York Furnace 8 Red Flashes [3 Easy Solutions]

York Furnace 8 Red Flashes mean an ignition lockout problem in your York furnace due to the systems shut down. A defective flame sensor, low gas pressure, and faulty gas valve are mainly responsible for this issue.

While your furnace shows this error code, automatically, it can turn off. For about an hour, the stove will remain shut off. If your try to ignite the stove again, you will see the repetition of the same problem.

However, this troubleshooting guide will tell you the leading causes and associated solutions to this trouble. Let’s start…

York Furnace 8 Red Flashes [3 Easy Solutions]

Eight times red flashes on the York furnace are shown during the ignition cycle, the flame is sensed, but it is lost 5 times. Now, in the following section, we will discuss the related causes behind 8 blinkings and their solutions:

1. Defective Flame Sensor

York furnace’s flame sensor senses the flame’s correct burning. The flame sensor’s malfunctioning is a leading cause behind the 8 red flashes error code in your York furnace. The sensor becomes defective for the following reasons:

  • Dirty flame sensor
  • Rust build-up prevents the fame’s proper setting
  • Soot covering the sensor’s tip
  • Cracked insulator


The flame sensor is sensitive; thus, a simple reason could be responsible for its malfunction. Contact a technician to check your flame sensor. The other easy solutions are the following:

  • Replace the defective flame sensor
  • Clean and remove the dirt, dust, and soot build-up in the flame sensor tip
  • Replace the cracked insulator
  • Annually clean the flame sensor

Watching the video given below will be helpful for you in case of replacing the flame sensor.

2. Low Gas Pressure

The York furnace efficiency goes down because of low gas pressure. As a result, you may face the 8 red flashes error code on your furnace. The decreasing gas pressure increases the furnace’s overheating risk, leading to a decline in inefficiency.

Low gas pressure in the York furnace occurs when the fireplace, water heater, and house heater start working at a single time.

The overuse of it causes the dropping pressure. Again the gas leak can lower the furnace’s gas pressure.


Contacting an expert technician would be the best solution to handle this issue. The expert will check the furnace’s gas pressure, and they will prevent the gas leak and take the necessary steps if required.

3. Faulty Gas Valve

Internal gas valves of the York furnace make little clicking noise, and it indicates the furnace is running correctly. Now, if you fail to hear that little noise from your gas valve probably it is going through some problem.

Ultimately the malfunctioning gas valve will contribute to the 8 red flashes on your York furnace. The causes behind this problem are:

  • Worn or damaged gas valve
  • The glitch in the safety circuit
  • Worn out thermocouple


A properly running gas valve is essential to solve this error code problem. Moreover, it ensures the free flow of the gas to the igniter. To keep your gas valve healthy, you can do the following:

  • Replace the damaged or worn-out gas valve because its not applicable to repair
  • Contact a technician and check the furnace’s safety circuit
  • Inspect the thermocouple and replace it if required


How do I know my York furnace rollout switch is bad?

When the rollout switch of your York furnace is tripping, but the flames fail to roll out, it indicates the bad rollout switch. Usually, the furnace’s rollout switches remain closed. The lousy button has high circuit resistance.

What causes flames to roll out in the York furnace?

When the combustion chambers inside gasses have high gas concentrations, it causes flames to roll out in the York furnace. Usually, the furnace exhausts this flammable gas to the heat exchanger.


Now you know the causes behind York furnace 8 red light flashes. Hopefully, you would now solve the 8 red light blinking problem on your furnace by yourself.

One more important thing you should know is that the above factors can also be the causes of the York furnace 11 red flashes.

Comment to let us know whether you could successfully solve your furnace’s red light flashes problem or not.  

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