Traeger Timberline 1300 Problems [11 Easy Solutions]

The common Traeger Timberline 1300 problems that users often face are the grill not igniting or the fan not moving.

Plus, you may have to encounter this grill like Wi-Fi connectivity issues, grill not turning on, temperature problems, catching fire, and auger jam. 

traeger timberline 1300 problems

However, we have sorted out all these problems in our today’s Traeger Timberline 1300 troubleshooting guide. So, keep on reading…

Traeger Timberline 1300 Problems [11 Easy Solutions]

Here, we will talk about all the Traeger Timberline 1300 problems and the solution to each and every problem in detail!

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1. Traeger Timberline Won’t Ignite

Your Traeger timberline not igniting because of the damaged ignite controller. Plus, your Traeger Timberline 1300 burner won’t ignite if the grill fails to establish a connection from the power source. 


  • Check the ignition controller of the grill and make sure that are no damages to the controller. Repair the ignition controller or replace it depending on the situation.
  • Restart the grill a few times to see whether it establishes a proper connection with the burner or not. Check the wiring or connectivity issues from the main source to the burner and make repairs to ensure a proper connection.

2. Traeger Timberline Not Smoking

Your Traeger Timberline won’t smoke due to a wide range of reasons, including the wrong wood pellet choice, auger jam, and clogged vents.

Plus an incorrect temperature setting along with an unclean firepot also contributes to the issue of your Traeger not smoking. 


  • Purchase good quality wood pellets that are suitable with the Traeger Timberline grill. Ensure that the firepot is clean of ashes and fill it with dry wood pellets. 
  • Examine the vents of the grill properly to make sure that the smoke comes out easily. Clean the vent and the connecting pipes properly to make sure that the smoke can travel easily without any blockage. 
  • Open the control panel and check the auger motor to see whether it is jammed or not. Repair or replace the motor to ensure that it is working properly and the grill is smoking. 
  • Check the temperature setting of the Traeger and make sure that it is set at the right temperature. If the temperature is set to low, increase it to the correct and high temperature to allow the grill to smoke. 

3. Grill Not Turning On

The Traeger Timberline 1300 not turning on typically occurs due to a loose connection, empty firepot, and opened grill lid. In addition to that, blown fuse, faulty outlet, damaged power cord and tripped GFCI. 


  • Scan the wiring from the power source to the grill and make sure that all the wires are properly connected. Examine the power cord to ensure that it isn’t damaged. Repair the power cord to ensure that the grill works well. Make sure to turn the main connection off before doing so. 
  • Check the firepot and make sure that there are enough wooden pellets to generate heat and add more pellets.
  • The heat will escape and won’t increase the temperature of the grill if the lid is open while it is turned on. Make sure to close the grill lid properly before you turn on the power. 
  • Open the control panel and examine the fuse to make sure it is functioning properly. Replace or repair the fuse if it is blown and restore the power connection to the grill. 
  • Fixing a tripped GFCI is easy and all you have to do is reset the GFCI. Unplug the grill from the GFCI outlet and press the reset button on the outlet.
  • Unplug the Traeger from its outlet and plug it into another working outlet. If the grill turns on, then replace the previous outlet. 

Traeger Timberline Temperature Problems

The common traeger timberline 1300 temperature problems are: 

4) Traeger Temperature Fluctuating

Low quality or using old pellets are the main reasoning behind you Traeger Timberline temperature fluctuating.

Traeger usually takes about 5 to 10 minutes for the grill to heat up, sometimes it takes longer than the usual time or fires up very fast. 


To solve this fluctuation of temperature, make sure that you choose the right size of wood pellets depending on the grill. In addition to that, ensure that you choose perfectly dried wooden pellets as well. 

5) Traeger Not Heating Up

Sometimes, you may find your Traeger Timberline not getting hot when turned on.

The reasons behind your Traeger Timberline temperature dropping are poor airflow, a dirty firepot, and a faulty heater probe. On top of that, a dirty induction fan also contributes to the issue. 


When you find your Traeger timberline not holding temperature and constantly dropping it, go through the following fixes: 

  • Check the pipes and vents connected to the grill and make sure they are clear. Clean the firepot and remove all the burned ashes and fill the firepot with pellets. Make sure that you turn off the connection on the grill before cleaning the grill. 
  • Examine the heater probe of the Traeger grill and make sure that it is working properly. Repair or replace the heater probe to ensure that the grill is heating up properly. 
  • Check out the induction fan to the grill and ensure that there is the blades are working properly. Scrub and clean the fan blades properly to make sure that there is no dirt clogging the blades from functioning. 

