Rheem Tankless Water Heater Code 76 [Why+ How To Fix]

Rheem tankless water heater code 76 is mainly the error indication of communication drop between the remote control and tankless unit. A defective remote control or the faulty electrical connection of the controller with the PCB is the root cause of this error. 

In such a case, you need to replace the faulty wiring or the defective remote control. If it doesn’t bring any luck to you, be sure the capacitor on the PCB is at fault and you need to change it as well. 

rheem tankless water heater code 76

Let’s get into our comprehensive guide to learn how to inspect and deal with defective parts to eliminate this error message.

How To Fix Rheem Tankless Water Heater Code 76 [3 Easy Solutions]

Let’s dive into our detailed troubleshooting section where we will discuss the underlying reasons for the error code 76 with the effective solving procedures:

rheem tankless water heater

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Test The Heater Without The Remote

As earlier mentioned, error code 76 is mainly signing an abnormal communication between the remote control and the tankless unit.

All tankless water heater, including the Rheem model, equips a digitalized remote control with a maximum temperature setting of 140 degrees F. It allows users to control the water temperature and hot water amount remotely from a more convenient location. 

When there is a malfunction in the communication with the controller, the faulty remote control would be the first suspect.

But to confirm the actual source of the problem, you can test your water heater without using a remote control. Follow the below section.

How To Do:

Step #1: First, turn off the power supply to your tankless water heater.

Step #2: Unscrew all the screws and remove the front panel cover.

Step #3: Now, locate the two terminals where the remote control is connected.

Step #4: Pull out the wiring of the remote control from the PCB.

Step #5: Now turn on the electric supply to your water heater. Open the hot water faucets and check to see whether your tankless unit is working or not.

If the unit works properly, understand the problem lies in the remote control wiring or the defective device itself.

1. Faulty Wiring Going To Remote Control

If your water heater turns on without the controller, it is time to inspect the remote control wiring. Higher chances are any of the remote control wiring is loosened or gets separated from any portion. 

Also, corroded wiring interrupts the communication between your remote control and the tankless water heater. But to confirm this fact, you can test the remote control’s wiring using a jump wire.

How To Fix:

Connect a jumper wire to the terminal of the remote control on the printer circuit board. Then, power on your tankless water heater using the remote control. 

If the heater turns on, take the remote control wiring as the root culprit to blame. Just replace the bad wiring from the connection. While doing so, ensure a secured connection of all wiring to the PCB. 

2. Defective Remote Control

If the heater is not turning on with the jump test, it is sure that the remote control is defective leading to the Rheem tankless water heater code 76 error. In such a case, you need to replace the bad remote control from your tankless system. 

defective remote control panel unite

But while purchasing the new remote control, always check the serial number of your water heater to ensure that you are selecting the correct control for your water heater.

Plus, if you’re technically inclined, it will be highly better to head to a qualified technician to install the new remote control precisely.

3. Bad Filter Capacitor On PCB

Apart from the remote control parts and accessories, bad filter capacitors on the main PC board inside of the heater are another root reason behind the communication fault of the remote controller. 

bad filter capacitor on PCB

The capacitors on the PCB might be clogged or damaged, which fails to regulate the flow of electricity that affects the remote controller communication. 

In this step, we’ll inspect and test the capacitors. 

How To Fix:

Disconnect the electrical power to the unit. Remove the front panel cover to inspect the PCB inside of the heater. Locate the round capacitors on the board. Look for any of the capacitors for any bulging tops. Generally, it should be flat on the top. 

rheem tankless water heater bad capacitors on the board

But if you find the capacitor with its top cracked open and bulging, be sure the part has gone bad. Most of the time, it may leak out of the bottom, resulting in a 76 error code or disconnecting the unit from the power outlet.

Once you have confirmed the bad capacitors on the PCB, you need to replace the faulty parts to resolve the issue. While getting the new capacitors, avoid electrolytic capacitors if you’re unknown about the polarity. Alternatively, non-electrolytic capacitors of any kind of dielectric material will prove well. 


How to clear the error code from the tankless water heater?

As for the first step, you have to figure out the underlying reasons for the error code and fix those. After assuming all the preventive actions, simply reset the Rheem tankless water heater unit to clear the error code from the display.

How much does it cost to replace the bad PCB on a tankless water heater?

You can expect to pay up to $350-$500 for the replacement of a control board for your Rheem tankless water heater. Then you have to pay for the labor charge if you are not replacing it yourself.

Why Rheem tankless water heater remote won’t turn on?

The faulty wiring connection to the remote control is the root reason behind its malfunction. Inspect the control board and check the remote controller wires for any defection. Or, the bad controller is the culprit that needs replacement. 

How do I reset my Rheem controller?

To reset the controller, simply disconnect the unit from the actual power source. Wait for  30 seconds in this state. Then, restore the power connection to the unit.   

How much does it cost to replace capacitors on the PCB?

Capacitors of the control board are fairly affordable. Generally, each capacitor of the PCB will cost averaging between 20 to 30 cents.  

How much does it cost to replace the bad PCB on a tankless water heater?

If you have a bad PCB on your Rheem tankless water heater, you can expect to pay up to $350-$500 excluding labor charges for the replacement of a control board.

How much does it cost to have a new remote control?

Depending on the model, the remote control for a tankless water heater costs around $150-$200. If there are no other issues, a professional plumber will charge up to $100-$200 for the replacement job. 

Where to get a new remote control for the Rheem tankless water heater?

You need to look for trustable sellers to purchase the replacement part of a tankless water heater. You can head to Amazon, eBay, home depot, or any of your trustworthy local stores. 

Can you repair a tankless water heater?

Yes! It is quite possible to repair the faulty tankless water heater either by yourself or with the help of a professional. Like, if your heater has stopped working due to heating elements or a broken thermostat, you can easily replace the defective parts.

In Bottom!

76 error code on the Rheem tankless water heater is simply a communication glitch of the remote control. To troubleshoot the issue, it is quite needed to pinpoint the exact responsive factor for such an error. That’s the point, our comprehensive guide on the Rheem tankless water heater code 76 is enough to prove well.

Whenever there is the error code 76 on the display, simply head to the remote control assembly and look for defection. Repair or replace the faulty parts. At times, the error is caused by a defective filter capacitor that needs replacement.

Well! That’s all from us here for you. Hope that there are no queries left over on this fact. If you still any have, don’t hesitate to share us through comments. We’ll assist you in fixing your trouble effectively.  

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