Pit Boss Vertical Smoker Chimney Adjustment [Explained]

The Pit Boss Vertical smoker chimney adjustment is a hot topic in the smoker community. In this article, we will answer the common questions people have regarding the Pit Boss chimney.

As a bonus, we’ll also share some exciting pro tips to control the temperature of your smoker during the cook.   

Do You Keep Pit Boss Chimney Open Or Closed?

If your Pit Boss has a chimney, keep it open at all times. When you lower or close the cap, the airflow is restricted, and less heat is produced. Because the air cannot flow freely, a buildup of gasses in the grill may occur, potentially resulting in an explosion.

When grilling in the winter or on a windy day, a smaller opening on the chimney might help keep the temperature consistent.

However, you should never entirely close the chimney. You can’t modify the smokestacks on some grills since they’ve been pre-modified. They are open, not closed if you look closely.

With a closed chimney, creosote can build up on your meat. Creosote and other unburned particles can give the meat a harsh taste. It also has health risks.

Eating food or drinking water that has a lot of creosote can cause mouth and throat burning and stomach aches.

Again, consuming excessive amounts of creosote in a short period of time might result in a bad rash on the skin, eye burns, uncontrollable convulsions, issues with the kidneys or liver, and death or unconsciousness.

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How Wide Should Pit Boss Chimney Opening Be?

You can do it in two ways. Firstly, you can keep the chimney open up to 2 inches or wide enough that you can stick a cardboard piece in it and rely on the air intake for temperature control and airflow.

You don’t need to re-adjusting the Pit Boss chimney cap height based on the kind of meal you’re cooking. Just keep a 2-inch gap.

The other approach is to use the chimney cap as a way to control temperature. When you are cooking something that requires a higher temperature, open the chimney gap wider than the standard 2 inches to allow air in.

This better airflow will provide more oxygen for combustion. As a result, you’ll get the high temperature you need.

Conversely, when you need a low cooking temperature, restrict the airflow by narrowing the gap but never closing it all the way.

We suggest you experiment with both of these approaches and see which one makes for the most delicious smoked meat. But adjusting the height too often is unnecessary. Try not to do that.

Pit Boss Vertical Smoker Chimney Adjustment Technique

When you first get the Pit Boss Vertical smoker you’ll need to secure the chimney stack. It only needs to be done once. On the top of the main cabinet, look for the chimney aperture.

Secure the chimney stack to the top of the main cabinet with four screws from the outside. The screw will be secured to the cabinet’s self-clinching nuts on the inside. 

After that, twist the Pit Boss smoke stack cap onto the chimney stack’s top. To boost airflow, adjust the chimney cap by turning it to the left. On the other hand, turn the cap to the right to tighten and restrict airflow to the grill.

Watch this video to get a demonstration of how to adjust the chimney cap.

How To Clean Your Pit Boss Chimney?

Cleaning the chimney ensures that it is able to draw the most air into and out of the appliance.

You should clean the chimney at least twice every year. The following step-by-step instructions for cleaning your chimney should help you out. 

  • Unplug the pellet grill and set it aside until it is cold enough to handle. 
  • Remove the chimney cap and use an old rag to clean the interior of the chimney.
  • Don’t forget to clean the residue from the barrel’s back.
  • Water should not be used to clean because it can cause rust.
  • You can reattach the chimney cover to the pipe once you’ve completed cleaning.

Tips for Improved Temperature Control On The Pit Boss

Smoking and grilling require a great deal of temperature control. The recommendations made below should help you get improved temperature control on your Pit Boss.

1. Understanding The P-Setting

Increase the P setting to lengthen the duration between pellet cycles. As a result, the pellet supply is limited, resulting in increased smoke production in the firebox.

These smoldering, lower-temperature pellets will smolder and cook. You can extend the cooking time by increasing the P setting.

Lowering the P setting, on the other hand, implies you’ll be supplying the firebox with more pellets, which will ignite more quickly. The temperature of the pellet grill rises as a result.

Pit Boss suggests starting the Pause at the factory default setting of P4, which is also the P4 setting. Only change the P setting one notch at a time. And then wait for a half-hour before making another change.

2. Get An Insulated Grill Blanket

Pellet consumption is not an issue in hot temperatures. When the weather turns cooler, though, pellet usage skyrockets.

The use of an insulated grill blanket acts as a barrier between the grill and the elements. As a result, it maintains a constant temperature.

3. Check The Internal Temperature

The highest point on the grill may be accurately measured with a dome thermometer. It’s a useful tool for monitoring the temperature of your BBQ grill.

Flesh probes, on the other hand, are said to provide a more accurate reading because they can directly measure the inside temperature of the meat.

The meat probe guarantees that the interior temperature of the meat reaches the desired level, resulting in a properly cooked barbeque.

4. Pellet Quality

A good pellet will last longer and will not burn out rapidly. It’s preferable to keep the wood pellets in a cold, dry area before using them.

5. Don’t Open The Door

If you continually open and close the door, the pellet grill will lose heat and the smoke flavor from your barbeque will be gone.


What does a chimney do on a pellet grill?

The aim of a pellet grill chimney is to keep water and debris out of the grill. In the case of a pellet grill, the temperature and smoke management are less controlled by the smokestack or chimney.

Do you flip a brisket while smoking?

At least once during the cooking process, flip and rotate your brisket. The exposure of the meat to heat is evened out by flipping the brisket. Allowing the brisket to stay in one spot for an extended period of time will cause some of it to dry out.

How long do you smoke a brisket at 225?

Preheat your pellet grill to 225 degrees Fahrenheit for 15 minutes with the lid covered. Place the brisket fat side down on the grill grate and cook for 6 hours or until the internal temperature reaches 160 degrees Fahrenheit.

What color should smoke be coming out of the chimney?

The smoke from your chimney should be nearly white and very thin. Smoke that is thick, white, or black indicates that your fire isn’t getting enough oxygen.

Do pellet smokers give a smoke ring?

A pellet grill is an excellent choice for smoke rings because it aids in the mixing of carbon monoxide and nitric oxide, which must react during the cooking process to form a smoke ring. When grilling, hardwood pellets are the finest option.


Hopefully, you now have a clear understanding of Pit Boss Vertical smoker chimney adjustment. You can leave us a comment below if you have a question.

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