Big Green Egg Temperature Problems [Solved]

The big green egg is the most popular model in the row of kamado grill, ceramic grill & charcoal smokers. This cooker can be operated versatile if you know the correct temperature maintenance tips. But while cooking in large green egg, users face several temperature issues. 

The most common big green temperature problems include not getting hot enough, the temperature keeps dropping, and the temperature gauge failing to display the right temp.

big green egg temperature problems

Anyway, fixing all these issues will not be so hard as long as you follow the accurate resolving methods. Follow the below comprehensive article to find an effective and well-proven guide on this issue. 

Big Green Egg Temperature Problems [Solved]

Here we have explored the actual reason behind each issue and the corresponding solutions for your better understanding. So, let’s start.

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1. Big Green Egg Not Getting Hot Enough

Big green egg won’t heat up is one of the most common temperature issues BGE users face. There have some major factors for why Green Egg isn’t reaching its maximum temperature. 

Let’s explore the major reasons for occurring such temperature issues on your BGE.

  • Insufficient airflow: The vent areas like the top vent cap and precious draft door are clogged with debris. They restrict airflow, which causes the big green egg slow to heat up
  • Clogged firebox: The firebox may be blocked with a lot of ash residue. Also, they have about five holes in the firebox. If the holes are blocked, it creates obstacles in the airflow.
  • Insufficient fuel supply: There has another possibility of insufficient charcoal in the firebox to reach the desired temperature. Also, the charcoal may not be completely dry to start the fire or have smallish pieces of the lump. 
  • Faulty temperature gauge: Sometimes, Green Egg reaches the correct temperature, but the defective gauge fails to display it.
  • Misalignment of the firebox: The firebox may not align correctly with the lower vent. 


Follow the below methods to fix the big green egg not holding temp issue: 

  • First, open the lower draft door to allow fluent airflow.
  • Don’t forget to open the top vent cap completely. 
  • Clean out the clogged debris from both vents.
  • Then, check out the firebox. Clean out the ashes from the firebox, and the entire holes are blocked free. Use a shop vacuum to suck out ash residue from the box.
  • Clean out the fire ring, fire pan, and grate bottom. 
  • Now, align the firebox properly with the lower vent.
  • Fill the firebox with enough charcoal. Also, check out the condition of the charcoal and make sure the charcoal is dry. It tends to absorb moisture readily, so store them in a dry location.
  • Verify that the temperature gauge is in good working condition. Replace the defective gauge.

2. Big Green Egg Temp Keeps Dropping

Sometimes, it seems that the big green egg temperature keeps dropping or going up one or two degrees and fails to reach your desired temperature. There have a few things that lead to an unstable situation of temperature. The major reasons are:

  • Insufficient fuel supply
  • Clogged vents
  • Obstructions in airflow
  • Blocked holes in charcoal grates 
  • Burning out the fire into a weird pattern
  • The charcoal is not burning evenly

No worries. The problem can be solved by following the below instructions:


  • The best way to resolve the issue is to clean the complete grill before setting up for a long cook.
  • You have to clean out the grill vents properly. There should not have any blockage that restricts the airflow.
  • If needed, pull out the daisy wheel completely.
  • Clean the ashes from the firebox.
  • Look through the charcoal grates. Unclog the holes of the grate using the wiggle rod. Drag it along the bottom of the grate and poke the tip up to dislodge the coal, debris, and ashes.
  • Then, ensure that there has enough fuel in the firebox.
  • Also, verify that the charcoal is completely dry and in good condition. Otherwise, it will not burn evenly.
  • Your green egg temperature down issue should be resolved.

3. Big Green Egg Temperature Gauge Not Working

Sometimes, the scenario is that the Green Egg is reaching the correct temperature, but the gauge fails to show the correct reading of that. Here surely, the gauge is either broken or defective. For regular wear and tear, the efficiency of the gauge is automatically reduced. 

Anyway, if the thermometer shows a temperature below the usual, you need to do big green egg temperature gauge calibration. Here are the needed steps:

How To Calibrate The Thermometer On The Big Green Egg

  • First of all, turn off your grill and let it cool completely.
  • Now, disconnect the thermometer from the metal bracket.
  • Then, bring a pot of hot boiled water. 
  • Place the post of your thermometer into the water. Use needle-nose pliers over the top of the pot to hold the thermometer.
  • Now, leave the gauge for some while in the water top to reach the temperature. Check the current reading. If the temperature shows about 212 degrees Fahrenheit (100 Celsius), then there is nothing to worry about.
  • If not, it is time to calibrate the thermometer. For this, take the needle-nose pliers. Now from the back side of the thermometer, you will see a nut. Grab it tightly and start twisting the face of the thermometer until the arrow on the temperature gauge reaches 212 F.
  • Once done, resemble the thermometer in your green egg.

