closing!

Well! That’s all from us here! hope that there should be no confusion left over on the pit boss err code and how you will effectively eliminate it from your pit boss. As the Err is quite similar to the ErL or Er1 Code, thus go through the same trouble steps mentioned above if you have any query on how to fix the Erl code on pit boss. 

While doing so, don’t hesitate to contact us through comments if you face any of single trouble. We will come up with the best solutions.

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