Why Does My Traeger keep Shutting Off [7 Reasons To Fix]

You have an older Traeger or maybe a new one. It worked and served you for a long time and allowed you to cook some juicy and smoky food. Recently, your grill started shutting off when you cook at 225. To fix this issue, you turn off your smoker and turn it on again. Then, it works fine. 

But the problem returns, and your Traeger keeps turning off. So, you go nuts and ask- why does my Traeger keep shutting off when igniting? 

Error message LEr, a defective controller, tripped outlet, and issues with hot rod are some caveats that keep Traeger Grill turning off. To know how to fix these problems, continue to read. 

Why Does My Traeger Keep Shutting Off [7 Reasons To Fix]

Don’t know why Traeger keeps shutting off? Below, we described 7 reasons that stop your favorite smoker from turning on. 

01. Traeger Shows This Error Message: LEr 

Your Traeger Grill displays this error message LEr. It means the temperature of your Traeger goes down to 125 degrees for 10 minutes, causing your smoker to shut off. Multiple reasons are working behind this issue. 

Empty firepot or its inside has only ash, the firepot is filled to the brim, and RTD temperature sensor gets faulty are the culprits that keep the grill turning off. Therefore, windy weather, poor quality pellets, and P-setting adjustment are also responsible for shutting your grill down. 

How To Fix:

First off, turn your Traeger Smoker off, detach it from the electric outlet, and let it cool. Then, check the firepot by removing the cooking grate, drip pan, and heat baffle. If you find there are no wood pellets in the firepot, fill it with fuel. On the other hand, if your firepot is overloaded with pellets, reduce the fuel from the firepot. 

Secondly, verify that the RTD or thermocouple doesn’t get defective. It may start malfunctioning if the RTD gets bent or broken. In this case, test to see whether the thermocouple reads the ambient grill temperature or not. If not, replace it with a new one. 

The Traeger grill (the small one) struggles to maintain temperature if there is a strong wind. To fix this issue, bring your Traeger to a place where the wind can’t affect cooking. 

Also, make sure you put quality and shiny wood pellets into the firepot. And don’t forget to adjust the P-setting to a lower number if the temperature is low. 

02. Damaged Power Cord

If you find your Traeger is not turning on or keeps shutting off unexpectedly, we bet it experiences power issues. Your grill or smoker’s power cord may get damaged. If yes, your Traeger will not receive any power, let alone to turn it on. 

How To Fix:

Make sure the grill power cord is undamaged and you plug it into an outlet fully. Avoid using an extension cord and plug the power cord into a standard electric outlet. 

03. Tripped Outlet

A tripped outlet is also responsible for not letting your Traeger turn on as it doesn’t deliver the power your smoker needs. You can easily understand whether the outlet gets tripped or not by resetting it. Just press the center button and if the button has popped out, know the outlet gets tripped. 

How To Fix:

Replacing the GFI outlet or circuit box will be an easy fix to solve the issue. If you are not inclined with electrical knowledge, consult with a certified electrician to do this task for you. 

04. Traeger Controller Issues

A faulty controller can be the main problem that may stop your Traeger from turning on. Whether the controller gets faulty or not, you can understand it by checking it. To do this, unscrew and pull the controller out of your grill. Then, plug it on and turn your smoker on.

Next, take an eye to the corner of your controller for the red light. If it doesn’t light up, the controller is the problem. 

How To Fix:

Changing the existing controller with a new one is the only option if the controller of your Traeger gets defective. You can call Traeger customer service for help. 

05. Defective Hot Rod

A defective hot rod is another culprit that may stop your Traeger from turning on. You can easily tell whether the hot rod of your grill or smoker gets faulty or not. Just turn on your Traeger and keep your hand over the firepot. If you feel the heat, it’s fine. Otherwise, there is a problem with your Traeger hot rod. 

You can check out this article to know what causes your Traeger hot rod bad

How To Fix:

Just replace the hot rod and you will be ready to cook with your Traeger. If you don’t know how to replace a hot rod, follow the link we mentioned in this chapter or watch this tutorial. 

06. Fuse Get Blown 

Do you fail to turn on your Traeger? Then, check if the fuse within your grill gets faulty or not. Damaged wires or defective mechanical components are responsible for making the grill fuse blown out. 

How To Fix:

Start with locating the fuse of your Traeger. You can find it on the back of the controller in one of two places- a grey or green box with a lid and a black tube. Once you figure out the fuse location, inspect every wire thoroughly to check the visual damage on wires. 

Turn your Traeger off and unplug it from the outlet. Then, inspect the power cord, fan wires, auger wires, and hot rod wires. Unplug every wire one by one and then reconnect it to the specific Molex connector. Next, turn on your Traeger and see whether the fuse pops out or not. If it gets popped out, call Traeger customer service. 

07. Cold Whether

Cold weather can also be the crook that may shut off your Traeger Grill. If the outside weather is freezy, your smoker will fail to reach and hold the proper cooking temperature. 

How To Fix:

Just cover the outside of your grill or smoker with an insulation blanket while grilling in winter. It will keep the inside warm and protect the exterior of the smoker from cold weather. Indeed, it helps to hold the proper temperature needed for operating your Traeger smoothly. 

How Do You Reset A Traeger Grill?

Follow the below steps to reset your Traeger Grill:

  • On your Traeger Controller, head over to Menu > Setting > About the Grill
  • Press on the IGNITE button and hold it until you can see the Traeger icon
  • Power off your Traeger grill and wait for 5-10 seconds and power on your grill again.

These steps will reset your Traeger WiFire grill. 

Traeger Customer Service 

If any of the solutions we mentioned throughout this article don’t work for you, you can reach out to Traeger Customer Service. They will help you by fixing any issue you carry with your Traeger smoker. 


Why does Traeger not ignite after cleaning? 

Sometimes an overloaded firepot with wood pellets will be the culprit that could stop your Traeger from turning on. In this case, cleaning the firepot will help to solve the issue. However, if your Traeger won’t ignite after cleaning the firepot, you may experience other issues. For instance, a tripped GFCI on the outlet can cause your Traeger to not ignite. 

Can you leave a Traeger outside in the winter?

No, you can’t leave a Traeger outside in the winter. If you do so, your Traeger fails to hold the ambient temperature you need for cooking the food. 

Why is my smoker not getting up to temperature?

If you cook in extreme cold weather conditions, your smoker will struggle to hold the ambient temperature you need for smoking food. To solve this issue, just cover your grill with an insulation blanket. 

Do you close the vent on a smoker?

Keeping the vent open will keep your smoker well ventilated and allow you to cook food evenly. But if the fire gets too hot, you can close the vent.

Why traeger keep tripping the breaker?

Damaged wires or faulty mechanical components may cause your breaker tripped or blown out. 


We hope you get the answer to this question: why does my Traeger keep shutting off? Internal wire damage, faulty hot rod, tripped outlet, and the blown fuse within your grill are some reasons that stop your Traeger from turning on. Follow the guideline we mentioned above to fix those issues. 

And lastly, don’t hesitate to reach Traeger customer service if you fail to solve the Traeger grill issues. 

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