York Furnace 11 Red Flashes [Solved]

The York furnace is made with a self-diagnostic capability. If something is wrong with your furnace, it will show a fault code or red light flashing. York furnace 11 red flashes happen because of the blower motor or blower wheel’s malfunction.

Go on reading this troubleshooting guide. You will know the detailed reason behind the defective blower and how to fix the 11 red flashes problem by yourself. So, let’s start…

York Furnace 11 Red Flashes [Solved]

If your York furnace starts flashing 11 times, you should look out for the limiting switch. Check whether the cap is partially open or not.

Due to the blown motor’s hat, you may face this problem. Let’s discuss the details of the failed blower motor, its causes, and solutions.

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Failed Blower Motor/Blower Wheel & How To Fix It

When the blower motor fails or gets out of balance, it causes vibration in your York furnace. If the furnace’s blower fails to spin quickly, it will generate 11 red flashes on your furnace.

Your blower wheel or motor may fail to run smoothly for various reasons. The reasons are:

  • Blower motor’s heavy rotation
  • Resistance in spinning heavy blower wheel
  • The blower motor lost the balance
  • Bad bearing or capacitor
  • The engine is facing a challenging time starting from the cold

Due to 11 flashes, the auxiliary or primarily blower switch opens those contacts, which usually remain closed.

When it stays open for more than 5 minutes, your York furnace may start to flash 11 times. However, the defective blower wheel is responsible for this condition.

When you see 11 red flashes on your furnace, you should open the panel. If you see a hot running motor, you should contact your manufacturer to resolve this issue. You may also notice the little burnt mark on the panel.


You should reset your York furnace when you see 11 red flashes because of a defective blower motor. Run the stove until it gives you a code. Contact a professional to inspect your blower motor and fan.

If the engine seems okay, there is no problem, but if it’s not, you need to look for solutions. There are other ways also available to solve these issues. Those are the following:

  • Replace the faulty blower motor
  • Ensure the blower’s Easy spin
  • Contact a technician and ensure the blower wheel’s proper balance
  • Watch the blower motor’s rotation closely and contact an expert if required
  • Replace the lousy bearing or capacitor

Start the furnace reset process. For 20 minutes, turn off the stove and wait until the time ends. After 20 minutes, turn your furnace again.

You will see that your furnace is working at this attempt. And at this point, there will be no error flashes.

After seeing the red flashes, if you are not sure whether your blower switches or sensor is working or not, you should contact the technician to handle it.

The technician will confirm whether your blower motor is out of service or not. And they will also provide you with the necessary replacement option.


What does a red flash code indicate?

The red flash code indicates that the furnace senses the flame even with no heat. With the red flash fault code, both the air blower and inducer motor will turn on. The leaky gas valve causes this fault.

How do I get my York furnace out of lock-out mode?

Turn off the modern York gas furnace’s power and reset it. Again, switch on the power button, but wait for 20-30 seconds before that. In old furnace models, you can attempt to power on after waiting for 1-2 hours.


Now you know the causes and solutions of York furnace 11 red flashes. So, fix the issue yourself by following our above guide. And don’t hesitate to let us know in the comment box if you have any further struggles with your furnace. We will come to you ASAP with a possible solution.

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