Sta Rite Pool Heater Won’t Turn On [7 Easy Solutions]

The major reasons behind the Sta Rite heater won’t turn on include degradation in power supply, low water flow through the unit, and wrong temperature setting on the thermostat.

Faulty heater transformers, incorrect valve settings, or defective safety switches are also some of the leading causes of this issue.

sta rite pool heater won't turn on

If the issue is related to the safety switch, you have to jumpstart the heater to fix it. Otherwise, there may have a heater lockout problem that needs to be reset.

Anyway, go through our comprehensive and effective troubleshooting guide to fix your heater not turning on issue.

Sta Rite Pool Heater Won’t Turn On [7 Easy Solutions]

Throughout our guide, we have figured out seven trouble points that are highly responsible for this problem. Also, we have included all the needed solution steps for each responsive factor. So, let’s start.

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1. Insufficient Power Supply

If your Sta-rite pool heater will not start, be sure fluctuation in the power supply is the leading reason behind this issue.

Either the heater is not plugged firmly into the power connection, or there has not sufficient voltage supply from the power source. 

Some other major reasons are damaged wiring, tripped circuit breaker, or some essential equipment failure.

Anyway, at the start of the troubleshooting, we will have to ensure a fluent power supply through the unit.


  • First, make sure the heater is correctly connected to the power source. There should not have any type of electric connection issue.
  • Besides, ensure there has enough electricity supply to support the running and startup currents for the unit.
  • Check out all the visible wires from the heater. If you notice cuts, splinters, or any type of damage, replace the wires.
  • Now, connect the heater and turn it on.
  • If it fails to on, go through the below steps. 

2. Reset The Pool Heater

If it is all right with the power supply, be sure there may have glitches in the heater functions. The heater may suffer from the ignition lockout issue.

When the heater fails to ignite after 2 or 3 attempts, it goes into lockout. 

In other cases, when the heater overheats, the temperature limit switches activate and shut down the heater to prevent overheating-related damages. 

How To Reset The Lockout On Sta Rite Pool Heater

Anyway, to eliminate the ignition lockout from the pool heater, you have to do a hard reset on the unit. Follow out below instructions to reset the heater:

  • First, locate the heater circuit breaker. Turn the breaker “Off” and leave the breaker for some while in this position.
  • Then, turn on the breaker. Now, open the digital control mode of your heater.
  • Select the “Mode” settings. Go to the “Standby” setting. Press the “Up” and “Down” buttons simultaneously.
  • You have to hold the button unit the indicator light flashes. Also, you will find the maximum temperature-lock setting on the digital display.
  • Now select the accurate temperature by pressing the “Up” and “Down” buttons. Press the “Mode” button to select it. The heater unit will return to “Standby” mode.
  • You will find the current temperature displayed on the digital board. Now, press the “Mode” button again and then select the “Automatic” mode.
  • All these processes will reset the pool heater lockout.

3. Low Water Flow

If your Sta-rite pool heater not working, then low water flow through the unit could cause it.

Pool heaters’ function mainly relies on the water flow in order to operate properly. But when there occurs any malfunction to it, the heater stops working as well. 

Anyway, if the swimming pool heater refuses to start up, check out the water filter first. As because a clogged water filter restricts the normal water flow. Now, you will have to ensure a fluent water flow to start up your heater again.


  • Unplug the heater first, Then, shut off the pump to stop the water flow,
  • Release the filter pressure by turning the air relief valve counterclockwise.
  • Locate the filter cartridge counter locking knob and turn it clockwise.
  • Lift the cartridge to disconnect the filter. Put your filter on the lawn and start rinsing the filter using the hose.
  • Spray the filter and ensure it is unblocked properly. Reassemble the filter again.

4. Wrong Thermostat Setting

The thermostat is one of the essential elements of any pool heater. Mainly it regulates the water temperature of the heater.

If there have an insufficient voltage supply through the thermostat, it fails to control the heater, and the heater stops working.

Also, incorrect temperature settings are also highly responsible for this. If somehow the temperature level falls down in the settings, the heater fails to start up. Anyway, fix the thermoset issue following the below instructions:


  • First of all, locate the thermostat of your pool heater.
  • Now, ensure that the thermostat is receiving enough power. It will be better to use a multimeter for this.
  • Then, check out the temperature level of the thermostat.
  • Set the temperature higher than the pool water.
  • If needed, go through a bypass test to the thermostat using a jumper wire. Replace the defective thermostat.

