Why My Reddy Heater Fan Not Spinning [Solved]

Reddy Heater is a reliable and functional kerosene-operated heater to keep your room warm & cozy in the winter. However, it starts malfunctioning over time like other appliances. “Reddy heater fan not spinning” is an example of heater issues almost every Reddy heater owner encounters. 

Binding pump motor, dirt buildup on and around the fan, and flame-out control not reset some reasons that stop your heater fan from turning. 

To fix those issues, we compile this reddy heater troubleshooting guide. So, continue to read till the end to let your Reddy heater run smoothly.

Why Is The Reddy Heater Fan Not Spinning?

A jammed pump, debris buildup on the fan, and others are some reasons that stop your Reddy fan heater from spinning. From this chapter, you will know how to troubleshoot fan issues. 

1. Flame-Out Control Not Reset

You plug your Reddy heater into an electric outlet. But the heck is- the motor doesn’t start. Also, the fan spins slowly or doesn’t turn at all. If this is the issue, we bet you don’t reset the flame-out control for a long. 

How To Fix:

Resetting the flame-out control button will be a piece of cake. Just press on the Flame-out Control Reset Button and it will do the task for you. You can find this button below the On/Off switch. 

2. Binding Pump Rotor

If the fan of your Reddy heater is hard to turn or not spin, we bet the pump gets clogged by dirt and debris. The fan also doesn’t spin or rotate if there is no proper gap on the rotor. 

How to Fix:

Releasing the blockage from the pump requires a lot of elbow grease. Though it takes a bit of effort and time, it’s easy. First off, use a 5/16″ nut driver to remove the screws & lock washers that hold the upper and lower shells together. Then, remove the upper shell by lifting it off. 

Using the same nut driver, remove the screws of the filter end cover. Pull out the filter end covers and air filters. Now, Unscrew the pump plate screws and remove the pump plate. Also, push out the rotor, insert, and blades. 

Check the pump for debris. If you find dirt build-up in the pump, use an air compressor to blow out the debris & dust. 

Put back the insert and rotor into their places. Now, it’s time to check the gap on the rotor. Make sure there is a .003″/.004″ gap on the rotor. If not, adjust it. Then, replace everything like blades, pump plate, and air filter back into their places. 

If needed, you can adjust the pump pressure also. Now, turn on your Reddy heater and check whether the fan spins or not. We hope it will turn & rotate now. 

3. Dirt Buildup On and Around The Fan

Dirt and debris buildup around the fan can also be the culprit behind not spinning your Reddy heater fan. So, you should clean the fan every season or when needed. Below, we will describe how to clean the Reddy heater fan. 

How To Fix:

To clean your heater fan, you should disassemble the unit. Start with removing the upper shell from the unit using a 5/6″ nut driver. Then, loosen the set screw that holds the fan to the motor shaft with a 1/8″ Allen wrench.

Next, take a soft cloth and wet it with kerosene or solvent. Start wiping away the dirt and debris from the fan. Finally, put everything back into their places.

How Do You Start A Reddy Heater?

Follow the below steps to start a Reddy heater:

  • Maintain all the ventilation and safety guidelines
  • Fill the fuel tank with pure kerosene.
  • Attach the fuel cap.
  • Now, plug your Reddy heater into a standard 230-volt grounded outlet. 
  • Finally, push the on/off switch to the on position to start your Reddy heater.

How To Restart Reddy Heater?

Here is how you can restart the Reddy Heater: 

  • Push the on/off switch to the off position to stop your reddy heater.
  • Wait two minutes after stopping your heater.
  • Now, follow the steps we mentioned in the ‘How to start your Reddy heater’ section. 
  • If you fail to start the heater, press the flame-out control reset button. 

How Do You Test a Photocell On a Reddy Heater?

Just follow the below steps to test a photocell on a Reddy heater:

  • Take the cover apart from the unit by loosening up the screws. 
  • Lift up the motor and you can slide it out of the way. Now, you can see a small piece of equipment, which is a photocell.
  • Wiggle right out from the holder and check out the processing board. So, remove the plate to access the processing or control board.
  • Two blue wires on the board are connected to the photocell. 
  • Disconnect the photocell from the board. Then, take a multimeter to check out the impedance of the photocell
  • Make sure you get under 500 ohms from the photocell. 
  • If it’s okay, check for a bad connection. On the other hand, replace the photocell.
  • Clean the terminal of the photocell.
  • Finally, connect the photocell to the control board. Then, reassemble everything back into its place. 


If the fan of your Reddy heater doesn’t turn or spin, check the pump rotor first for debris build-up. Then, follow the instructions we mentioned above to disassemble the unit to clean the dirt from the pump. Also, clean your fan every season to let the fan spin smoothly.

However, you can hire a certified technician if the fan is not spinning after trying out all the troubleshooting steps. 

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