Cabela’s Pellet Grill Auger Not Turning [7 Easy Fixes]

Cabela’s pellet grill auger not turning mainly due to the jammed auger, auger motor malfunction, failed pressure switch, faulty power source, auger motor pin is not in place, defective auger itself, and lousy vacuum switch.

Now, if your pellet grill’s auger fails to turn or stop working, be sure these factors are creating issues in it.

Fortunately, by going through this troubleshooting guide, you will get to know the fixing ways of all the above troubles. So, don’t miss any point and read it thoroughly.

Cabela’s Pellet Grill Auger Not Turning [7 Easy Solutions]

Below, we discussed the reasons and solutions for which the Cabela’s pellet grill auger stops turning. Let’s discuss the details:

1. Jammed Auger

The auger controls the temperature in your Cabela’s pellet grill by supplying adequate pellets.

However, the clogged or jammed auger is one of the main reasons why your Cabela’s pellet grill auger is not working. Various factors are responsible for it, including the following:  

  • Pellets swelled up within the auger due to excessive moisture
  • Using excessive pellets beyond the auger’s capacity
  • For a too long time, pellets remain in the hopper
  • Setting the temperature knob at too low
  • Rusty auger


Following the fixing ways below, you can easily sort out the jammed auger issue:

  • Use adequately dry and better-quality pellets so that they don’t swell up or expand within the auger
  • To prevent the excessive moisture issue, you can use a pellet grill protection cover
  • Use pellets in adequate amounts so that the auger can operate easily
  • Ensure that the pellets are not remaining in the hopper for an extended period and thoroughly clean the hopper
  • Set the temperature knob at the appropriate level (not too high or low)
  • Eliminate the auger’s rust

2. Auger Motor Malfunction

The auger motor failure is one of the prime reasons why the pellet grill auger stops working. Without a perfect motor, the auger can’t operate.

As a result, you will also notice that Cabela’s pellet grill keeps shutting. The factors accountable for this crisis are:

  • Damaged or cracked motor
  • Broken elements within the motor
  • Too hot motor
  • Dirt, debris, and clogged build up within the motor
  • Bad starting capacitor


First, turn off your Cabela pellet stove and check whether the motor is damaged or not. If the failed motor is the culprit, follow the solutions below:

  • Repair or replace the cracked or damaged auger motor
  • Inspect the motor’s broken element and replace it
  • Ensure that the motor is not getting too hot while running. If the motor constantly gets hot, replace it.
  • Remove the pellet grill’s auger motor and then properly clean the dirt, debris, and clogged buildup within it
  • Replace the faulty starting capacitor

3. Pressure Switch Failure

If the auger in your pellet grill no longer turns on, there is enough chance that a failed pressure switch is the culprit. The reasons for pressure switch failure are:

  • Damaged draft inducer motor
  • Restricted combustion air vent and intake air vent
  • Broken pressure switch
  • Blockages in the pressure switch


You can solve the failed pressure switch trouble in the following way:

  • Replace the malfunctioning draft inducer motor and broken pressure switch
  • Make sure that the combustion and intake air vents are working correctly and that there are no blockages in it
  • Remove and clean the pressure switch’s blockage

4. Defective Power Source

The auger motor also stops turning if it fails to receive adequate power from the outlet. Thus the malfunctioning power source is another reason why the auger fails to operate smoothly. The causes of it are:  

  • Power surges
  • Frequency variation or voltage fluctuations
  • Noise in electrical lines
  • High voltage spikes
  • A faulty power supply unit


Fix the above troubles by following the solutions below:

  • Ensure your pellet stove auger is getting a continuous power supply without any power surges or outages
  • Resolve the voltage fluctuations, electrical lines noise, and high voltage spikes issue to ensure proper power supply
  • Repair or replace the faulty power supply unit

5. Auger Motor Pin Not In Place

An auger motor pin ensures the auger’s smooth running by securing it in the right place inside the auger shaft.

It is also called the shear pin. If this pin gets misplaced, the auger stops turning on. The probable causes of it are:

  • Loose auger pin inside the grill’s jiggle and hopper
  • During the pellet grill’s assembly, the auger pin drop out
  • Broken shear pin


If suddenly your pellet grill’s auger stops working, you should check whether the motor pin is in the correct place or not. If it is not in the right place, do the following:

  • Tighten the auger pin inside the grill’s jiggle and hopper
  • During the grill’s assembly, be careful and make sure that the auger pin didn’t slip or drop out
  • Replace the broken shear pin

6. Faulty Auger Itself

The defective auger itself is another reason why it may stop turning on. If the auger becomes faulty or there is an issue with it, obviously, it will fail to operate smoothly. The causes of it are:

  • Auger gets damaged due to the consistent use
  • Due to corrosion, adhesion, and abrasion, the auger wears down
  • Broken auger parts


If the malfunctioning auger itself is the culprit for not turning on the problem, you should immediately replace it. Also, follow the other solutions below:

  • Avoid using your pellet grill auger consistently over a long period
  • Follow a maintenance routine and frequently clean it to prevent its corrosion, adhesion, and abrasion
  • Replace the auger’s broken parts

7. Bad Vacuum Switch

The vacuum switch malfunction is another cause behind stopping the auger’s working process. The vacuum switch turns off the auger motor when the ash accumulates on the grill’s chimney.

This switch goes wrong due to the dirty chimney or excessive ash accumulation on it. The auger fails to turn on because of the dirt in it.


Replacing the failed vacuum switch is the effective solution to this trouble. Also, clean the chimney after 3-4 cooking sessions so that excessive ash can’t accumulate on it.


How does an auger motor work?

The auger motor contains a reduction gearbox and an electric motor. At a preset speed, these two components in the motor turn the auger shaft to deliver fuel. The auger shaft supplies fuel (pellets) to the firepot directly from the hopper in the pellet grill.

What is an auger on a pellet stove?

The auger is a motorized device in a pellet grill that supplies pellets to the grill’s burn pot from the hopper. The auger’s speed influences the grill’s temperature. And following the temperature, the combustion chamber’s burn pot ignites.

Can you turn a pellet stove auger by hand?

Yes! You can manually turn the pellet grill’s auger by hand to loosen any of its jammed pellets. Likewise, you can manually rotate or stop the pellet stove auger motor shaft. But only if the motor’s inside gears are worn out, then you may need to turn it by hand.

How long do pellet grill auger motors last?

Your pellet stove auger motor will fairly and consistently run for approximately 6-8 seasons considering moderate to extreme climate conditions. However, some pellet grill auger motors also last for more than ten years. But 6-8 is the average lasting time.

How do you unclog an auger?

To unclog an auger, remove the auger’s bottom panel and move the control board. Then remove the bolt by moving the hopper. And finally, then remove the pellet grill auger’s screw.


So, now you have a clear idea regarding why your Cabela’s pellet grill auger not turning on.

If your pellet grill’s auger stops working, you will hopefully now solve the problem by following the solutions mentioned above.

Still, comment if you are struggling to solve your auger’s issue. We’ll definitely help you.

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