Camp Chef Chimney Adjustment In Details [4 Easy Steps]

Whether you are a pro griller or a newbie, everyone encounters grill issues. Maybe the Camp Chef grill won’t smoke or your grill not getting hot enough, and so on. But we hardly find a grill user that talks about the Camp Chef chimney adjustment though it’s a must. 

Keeping the chimney cap too low or too high will impact the overall cooking session. For example, you will experience temp swing if you keep too much gap between the chimney cap and the chimney pipe. 

In short, you should maintain the proper gap between the chimney cap and chimney pipe to let your grill function correctly. Now, the question that may appear in your mind is- what’s the correct chimney cap gap? To find the right answer to your question, keep scrolling & reading. 

Is It Necessary to Adjust The Chimney On Camp Chef?

Yes, it’s indispensable to adjust the chimney on your grill. But most pellet grill users often overlook the recommended gap on the chimney cap. Too much gap or too little gap between the chimney pipe and chimney cap are both harmful. 

Too much of a gap will affect smoke production. In contrast, too little gap will store explosive gases, which can cause huge issues. You will experience a crazy temperature swing if you keep too much gap between the chimney pipe and the chimney cap. 

On the other hand, if you lower the cap, you restrict the smoker airflow. And restricted airflow means less heat. Also, you allow the higher buildup of higher explosive gases to store in the grill. 

So, it’s a must to maintain the proper gap between the chimney pipe and the chimney cap. Now, you may ask- what is the recommended Camp Chef Chimney Cap height?

Camp Chef recommends keeping a 1-1/2″ gap between the chimney cap and the chimney pipe based on the summer & winter seasons. It means you should keep a 1-inch chimney cap gap in the summertime. On the other hand, the gap between the chimney pipe and the chimney cap should be ½” in the winter. 

Camp Chef Chimney Adjustment: How To Do

Adjusting the Camp Chef chimney height is super simple. Just follow the below steps to adjust the chimney cap height. 

Step 1: First off, make sure you have a wrench at your fingertips. 

Step 2: Locate the M6 nut at the bottom of the bolt that holds the chimney cap in its place. 

Step 3: Now, use the wrench to tighten or lose the chimney cap. If it’s too low, ensure you keep a 1-½” gap between the chimney pipe and the chimney cap.

Step 4: Never keep a low or high gap than the recommended gap height. Thus, you how you can make the chimney adjustment.  


How do I get my Camp Chef to smoke more?

You can get your Camp Chef to smoke more by cooking at a low temperature, around 225° F, especially for the first hour. As a result, you’ll get a superb smoke ring at your smoked meat.

What causes flame out on Camp Chef pellet grill?

A flame-out may happen when you cook at a low temperature, below 225° F or so.  The common reasons behind the flame-out issue are a dirty hopper, dirty burn pot, poor fuel quality & insufficient BTUs that measure your grill’s fuel efficiency.

How do you fix the flame out on Camp Chef?

You can easily fix the flame-out issue on the Camp Chef smoker by maintaining the following-

  • Clean the dirty hopper
  • Make sure the burn pot is clean
  • Use quality fuel
  • Make sure enough BTUs for your grill.


It’s a must to make the proper Camp Chef chimney adjustment. Whether your pellet grill comes from Camp Chef or other brands, ensure you keep a minimum of 1/2″ gap between the chimney cap and the chimney pipe. It will prevent too much airflow come or let the explosive gases store in the grill. Happy & Safe Grilling!

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