Toyostove Laser 730 Troubleshooting [7 Error Codes Solutions]

Users face several problems while using Toyostove laser 730. These issues are shown as the codes in the digital indicator display. The common Toyostove laser 730 error codes are ee-2, ee-6, ee-8, ee-12, ee-13, and ee-22.

toyostove laser 730 troubleshooting

No worries if you see any of the above errors. Throughout our Toyostove Laser 730 troubleshooting guide, we will trigger each of the errors. Also, you will get the complete solution here. So, without getting delayed, let’s get started. 

Toyostove Laser 730 Troubleshooting [7 Easy Solutions]

We have listed the most common problems in the Toyostove heater with their effective solution methods below. Scroll down and go reading precisely. 

1. Toyostove Laser 730 Error Code e-2

If you see e-2 on the digital indicator, be sure that the problem is flame-related. It mainly happens when the flame fails to reflect during pre-combustions. 

Also, low fuel in the tank, cracked igniter, contaminated fuel, and deteriorated burner mat lead to this error. In some cases, clogged fuel pipes, low-quality fuel, and incorrect air dampers occur this problem. Anyway, fix this by following methods:


  • First, verify that there is no problem with the igniter.
  • Then, check the fuel tank. Fix the low fuel/ no fuel and contaminated fuel problem. 
  • Continue fixing by checking the fuel pipe and strainer. If there is any clog, clean them.
  • Then, polish out the flame rod if there have any rust over there. 
  • Make sure that the air dampers are correctly assembled in the fuel line.
  • In the case of a defective burner mat, you have to replace it.

2. Toyostove Laser 730 Error Code e-6

Error code 6 means flame sensors fail to reflect or have no flame during a normal burning stage. It also triggers that the unit is overheating. Incorrect fuel distribution line, clogged fuel filter, kinked inlet screen, contaminated fuel or water mixes with it. 


  • First of all, check the fuel. If there is contamination or water mixed, you have to change the fuel and refill the tank.
  • Now check the fuel pipe. Remove clogged debris if there have. You may use a vacuum cleaner for better cleaning.
  • Also, verify whether there has any corrosion damage in the fuel pipe. 
  • Now, check the fuel filter. Clean it also.
  • Remove debris from the inlet screen.
  • Assemble the fuel line correctly.
  • Finally, check the leakage of the fuel line at each joint. 

3. Toyostove Laser 730 Error Code e-8

Error code identifies that the blower motor is malfunctioning. There are a few reasons for occurring this issue, like a stuck blower fan, loose wiring, and a defective motor.

 Also, a faulty circuit board, disconnected flame sensor, and corrosion at the lower part of the revolution center cause the error code—8. Here are the solution procedures:


  • Check why the blower is not spinning enough. Inspect the laser and remove the black rubber elbow. Replace it and clear out the entire parts using a shop vac.
  • Sometimes blown fuses or opened fuses occur motor malfunctioning. Change the fuse. Replace the blower motor assembly if it is defective.
  • Verify, that all the connected wires are not loose or damaged. If any have, quickly replace them.
  • If no power is detected in the circuit board while setting the temperature higher than the room, replace the circuit board. 

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4. Toyostove Laser 730 Error Code e-12

Error code 12 indicates that the high-limit switch is activated. The few possible reasons for triggering such error codes are a blocked circulation fan filter, faulty high limit switch, and defective circuit board. 

Also, grim on the fan blade, clogged stove internal parts, and overfiring on the stove caused error code-12. However, solve the issue by following procedures:


  • First, unplug the heater and let it cool. 
  • Then, look at the circular air. Remove blocked debris or any other obstructions from there.
  • Now, check the wires of the high-limit switch connected to the circuit board. If there is any damage, you should replace the wires.
  • Adjust the fuel pump controller correctly to fix the stove over-firing issue.
  • If the issue is in-circuit, it may need to replace. Contact Toyostove laser 73 customer care

5. Toyostove Laser 730 Error Code e-13

When the stove burner is not set at the correct temperature, it shows error 13 on the digital indicator. It may help after a preheat cycle.

The possible reason is the wrong thermistor connector at the circuit board or main burner assembly. A defective circuit board, faulty thermistor itself, and incorrect temperature setting during ignition cause error-13.


