York Furnace Red Light Blinking 4 Times [3 Easy Solutions]

York furnace red light blinking 4 times shows an open high-limit switch or 24-volt fuse in your York furnace. An oversized or undersized ducting system, dirty air filter or malfunctioning blower motor, and restricted air circulation are mainly responsible for this problem.

If you experience 4 times red light blinking issues on your furnace, don’t miss going through our troubleshooting guide to fix the blinking problem instantly yourself. So, let’s start…

York Furnace Red Light Blinking 4 Times [3 Easy Solutions]

When the York furnace’s high-limit switch remains open, it may flash red light. The probable reasons are the following with their easy solutions:

1. Improper Size Ducting System

Undersized ducts increase the furnace’s static pressure. Now when the air moves through this duct, it causes excessive noise. The noise is sometimes too loud to distract you.

Again, an oversized duct creates uncomfortable temperatures inside your furnace. As a result, your furnace faces several other issues, and it starts flashing 4 times. The probable factors that lead to this problem are:

  • Suddenly duct size changed
  • Airflow can’t accommodate easily through the small size duct
  • Misplaced vents
  • Leaking ducts
  • Blower fan resistance
  • Growing mold and mildew


Using proper size ducts for your furnace is the leading solution for this trouble. Make sure your furnace’s duct size is not changing suddenly. The other ways to solve this problem are the following:

  • Placed the vents properly in your furnace
  • Correctly sealed the duct’s gaps or leaks
  • Remove and clean the growing mold and mildew  

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2. Faulty Blower Motor

The defective blower motor runs at a high limit, and it causes red light flashes in your York furnace. The malfunctioning motor increases the fire, and as a result, the stove turns off.

Whether your blower motor is properly running or not, you can confirm it by hearing the running sound. The causes that lead to a faulty blower motor are:

  • Excessive moisture
  • Overheating
  • Dust and debris build-up 


Replacing the malfunctioning blower motor is the best solution to prevent the red light from blinking in your York furnace. But there are other solutions also including:

  • Ensure dry position in your motor
  • Prevents overheating
  • Avoid the dirt build-up in the motor by regularly cleaning it

3. Dirty Air Filter

Air fails to flow properly because of the dirt and debris in the air filter. The dirty air filter restricts airflow circulation.

Thus, improper oxygen circulation hinders the furnace’s easy operation, and it starts blinking light 4 times.

  • Air ducts leaks
  • 1-inch pleated air filter
  • Air filters fan set at “On” position


A clean air filter increases the working efficiency of your York furnace. You should change the furnace’s air filter every three months to ensure its easy functioning. The other solutions are the following:

  • Properly sealed up the ducts gaps, holes, or leaks
  • Use a disposable fiberglass air filter
  • Convert to the thicker pleated air filter
  • Set the filters fan at auto position


What does a blinking red light mean on a York furnace?

When your York furnace flashes red light once, it indicates the gas valve fails to receive the power. The gas valve’s leakage is responsible for this. If you see 2 red lights blinking, it indicates stuck controls pressure.

How to reset a York furnace?

Turn off the circuit breaker box and then shut off the furnace’s power supply. Locate the furnace’s reset button and press it. Press the popped-up button down. Turn on the power by returning to the blower compartment.


Now you know all the factors responsible for the York furnace’s red light blinking 4 times. So, hope you can solve your York furnace red light blinking issue yourself.

One important thing is that all the above causes may also lead to the York furnace’s red light blinking 9 times. Don’t hesitate to make a comment and let us know your opinion.

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