Reddy Heater Won’t Stay Running [7 Easy Solutions]

Your concern about the Reddy heater might be solved once you get the problem. When you know the cause why your reddy heater won’t stay running, it will be easier to find your desired solution.

A few issues can cause the heater to keep shutting off, such as a dirty filter, a faulty thermostat, air leaking and photocell.  

Here, we will first sort out all the reddy heater problems, then discuss the solutions that can relieve your tension. We can assure you, your Reddy heater will stay running if you read the whole article. So, get started…

Reddy Heater Won’t Stay Running [7 Reasons To Fix]

You might be thinking you are in big trouble as your reddy heater is not igniting or running at all. Nothing but this problem is most common. The reasons behind its stopping are silly.

Your reddy heater problems are easy to solve. Read everything carefully to learn the easiest reddy heater troubleshooting. 

Here we have sorted out the reasons behind stopping the reddy heater and given their solution keenly. 

1. Dirty Filter

Due to the dusty environment, the filter gets jammed with dirt in low maintenance. When the filter is dirty, your Reddy heater won’t ignite. Through sometimes, the heater may start initially without difficulties, it will automatically stop in a short time. It happens because of the filtering system error. 


  • Remove the dark supply tube from the nipple of the filter assembly.
  • Clear the kerosene and remove the filtration barrel with caution since it will be trapped down in the kerosene tank.
  • Using a Flat-tip screwdriver, rotate the plastic component on its connection.

It cannot be threaded since it is a friction fit. Check to detect whether the filter is jammed with dirt or particles. It may be removed by blowing it out with compressed air or washing it with a disinfectant. Before connecting it in and turning it on, clean the filter and reassemble it—it solves any shutdown issues. 

2. Faulty Thermostat

A thermostat is the central nerve of your heater. It is a simple device that is programmed to supply heat according to need. Sometimes the thermostat has a functional error so that your propane reddy heater won’t stay running. 


Loose interconnections, damaged cables, and old wires may all lead your thermostat to lose contact with your heating system over time. Inspect your wiring thoroughly, make sure the connections are secure. Some thermostats use batteries. 

Replace both the battery and wire if it is necessary. Once the thermostat works appropriately, your reddy heater will heat uninterruptedly. 

3. Air Leaking

Your Reddy heater may have cracks or be fatal. Check at the end of the plastic cover, nozzles, fuel line carefully. Air leaking can change the noticeable color of the flame. Then gradually , the heater will shut off. 


Listen for something like hissing sounds besides the airline, fuel line, and nozzle to detect air leaks. Air leaks need to be sealed with glue. Moreover, you can replace the whole leaked element if the fracture is too severe. 

4. Hot Surface Ignitor

A hot surface igniter is a system used to spark fuel heaters. The most popular electrical igniting technology is the hot surface ignitor. When energy is transmitted through it, it heats up like a light bulb flame. The heater won’t stay running because it did not ignite due to oil contamination or the wrong fuel source. 


Water mixing in the fuel detection is very easy. You are aware that oil and water do not mix. Through the use of a flashlight, little drops of water may be seen. You have to empty the fuel tank. Make sure no water or other obstacles are left in the tank. Incomplete fuel burning will generate an awful smell that may cause your reddy heater to shut off.  

Heating oil is required for the operation of fuel heaters. Get the oil that your reddy heater needs. Your user manual can help here. Take a look.  

5. Functioning Error Of Photocells

There is a small chance that the Photocell in your heater is faulty. There are two kinds of photocells in the Reddy heater. They have varied durability, yet they appear and fit the same. The issue is that they are not transferable.


As we discussed photocells, to be sure, interchange the two photocells among them. You may see the result unless they were fit to the wrong places. Sometimes photocells are simply covered with dirt and grease. You have to clean those manually with a moist cloth. It is a useful process of reddy heater troubleshooting.    

6. Pump Pressure Settings Difficulty

The air pressure produced by the pump is an essential aspect in getting your Reddy heater to work. This air pressure is what draws the fuel from the heater’s bottom. It has to be set appropriately. It might be a reason the reddy heater is not getting fuel.


You should double-check your Reddy heater’s air pump pressure settings. Every unit runs at a varied operating pressure, and in order to improve the heating performance of your Reddy heater, you must use the proper pump pressure settings.

7. Power Cord Issue

A loose cable from a plug socket will generally cause the heater won’t stay running. Due to a lack of an appropriate electrical supply, the heater keeps shutting off. Whether the heater enters auto-shutdown mode, you should remove the top cover to examine if the issue remains.


Check that the device is plugged in. Then check if the voltage at the socket matches the necessary voltage indicated on the heater instruction panel that came with it. Repair or replace a damaged cable as soon as possible.


Are Reddy heaters safe indoors?

It is safe but not without worry. Carbon monoxide is produced by kerosene heaters, as it is by many other machines. Kerosene heaters should be stored at a safe distance from any source of flame. Never place anything on top of a kerosene heater while it is on.

Where can I find a user manual for my kerosene heater?

Can not find the manual? You know the name of the company for sure. Call or visit the website of the maker of your kerosene heater. You may look for it in your nearby mechanical shops or repair center. 

What causes a bad smell in the heater?

When the heaters are being fueled, they all generate an unpleasant smell. The burning of low-grade fuel or polluted oil may also produce smells and extra smoke. Use top graded fuel and clean the heater regularly to stop the bad smells from your heater.

How do you clean a Reddy heater?

Cleaning a reddy heater is not so tough. You can use any cleaning materials unless it is flammable. 

What is the spark plug gap on the Reddy heater?

It was previously named transformer. The plug gap should typically be between 0.020 and 0.040 of an inch. The majority of engine builders seem to decide on 0.035 of an inch. Factors such as the kind of ignition you use and even time might influence how much separation you need.


We hope you have got the solution to your reddy heater starts then shuts off the issue. However, while troubleshooting your heater, don’t forget to wear gloves and, if possible, a small face mask. It’s important for your safety. 

And always feel free to ask your queries in the comment section. We will always be there for you when you need help.  

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  1. Lind of disappointed as you show a picture of my 30-55K BTU propane heater then show me a fuel oil heater video. My LP gas heater will not stay lit after. Minute of holding the ignite button.

    • Hi Paul

      Generally, this type of problem may happen due to dirty or bad photocell. First, try cleaning the photocell using a moist cloth and repositioning it.
      If it doesn’t work, take help from the Reddy heater service center in your locality.



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