York Furnace Red Light Blinking 7 Times [3 Easy Solutions]

York furnace red light blinking 7 times signals its “lock-out mode.” If you attempt to ignite your York furnace three times and fail at each attempt, it will go into lock-out mode. Again for the next 1 hour, the stove will remain in this mode. Once the 1 hour is completed, you will again see an ignite attempt. The remedy to this issue is to wait till the end of lock-out mode. 

Now if your furnace again fails to ignite even after 1 hour, then probably the furnace internal malfunction, dirty flame sensor, and faulty ignitor are the culprits behind the lockout mode. However, go on reading our troubleshooting guide. You will definitely be able to solve your furnace’s 7 times blinking problem by yourself whatever the causes behind it.

By reading this troubleshooting guide, you will definitely be able to solve your furnace’s 7 times blinking problem by yourself.

York Furnace Red Light Blinking 7 Times [3 Easy Solutions]

Now, let’s discuss the 3 more reasons and solutions.

1. Internal Malfunction

Internal malfunction in your furnace makes you remember that it requires proper POA. The malfunction in the furnace’s inside created the lock-out mode in it. The potential factors responsible for this issue are the following: 

  • Defective control board
  • Blown fuses


Solving York’s internal malfunction problems requires professional help. The technician can easily detect the situation inside the furnace. The solutions are: 

  • Replace York’s defective control board
  • Replace the blown fuses

2. Dirty Flame Sensor

Suppose you don’t clean your York furnace’s flame sensor for a long time, probably it can be another reason for lock-out mode. Ultimately it led to red light blinking error in the stove. The burner’s end consists of a glow ignitor and metal rod at the opposite end with one wire.

The defective sensor hinders the ignition sequence because it fails to detect the flame. However, the most modern furnace will give you two opportunities to start it before it goes to this mode. 


Thorough cleaning of the burner or flame sensor is the only solution to this problem. Regularly maintain the maintenance guidelines to prevent your furnace’s lock-out mode. Again you should also replace the defective flame sensor to eliminate this issue.

Contact a technician and see whether the sensor is appropriately detecting the flame or not. If not, replace it. 

3. Faulty Ignitor

Frequently the furnace encounters a faulty ignitor problem, and it’s another main reason for the lock-out mode. If the York furnace igniter fails to light within a few seconds, the sensor will fail in detecting the flam. The failure in flame detection will lead to stopping the controller. However, after making the third attempt, you will see lock-out mode in your York furnace. 

Again pilot light of your furnace can be another cause of the lock-out mode. If the main burner’s pilot light becomes damaged or malfunctions, the red light may start blinking 7 times. 


Replacing the faulty igniter is the only easy solution to solve this trouble. However, several factors may cause a defective igniter, and you should also take care of those issues. But at First, clean the igniter regularly and ensure that it is working correctly. 


How do I know if my ignitor is bad on my York furnace?

If you see your furnace stop functioning or blow chilly air, it indicates something terrible on your York furnace. Again short cycle furnace or no glow ignitor signs that your York furnace ignitor is bad. 

Why is my York furnace flashing red and green light?

The furnace control panel’s inside consists of blinking green light. But if you see the green light is not blinking inside, instead read or stop blinking, you should contact a technician. It indicates the failed blower. 


Now you know all the reasons for which your York Furnace red light blinking 7 times and the solutions. So, we hope you could fix your furnace issue by yourself. Here it’s necessary to mention that some of the above factors may also contribute to fixing your York Furnace red light blinking 3 times.

However, if you are still struggling with any more issues, don’t hesitate to let us know your pain in the comment box. We will be happy to help you.  

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