Can I Use My Traeger In The Garage And Is It Safe [Explained]

Can I use my Traeger in the garage? Most grill owners ask this buzzing question when the weather conditions go against the grilling workflow. 

The simple answer to this question is- no, you can’t use your Traeger in the garage. As the grill contains flame, it may bring fire hazards or burn your house if you operate it in the garage. Therefore, a smoker emits a lot of carbon monoxide, and short exposure to this gas will kill you.

But some crazy griller enthusiasts make the answer a bit confusing when it comes to the question of using a grill in the garage. And here in this article, we will break down the puzzle and let you know whether you can grill in a garage or not. So, keep scrolling. 

Can I Use My Traeger In The Garage?

No, you can’t use your Traeger in your garage. Any grills, whether it comes from Traeger or other brands, contain the flame. They are not intentionally designed to be used indoors or in your garage.

The reason behind this is- a grill or smoker produces a lot of smoke or carbon monoxide. And an excessive amount of this gas will be harmful to your health- even if it may kill you. Therefore, it will cause fire and burn your home as it contains flame. 

The story of grilling inside the garage could end if enthusiast grillers obey the guideline set by the manufacturer. Crossing the border of restriction, some crazy griller enthusiasts use their grills in their garages. 

In other words, you can also cook with your Traeger in the garage or an open-ended shed. It will bring no issues as long as you have good airflow.  So, make sure you keep the window and the door open to draw sufficient airflow into your garage. 

However, we don’t recommend you use your Traeger inside your garage as the manual is against using the grill in indoor spaces. 

What Should You Consider To Use Your Traeger In The Garage?

If you want to be an explorer like Marco Polo in the grilling field and explore the possibility of grilling in the garage, follow the below considerations. 

Disclaimer: We still don’t encourage you to run your Traeger in the garage as it carries fire hazards and other issues. 

1. Make Sure There Is Ample Airflow

Traeger or other grills emit a lot of carbon monoxide. And this is the concern we are afraid of most. Excessive emissions of this gas can even kill you. So, what you need to ensure is- there is ample airflow in your garage.

You must keep the door and window of your garage open to let air come into the garage. Also, try to set the grill as close as to the side of the outdoors. It ensures air comes and goes into the room without any restriction. 

2. Get A Carbon Monoxide Detector

Grill emits carbon monoxide, and it is better to install a carbon monoxide detector in your garage. It lets you know if the level of this harmful gas exceeds the safe level. Make sure you install this device in such a place it works properly. 

3. Clean Your Traeger Frequently

Whether you use the Traeger in the open space or in your garage, you must clean your grill. If you don’t clean it, grease will accumulate inside the grill and form grease deposits.

Due to this, you may experience a grease fire. So, it will be better to clean your grill before and after every cook to ensure safety. 

4. Get An Alternative To Use Traeger In the Garage

We recommend you get a BBQ canopy to use the Traeger outside if there is rain or the weather is not friendly for grilling. The canopy will protect your Traeger from rain or excessive heat and let you grill in that situation.

Can You Use A Smoker In The Garage With The Door Open?

We are against using a smoker in a closed space or your garage. However, many enthusiasts have shown their heroism and use the grill inside the garage.

They suggest keeping the garage well-ventilated by opening the door while using a grill in the garage. Now, you may ask- is it safe to use a smoker in the garage with the door open?

The answer is- there is still a risk. But it is a bit safer than in a garage with a door closed. 

Safety comes first. Make sure you keep the door of your garage open as well as the window. However, we still suggest you not use the smoker in a garage or indoor space. 

Can You Use Traeger In Rain?

According to Traeger:

“Traeger Grill is specially built to operate in most weather conditions including rain and snow.”

It means you can use your Traeger in the rain and experience the delicious and tender meat- even on a gloomy day. However, Traeger notes you may experience irregularities, but not all of them will significantly affect your grilling experience. 

Indeed, your Traeger grill will function in the rain. However, avoid keeping it over a sprinkler when it’s raining. 

The only defect you will encounter by operating the Traeger during rain time is- slower ignition. It’s because of an increased level of humidity. 

Is It Safe To Use An Electric Smoker Overnight?

The answer depends on at what temperature you cook the meat with your electric smoker. If you set the cooking temperature high, you should never leave your electric smoker overnight.

On the other hand, you can use an electric smoker overnight at low and slow temperatures. 

We recommend you fill the hopper with pellets, clean the grill before cooking, cook on low and slow temp, and keep the unit at least 4 feet away from your house.

Maintain these tips if you want to cook food with an electric smoker overnight. 

Can You Keep A Traeger Outside?

Weather conditions will determine whether you should keep the Traeger outside or store it in your garage. In mild weather conditions, you can leave your grill outside. 

On a rainy day or in the winter, you must keep the grill in your garage. Traeger grill is not designed to leave for sun or rain exposure. So, store them in a covered roof area. 

Can I Use My Traeger In The Winter?

As we mentioned above, Traeger grills are intended to use and operate in every weather condition including rain or winter. Of course, you may suffer from abnormalities. But harsh weather doesn’t affect the grilling experience adversely. 

Here are some side effects you will experience if you operate your Traeger in winter:

  • Slow ignition
  • The unit will run cooler than the set temperature
  • The controller screen will get darkened
  • Sometimes may face Traeger shutting off issue


In conclusion, we recommend you not to use your Traeger in the garage. The manual of Traeger also suggests not running the grill in the garage or indoor space. Traeger grill is specially designed to use in outdoor areas. 

However, if you take a risk of using the grill in the garage, make sure you keep the area well-ventilated. Keep the door and the window of your garage open. And place the grill as close as near the outdoor space so that the smoke can escape outside of your garage. 

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