4. Big Green Egg Temperature Keeps Rising

In most cases, it seems that the big green egg temperature is too hot and out of control. Sometimes, the temperature keeps rising and creates a very annoying situation while cooking. 

Anyway, the clogged grill unit is the root reason for this. If the Draft Door and the holes in the Fire Box are clogged by debris and ashes, the entire air fails to move out. For that, the temperature starts rising for the lacking of fluent airflow. 

Sometimes, the bad fuel quality starts malfunctioning. When it starts to burn too quickly, the inside temperature becomes stable. Now, if you are wondering about how to set your Big Green egg for low and slow, you need to follow some effective methods. 

For instance, we have already shared the processes below:

How To Maintain Low Temperature On Big Green Egg

  • First of all, you have to ensure good air movement around the charcoal.
  • For that, clean out the vent holes and firebox holes properly. 
  • Sometimes, the holes are clogged with little pieces of charcoal, and you have to remove them. 
  • Make sure the upper and lower vents are correctly set.
  • Now, if your desire low and slow cooking, use wood chunks with charcoal. The wood chunks burn slowly and will assist in maintaining maximum temperature. Also, you will get an incredible smoky flavor.
  • Don’t ignore the charcoal quality. Because the crumbs and dust accumulated on the charcoal are also the culprits for this. 
  • Always make sure that the temperature is in the range of 200° to 275°.
  • When you are almost at the desired temperature, close the top vent 90% of the way. By this, the air will be able to escape and come to hold your temperature.

How To Smoke On Big Green Egg

You can produce a good amount of smoking by low and slow cooking. Many users have queries about big green egg low-temperature smoking

how to smoke on big green egg

For this, we are exploring some effective tips for creating smoke on the green egg. Here you go…

  • In order to smoke on the green egg, you need wood chunks. Just soak the chunks in water for some time. 
  • Fill the firebox with enough charcoal. Then spread the chunks in the charcoal. The chunk amount depends on how long you intend to smoke.
  • Now, ignite the starters. Start heating the egg at a temperature of between 100 and 150 degrees Celsius.
  • Always keep in mind that the low temperature,  the more smoke you will get. 
  • When you place the convEGGtor, the temperature will start dropping, and at about 60 and 90 degrees Celsius, the smoking will start.
  • After positioning the convEGGtor, place a drip pan on it to provide actual juiciness to food. Cover it with the Stainless Steel Grid.
  • Now, spread some water to the drip pan to create a small amount of steam. It will help to cook evenly as well.
  • When the gauge shows the desired temperature, place the dish inside.
  • Don’t forget to maintain the airflow to get good smoking at a constant temperature. Slightly close the upper and lower vents.
  • Now, perfectly cook the food and wait until the smoking starts.
  • When the smoke accumulates in the food, remove the dish from the grill.
  • Your mouthwatering smoky dish is ready to serve. 


Can’t get a big green egg above 500?

Definitely!! You can get above 500 degrees in your big green egg. For this, you have to start freshly cleaning Big Green Egg. Then, set the vent accurately after lighting the fire. 

How to get the green egg to 700 degrees?

To get the 700 degrees on the big green egg, you have to ensure proper air circulation from the vent settings. After starting the fire, properly open the vents to stabilize the temperature. 

How to get big green egg to 350?

After getting the set fire pretty well, close the dome of the green egg. Look through into the gauge. When you find about 300 degrees, close the upper and lower vents. But keep it open only about 1/4″. 

How to keep big green egg at 250?

When you are thinking of keeping the egg tempo at 250, the fact is nothing but depends on the vent settings. When the temperature hits 250 degrees, close the vents by opening only ¼”. You can apply the paper towel and oil method here. 

What is big green egg max temperature?

The fact depends on how you maintain the vents opening and closing while cooking. But generally, if there are larger quantities of air circulation in the unit, the temperature can easily exceed 300°C or 575°F. 

What is big green egg smoking temperature?

 To smoke in the green egg, you need to do low and slow cooking. Usually, the smoke will produce if you keep the temperature between 60 and 110 °C. Sometimes, hot smoking can be done at 40 °C. 

It’s A Wrap!!

Well!! Now you know all the tips and tricks to resolve any temperature issue on a large green egg. Hopefully, you will easily cover up any type of temperature problems that persist in your unit. 

But still, if you face any difficulties while resolving, ask us without any second thought. We will reply to you ASAP.

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