6) Traeger High-Temperature Error

High-temperature errors are quite common and occur when the grill reaches a temperature higher than the set or safe limit.

The system will show an error if the high temperature is persistent for more than a few minutes after exceeding the temperature.

The main reason why this error happens is that the drip tray has accumulated a decent amount of grease or the grill isn’t turned on properly. In addition to that, excessive accumulation of ash in the firepot also causes a high-temperature error.


Clean the drip tray on a regular basis to prevent grease accumulation and make sure to get rid of all the ash from the firepot. Turn on the grill properly by following the instructions on the Traeger Timberline 1300 manual. Make sure to put a few dried pellets in the firepot and turn on the grill once again.

7) Low-Temperature Error

Similar to the high-temperature error, the grill often shows a low-temperature error as well.

This error arises when the temperature of the grill is below 90% of the set temperature for more than a few minutes. The grill will then repeatedly try to reignite in order to reach the set temperature.


Turn off the grill from the main power source and wait for a few minutes. Close the grill lid and turn on the grill once again. Set the required temperature and wait for the grill to reach the temperature. Make sure that there are enough pellets in the firepot to generate the heat.

8. Fan Not Turning On

Sometimes, when the grill and burner turn on but the Traeger Timberline 1300 fan won’t work.

Now, the severity of the situation is that the grill won’t be able to hold the temperature without an operating fan.

However, the causes behind the grill fan not working are a faulty motor or a clogged pipe. In addition to that, the loose wiring to the fan can also prevent the fan from working.


Examine the fan motor for damages and the wiring from the power source to the fan. Repair or replace the fan if needed and make sure that there is no loose wiring to the fan.

Grease from the grill often clogs the pipe to the fan which stops the fan from operating properly. Check the pipe and clean the grease properly after turning off the main connection.

9. Traeger Catching Fire

A major issue with the Traeger Timberline 1300 is that the grill often catches fire when turned on. Grease often drips from the grill and accumulates on the drip tray which in turn catches fire at times.

On the other hand, the wood pellets in the firepot burn to produce heat so the accumulation of burned ash in the firepot also contributes to the issue of catching fire.


Clean the grease off the drip tray regularly and ensure that you maintain a regular cleaning schedule for the grill.

Make sure that the firepot is also cleaned regularly to prevent the accumulation of ash or half-burned wooden pellets. However, prevent the use of wet wooden pellets in the firepot.

10. Error In Wi-Fi Connectivity

The Traeger Timberline 1300 loses Wi-Fi connectivity often, and there is nothing to worry about.

The main purpose of the Wi-Fi connection is to allow you to operate the grill and set the temperature easily from your phone.

However, when the Wi-Fi gets disconnected, you will have to manually adjust the controls to the grill.


Examine the grill to see whether there are any issues with the wiring or power or not. Update the app of the grill to its latest version and reconnect the Wi-Fi by choosing your network and inserting your password.

11. Traeger Timberline 1300 Auger Issues

Wooden pellets from the firepot travel through the hopper and reach the auger when the grill is turned on to ensure that the fire is burning properly. It also ensures that the grill is receiving the right amount of heat.

However, the auger often gets jammed if any screws or wires connected to it get loose. Not only that, but problems in the motor of the auger will also cause it to jam.


To fix the Traeger Timberline auger jam, check the control panel and make sure that all the pins, screws, and wires connected to the auger are properly secured.

Examine the auger motor and identify the issues causing it to jam. Conduct the necessary repairs to make sure that the auger is working properly and heating the grill up. 


How Long Will A Traeger Timberline 1300 Last?

The Traeger Timberline 1300 will last for at least 5 to 10 years if used properly. However, with proper maintenance, the grill will easily last for 10 to 15 years.

How To Maintain A Traeger Timberline 1300?

Clean the firepot from ash and prevent the accumulation of grease on the drip tray. Follow the manual and use the grill accordingly to ensure proper performance.

Can I Repair A Traeger Timberline 1300 On My Own?

Repairing and replacing issues of the Traeger Timberline 1300 is easy and doesn’t require much time. However, expert advice is recommended if you cannot figure out the issue.  


The issues mentioned above are all the possible reasons behind the Traeger Timberline 1300 problems. And you now know the detailed solutions to each and every issue. Whenever you notice a problem with your grill, fix it immediately with the help of our guide.

If you have any further queries about the Traeger Timberline 1300, leave us a comment in the box below. We will get back to you soon with the best possible solution. 

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