To fix err-13, go through the below process-

  • First of all, preheat your room if the room temperature is extremely low or in cold weather.
  • Now rest the thermistor resistance. Make sure it shows blow 200k ohms after preheating. Otherwise, it will identify that the thermistor is faulty.
  • Check the burner thermistor wires. Replace all broken wires.
  • Connect the burner thermistor to the circuit board properly. 
  • If it still shows err-13, the problem is in the main circuit board. You have to contact the manufacturer or customer care. 

6. Toyostove Laser 730 Error Code e-22

Error-22 indicates that your Toyostove laser 730 is not igniting or fails to ignite three times in a row. After two times igniting failed attempts, it causes err-22. 

When the water mixes with fuel, carbon in the burner or faulty igniter causes igniter failure. Sort out the issue by the following methods:


  • First of all, unplug the stove and leave it for 20-30 minutes to clear out the memories. 
  • After 30 minutes, plug in the stove. 
  • If still error showing, check the flame rod. Clean it out properly if it is clogged.
  • Make sure water is not mixing with the fuel. You may use a water block filter to prevent this.
  • Adjust the fuel pump controller correctly.
  • Now check the carbon inside the burner. Move or remove it, if needed.
  • If all above fails, you have to change the igniter. 

7. Toyostove Laser 730 Won’t Start

There are several reasons for causing not starting the issue. Don’t get panic. Go through our below suggested method sequence, and the problem should be solved.


  • Check the power supply first. Make sure the power is going through the fuel pump.
  • Then verify that there is enough fuel in the fuel tank.
  • You will find a strainer inside the fuel pump. Clean out the strainer properly.
  • Clean the flame rod as well or replace it. A defective flame rod also occurs issue. 
  • Unclog the fuel nozzle if it is blocked. Replace the fuel nozzle if needed.
  • Remove stuck debris from the flame sensor.
  • Besides all these, don’t forget to clean the fuel sump also.
  • Make sure the fuel pump reset button is pressed.


How do I clean the Toyostove laser 730 heat exchanger?

To clean out the heat exchanger, use soap and water. Pour soapy water into it and start shaking. Then rinse with clean water several times. Don’t forget to dry out the heat exchanger before using it. 

What does EE mean on a Toyostove?

EE in the digital indicator means the Toyostove laser 730 error codes. It shows different error codes for various problems. Err codes indicate that your heater needs troubleshooting service. 

Final Verdict:

Hopefully, our complete guide has helped you enough to fix the issue with your Toyostove L73 heater. Still, if you have any queries, feel free to ask us in the comment section. Thanks for staying with us. 

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5 thoughts on “Toyostove Laser 730 Troubleshooting [7 Error Codes Solutions]”

  1. My laser 730 started giving me 2 error codes E22 or E2 . I replaced the fuel pump,cleaned all filters, no debrie in sump, cleaned fuel nozzle,made sure fuel line from pump to burner was clear. the stove lights and burns with a low blue flame with orange tips for awhile the blower fan comes on and blows warm air and then shuts off and gives either of the two error codes. I would appreciate any help you can give. Thanks RICHARD

    • Hi Richard

      To fix your issue, as the fuel line is clear, now make sure the flame rod is rust-free & the air dampers are rightly assembled in the fuel line.

      If you find all the above-mentioned things are okay, then, unplug the stove and leave it for 20-30 minutes to clear out the memories.
      After 30 minutes, plug in the stove.

      If still error showing, check the flame rod & Clean it out properly if you get it is clogged.

      Also, make sure water is not mixing with the fuel. You may use a water block filter to prevent this.
      Plus, adjust the fuel pump controller correctly.

      Now check the carbon inside the burner. Move or remove it, if needed.
      If all above fails, you have to change the igniter.

      Hopefully, your problem will be solved.

      Wish you all the best!

  2. Laser 731 went out last night. Got an e-6. Turned it back on and it’s working again, but keeps shutting off and I have to turn it back on every time It’s only 1 degree here. We have no service available here, I had to drive 3 hours to get heater. Any suggestions?

  3. I have a Toyostove Laser 730. Everytime we have a power outage my stove doesn’t kick back on when restored. Instead, it blinks. I have to remember to manually turn it back on after every outage.
    Any one deal with this before? Tyia!


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