York Furnace Red Light Blinking 3 Times [3 Easy Solutions]

York furnace red light blinking 3 times indicates that the furnace’s pressure switch gets stuck in an unwanted open position. The red light can flash for blocked vent pipes, malfunctioning combustion air blowers, and clogged air intake pipes.

In addition, the three times blinking provides you the signals that the furnace’s induced draft blower starts operating at the wrong time. Let’s discuss this York furnace error code.

York Furnace Red Light Blinking 3 Times [3 Easy Solutions]

You may have a York furnace, and it became shut down after blinking red lights three times. Several factors act as a culprit behind this issue. However, the following are the leading causes and solutions to this problem. Let’s start:

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1. Blocked Vent Pipes

The furnace’s combustion gas escapes outside through the vent pipes. The blocked vent pipes prevent their escaping process and the gas release.

As a result, your York furnace starts blinking three times. The furnace’s vent pipe can be blocked for the following reasons:

  • Branches or leaves in pipes
  • Damaged vent
  • Birds nest/rodent in the vent’s inside
  • The duct consists of soot and corrosion build-up
  • Snow blocking


Clean the blockage from your furnace’s vent pipe, and it will again operate smoothly. You can get rid of this issue in the following ways:

  • Use a soft brush and remove the leaves from the pipes
  • Replace the damaged furnace vent
  • Clean the vents inside and remove the rodent/birds nest
  • Follow necessary guidelines to prevent corrosion build-up and snow blocking

2. Faulty Combustion Air Blower

Your York furnace may suddenly start blinking three times because of a faulty combustion air blower.

Over time, your air blower can start malfunctioning for excessive use, or it can wear down. The reasons behind this issue are the following:

  • Fused or melted power cord
  • Improper sitting or working of thermostat
  • Malfunctioning air filter and vents
  • Defective drive belt of the furnace blower


In case of a defective combustion air blower problem, don’t worry. There is enough potential to solve this problem. The solutions are the following:

  • Make sure the blower’s fuse hasn’t blown or the power cord hasn’t melted
  • Implement the thermostat’s manual override
  • Replace the cracked or worn-out belt
  • Replace the damaged air filter

3. Blocked Air Intake Pipes

The stove requires air intake pipes to pull the outside cold air. Unfortunately, the blocked air intake pipes hinder this process. As a result, the heat exchanger eventually shuts down the stove as it gets overheated.

It prevents overheating by shutting down the York furnace. However, the blocked air intake pipes may also cause the York furnace to red light to blink 7 times.


Easy air movement through the intake pipe is required for the York furnace’s smooth operation. If the air intake pipes have blockage due to dirt, debris, or other foreign objects, you should clean them.

Properly clean the air pipes and remove the blockage from them. Ensure the air’s easy movement in the tube, and your furnace will stop blinking.


How to fix the stuck pressure switch on the York furnace?

You should inspect the furnace’s pressure switch. Next, reset the IFC and check the vent blockage. Again, examine the furnace’s hose tube and drain line also. Next, check the inducer motor and replace the defective one. Finally, call the expert if required.

How much does it cost to replace a York furnace pressure switch?

Typically, you need to make a budget of around $250 to replace the pressure switch of your York furnace. However, the replacement cost will depend on the controller’s condition and technician.


Finally, now you know all the accountable factors which cause the York furnace red light blinking 3 Times. Hopefully, now you got a thorough guide regarding what you should do if you face this problem.

If you find any other issue with your 3 times red light flashing York furnace, let us know through the comment box.

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