Big Green Egg Hinge Problem [Solved]

The big green egg is a globally renowned ceramic outdoor smoker grill. This cooking system is acclaimed for creating wonderful culinary scope among the grillers. But several times, the user faces various troubles with the grilling system. 

The most common question that users have about the big green egg hinge problem. The hinge problem causes misalignment of the top and bottom. That leads to difficulties in lifting the lid. 

big green egg hinge problem

Whatever the problem is persisting from the hinge, you need to do a proper fixing of the BGE. Today we are here bringing a complete guide to resolving any type of hinge problem. So, let’s move on.

Most Common Big Green Egg Hinge Problem [Solved]

Before moving to the big green egg hinge upgrade or adjustment, let’s have a glimpse of some of the most common hinge problems from below:

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1. Big Green Egg Top And Bottom Alignment Problem

The top and bottom in BGE not aligning is the most common issue that the user faces.

Due to this problem, the top and bottom fail to align properly after closing the lid. In this problem, the brackets settle back to the top lid and fail to sit on the bottom square. 

Users unscrew the bands’ bolts and realign the top and bottom into the accurate position.

But the action goes in vain in many cases and again keeps getting misaligned. Misaligned the top and bottom causes difficulties in lifting the lid. 

For this, there occurs a temperature issue. Anyway, the temperature from the inside of the egg is continuously seeping away as the grill is not tightened properly.

Temperature fluctuations highly affect the food, and it may be undercooked. 

The complete problem is more likely related to the hinge of the egg unit. Either the hinge is loose from its position, or the nuts are missing.

2. Big Green Egg Lid Won’t Open All The Way

In most cases, the lid of the large egg fails to stay open from all sides. This issue is also more likely related to the big green egg hinge issue.

The main culprit behind this issue is loose bolts on the BGE’s hinge.

 If the hinge nuts are loosed and not set properly, the lid will not open all the way. This is a very common problem among BGE users, and many of them fail to identify the actual reason for this issue. 

Apart from the hinge issue, here may the band gets loosened and create a large underbite. Also, if there is an uneven space gap between the bands all the way around, the lid will not open properly. 

The main fact is that the uneven space issue can be fixed by solving the hinge problem of the green egg. Anyway, here, users need to concentrate on the hinge bolts and nuts.

It should be tightened in an accurate position. Also, you have to ensure that the hinge is determining an even gap between the bands.

3. Big Green Egg Not Lining Up

The big green egg is made of ceramic. The top and bottom are seated through the bands on the edges of the ceramics.

Now in many cases, users experience that the egg is not lining up properly to the edges of the ceramic.

 If the large green egg is indeed out of alignment, be sure the bands are the culprit here. Either there has a problem with the band placement, or it is not set accurately.

Secondly, the hinge issue can also be another major reason reasons behind the egg lining-up problem.

 If the hinge is not straight enough, the egg will not line up. So here, you need to adjust the hinge if there has no issue with the bands.  

How To Adjust Hinge On Big Green Egg

Underbite and overbite around the grill opening are one of the most common issues users face with the Big Green Egg. This frustrating issue can easily be solved for the most part by adjusting the band and hinge appropriately. 

Here we are sharing some effective tips to adjust the hinge on the big green egg. After following the below guide, you can ensure that the green egg unit is properly aligned and the smoke is not seeping out from any side. Here you go:

i. Let The Big Green Egg Cool Off

Before attempting any type of adjustment on the grill, you have to ensure that the green egg is completely cool. Turn off the heat and leave it for some hours. 

As the green egg is a ceramic outdoor smoker grill thus, it will take some hours to let it cool. Also, the hinge and bands are made of metal. All should be cooled before the adjustment. 

ii. Adjust The Bands

Before moving to the hinge fixing, look through the bands. Bands are basically metal rings around the lid of the Big Green Egg. Anyhow, after long use or improper maintenance, the bands get loose from their place. 

To fix the band, you need the carriage bolts that squeeze the band. Take a 1/2″ wrench and loosen the two silver bolts. Now reposition the band and make sure that it is straight.

Tighten the bolts by turning them clockwise. You have to ensure that the bands are tightened and are not wobbling on the lid. Otherwise, they will slip back out of position while cooking. 

Many times, you will need to replace the bands. Here are the quick symptoms to assure you that it is time to replace the bands on your Big Green Egg.

  • Building rust over the bad body
  • Need to realignment frequently due to overbite, underbite issues
  • The Dome lid keeps shutting off by itself
  • Spontaneous Catastrophic Disassembly 

iii. Re-adjusting The Hinge

To resolve the underbite issue in the big green egg, nothing but adjusting the hinge is highly effective. You have to adjust the hinge in such a way that it will set to the straight position perfectly.

 Follow the below instructions to ensure its proper alignment:

  • Close the grill lid first.
  • Now, you will see silver bolts in the hinge area. You need to remove the nuts completely.
  • Lose the bolts by turning them counter clock-wise and adjusting the hinge to the desired position.
  • After that, tighten the bolts by turning them clockwise. 
  • Now, if you desire to disconnect the hinge nuts all the way off, you have to secure the hinge using the Big Green Egg factory spacers. If the spacers are not at your disposal, you may use zip ties alternatively.
  • When re-tightening the hinge bolts, put as much pressure as you can. It will ensure a proper alignment of the hinge.

iv. Test the Adjustment

Finally, test all the adjustments that you have made now. Rise the lid once and then lower the lid. If needed, turn the bolts to additional half until the lid lifting has set as your desired position.


Can you leave Big Green Egg uncovered?

Definitely!! BGE is the ceramic-covered smoker grill. Thus it has strong resistance to heat and water. So, you can easily leave your BGE uncovered without any worries. 

Will Big Green Egg crack in cold weather?

The big green egg is absolutely perfect for cooking on both the coldest and stormiest days. You can cook or grill here at any temperature without worrying about egg cracking. Even, the same in cold weather.

Can a Big Green Egg sit on granite?

Experts never suggest granite for the sitting of the big green egg. The tile, marble, or granite conducts too much temperature when it comes to the closest heat.   

Why is my green EGG smoking so much?

Incomplete combustion of the fire is the main culprit behind producing too much heat from BGE. Because of incomplete combustion, the grill will produce too many ashes, which can accumulate in the food, causing a bitter taste.

Wrapping Words:

Well!! By reading the above article, now you have surely clear ideas about the BGE hinge problem. We can expect that, whatever the issue will occur from the hinge, you will easily resolve it by following the above guide on big green egg troubleshooting.

 Still, if you have any questions in any part discussed above, don’t delay to ask us through comments. We are always ready for your assistance.

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