5. Faulty Heater Transformer

If there has no power on your heater, there has a high chance of a defective heater transformer. A heater transformer controls the energy of the heater that is supplied to it.

If the transformer doesn’t get any current or power from the source, it restricts the operation of the heater. Anyway, this time, you will have to check out the voltage reading passing through the heater transformer.


  • Locate the heater transformer first.
  • Now take a multi or voltage meter and connect to the one terminal of the transformer.
  • Connect other meters lead to another terminal.
  • Now check out the voltage reading. There should have either 120V or 240V.
  • If you don’t find any voltage from the transformer, be sure it needs a replacement.
  • Replace the bad transformer. 

6. Malfunctioning Of The Safety Switches

The safety switch plays a vital role in the function of the pool heater. Malfunctioning of those safety switches stops the normal operation of the heater.

In all pool heaters, there configures a circuit board inside of it. There have two important switches refers as safety switches on the board. 

The first one is the pressure switch. The function of the pressure switch is to control the heater functions on the basis of the water flows through the unit.

The other essential equipment on the loops is high limit switches, the thermostat switch, and the fusible link.

If your heater is not turning on, there have a high possibility of malfunctioning of these. This time, you will have to check out the switches.


  • After ensuring proper water flows through the unit, measure the voltage reading through the pressure switch using a multimeter.
  • Make sure the switch is “On.” If it is not working right, you have to jump out of the switch. In order to do that, you will need a jumper wire.
  • Now connect the wire with the metal terminals on the heater switch. It will allow the current to flow around and bypass the switch.
  • Then, jumpstart the heater. If the heater triggers, you will have to replace the pressure switch.
  • Test the high-limit switches and the thermostat switch in the same way. Replace if needed.

7. Incorrect Valves Settings

One of the major reasons behind the Sta Rite pool heater not turning on is incorrect valve settings. Most commonly, there have gas valves, gas supply valves, plumbing, and filter valves on a pool heater. 

To operate the heater function properly, you have to ensure that all the heater valves are in the ON position. Also, because of the blockage on the valve, there occurs the same issue.


  • First, check out the gas valve and ensure it is open.
  • Also, check out the gas supply valve, plumbing, and filter valves. 
  • You have to make sure that all the valves are adjusted to the correct order. 
  • Replace the defective valves.


What does a transformer do in a pool heater?

The primary function of a heater transformer is to regulate the voltage which is supplied to the unit. It mainly features for safety purposes and operates on electromagnetic induction. There should have a 120V or 240V voltage supply on the transformer.

Why is my pool heater not coming on?

Restriction in water flow or low water flow is the root reason behind the heater not coming on. Besides, there may have a bad power supply, a faulty heater transformer, or incorrect temperature settings on the thermostat.

How do I test the gas valve on my pool heater?

To test the gas valve, disconnect the valve wiring from the thermostat. Now, if your heater is not turning off, be sure the valve is faulty, replace it. If it shuts down, be sure the gas valve is all right.

Wrapping It Up

Hopefully, now you know all the reasons behind the Sta Rite pool heater no power. Also, the above well-proven guide will assist you in fixing the issue more quickly. We can expect that you will easily fix your heater’s issue by following the above troubleshooting guide. 

Still, if you have any queries regarding this article, don’t be late to ask us through comments. We will get back to you ASAP.

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  1. My Sta Rite 400 propane pool heater fabricated in 12-10 2014 won’t start. I have an
    error code E01. Can you tell me how to fix it.


    • Hi Gaetan

      Sta Rite pool heater error code E01 means faulty thermistor.

      In fact, the thermistor is an electronic temperature sensor used in the STA-RITE pool heater. This sensor detects the water condition and controls the burner according to the temperature set on the operating control. If this sensor gets bad, the unit can’t get any signal to work with, and the whole system shuts off with error code E01 on display.

      So, to solve the issue just replace the thermistor following our solution guide on Sta Rite pool heater error code E01 section from Sta Rite dool heater error codes.

      Hopefully, you will get the solution.

      Wish you all the best.

  2. Sta rite heater goes into service heater mode . No codes on back of board .Unplugged heater and plug it back in and it will run good for a week or two then lock out with no codes.


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