Cadet Wall Heater Blowing Cold Air [5 Easy Solutions]

Cadet wall heater blowing cold air mainly because of tripped manual reset, faulty heater element, thermostat issues, overheated heater, and dirty sensor.

If your wall heater suddenly starts dispersing cold air, be sure that any of the above or multiple factors is the culprit for this issue.

However, our today’s troubleshooting guide will tell you how to fix the above issues. So, keep reading this, and you will definitely learn how to fix the Cadet wall heater problem by yourself.

Cadet Wall Heater Blowing Cold Air [5 Easy Solutions]

Sometimes the Cadet Wall heater stops discharging warm air and starts to blow cold air for the following reasons:

1. Tripped Manual Reset

Often the Cadet Wall heater operates in excessive temperatures. As a result, the manual reset limit button opens its circuit, and the heater starts to blow cold air. The factors that lead to manual reset tripping are the following:

  • Blockage in the heater’s inside
  • Overloaded circuits
  • Ground faults or short circuit


Press the manual reset limit button, and the heater will start to work again. The other solutions are the following:

  • Properly clean the heater’s inside and remove the blockage
  • Ensure the wall heater is not operating at excessive temperature
  • Avoid using the same circuit for running too many devices and prevent overloading
  • Inspect the pierced or faulty cables to avoid short circuit

2. Defective Heating Element

The Cadet Wall heater’s heating elements convert electrical energy into heat. Heater element’s malfunctioning is another cause for which it blows cold air. The reasons behind it are:

  • Loose or faulty wire connection
  • Sudden power surge
  • Excessive voltage rating
  • Damaged internal components


The Cadet Wall heater’s heating element plays a crucial role in dispersing warm air. Thus, if a damaged heating element is a culprit, you should go with the following solutions:

  • Replace the faulty heating element
  • Tightening the loose wire
  • Contact a technician to inspect the power surge and voltage rating
  • Replace the damaged internal components

3. Fan Switch’s “On” Position

If you are worried about why your wall heater is blowing cold air, you should check the fan switch position.

Sometimes the heater’s fan is running, but it’s not producing warm air because the actual temperature is greater than the thermostat setting.


The solution to this issue is to check the thermostat’s temperature. Your Cadet Wall heater will blow hot air if you adjust the thermostat’s temperature to a higher level.

Ensure that the thermostat temperature setting is greater than the room’s actual temperature. Again, ensure that the heating element is reaching the operating temperature.

4. Overheated Heater

The overheated heater is one of the significant causes of Cadet heaters dispersing cold air. The heater’s overheating is dangerous. It could lead to fire or even an explosion. The factors that contribute to this issue are the following:

  • Mechanical failure
  • Dirt build-up
  • Leaky air ducts
  • Older heater


If the Cadet Wall heater overheats, its safety feature shuts the system off to prevent fire or explosion. The other solutions are the following:

  • Contact a technician to inspect the mechanical malfunction
  • Clean and remove the heater’s dirt
  • Repair or replace the leaky air ducts
  • Replace the older wall heater

5. Dirty Sensor

The Cadet Wall heater’s flame sensor helps disperse hot air by detecting it. But your heating system can go through a significant issue because of the sensor malfunctioning. The dirty sensor fails to detect the heater’s hot air.

As a result, it starts to disperse cold air as soon as you turn on your heater. Moreover, the dirty sensor prevents the burners from igniting or turning on.


Fixing the dirty sensor issue is easy. Just clean it properly. If you need help with sensor cleaning, you can contact an expert technician.


Why is my Cadet wall heater not working?

When the cadet wall heater reaches abnormal temperatures, it will stop turning on. Solve the manual reset trips issue and clean the clogged heater. Make sure that the heater’s voltage is a 120-volt heater to 120-volt supply.

Where is the reset button on my Cadet Wall heater?

Usually, the Cadet Wall heater’s reset button locates on the blower motor side. Or sometimes it can be in the blower area’s inside. If you find the reset button, beware while pressing it down because it can be hot.

Why does my electric wall heater keep turning off?

The Cadet Wall heater can keep turning off because of various factors, including a dirty air filter, low airflow, faulty heat exchanger, overheating, etc. To solve the issue, try to clean and change the air filter frequently.

How do you know if the wall heater’s blower motor is bad?

Whether your Cadet Wall heater’s blower motor is defective or not, you can know it by seeing the following signs. The signs are excessive energy bills, poor airflow or no airflow from the vents, weird smells, strange noises, overheating blower, etc.

Do Cadet heaters have thermostats?

Yes! Cadet heaters have thermostats. The Cadet thermostat enables you to control your room’s temperature at your desired level. Its Cadet heater’s one of the vital parts.


Now you know all about the reasons why your Cadet wall heater is blowing cold air. Hopefully, you could fix your heater’s blowing cold air problem on your own.

But, in case you fail to fix the issue, you can hire a technician or local professional.

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