Can You Use Weber Pellets In A Traeger [Explained]

To put it simply, yes, you can use weber pellets in a Traeger. Weber is one of the best pellets out there in the market and keeps reading to know why it’s so popular. We also take a look at some other alternatives that are a must-try.

Can You Use Weber Pellets In A Traeger?

Your Traeger smoker is built to burn wood pellets. Now, Traeger has its own pellets for their smokers. The manufacturers insist you use their pellet since the warranty is valid as long as you are using only Traeger pellets.

But that doesn’t mean that Traeger isn’t compatible with other pellets or the use of other pellet brands will damage your Traeger.

You can absolutely use weber pellets in your Traeger. It would mean that your unit will no longer be under warranty.

Otherwise, it won’t hurt your unit in any way. But just because you can use Weber, should you use Weber pellets? 

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Why Should You Try Weber Pellets?

Weber pellets are designed to burn longer and cleaner than regular brands. The ash production is definitely lower than some other brands I’ve seen.

Weber is also very transparent about its pellet composition. On the front of the package, they list the composition of their pellets in large bold numerals.

Weber’s pellets are labeled as “100% Flavor, Zero Fillers,” and the percentage of each wood type in the pellet is listed. 

They also offer a nice range of flavors. Apple, Cherry, Hickory, Grillmaster Blend, and Mesquite. The following table breaks down the composition for each flavor.

Here, label flavor means the main flavor of the bag of pellets. For example- the Weber SmokeFire Apple Hardwood Pellets has apple as its label flavor. 

Weber SmokeFire Hardwood Pellets Composition

Pellet FlavorLabel FlavorMapleOakOther
Apple 40%60%0%0%
Grillmaster Blend33% Hickory34%0%33% Cherry

So, if you want a cleaner burn and zero filler pellets, Weber is an excellent choice. I’d recommend you give your personal most appealing flavor of Weber a try.

5 Other Great Wood Pellets For Traeger

If you want to try out other wood pellets as well, here are our top picks for Traeger.

1. Bbqr’s Delight Cherry Smoke Flavor BBQ Pellets

Cherry and Oak have always been a popular choice for wood pellets, owing to the attractive flavor it imparts to meat.

They have a high cooking temperature, allowing you to prepare your food much more quickly. This burn is also rather consistent, allowing you to evenly cook your food.

2. Lumber Jack Apple Blend Bbq Grilling Pellets

This is one of the most premium Traeger pellets to pick from since it contains more flavored pellets than many other blends, with 40% of the pellets being apple and the rest being red oak. This means that any meats or meals you prepare with it will have a stronger flavor. 

3. Bbqr’s Delight Apple Flavor Smoking BBQ Pellets

This has become a popular choice in BBQ competitions, owing to its ability to produce a clean and hot burn when cooking, which is aided by the fact that it contains less moisture than many other wood pellets.

However, it doesn’t have as much of an impact on flavor as the majority of other blends. 

4. Traeger Pel319 Hickory Pellets

Hickory has traditionally been a popular choice for cooking pellets since it has a number of desirable burn characteristics, including little ash, steady heat, and so on.

These Traeger pellets attempt to emulate this, albeit it’s normally made of alder or oak blended with flavored oils.

5. Cookinpellets 40PM Perfect Mix Smoking Pellets

Their 40-pound bag contains four of the most popular varieties of wood pellets, with Hickory as the base. Apple, Cherry, and Hard Maple are also included in the mix, making for a flavorful cooking experience.

Furthermore, the pellets contain no bark, ensuring that you are purchasing only the highest-quality heartwood with the most flavor.


Can I use a Traeger without pellets?

Wood pellets are used to cook on the Traeger pellet barbecue. The hardwood pellets are essential for a pellet grill’s basic operation. The barbecue will not work without the wood pellets.

Can wood pellets be used as mulch?

Wood pellets aren’t ideal for every plant you want to cultivate, but they can work as mulch or topsoil for some. Wood pellets are an excellent choice if your plant prefers acidic soil.

What happens when wood pellets get wet?

Wet wood pellets will struggle to light, resulting in additional smoke, ash, and possibly creosote. They are more easily disintegrated and emit more dust.

How to fill Traeger with pellets?

Fill your smoker hopper with wood pellets and then turn your controller to the on position, turn the dial all the way too high, and let the auger spin pellets. It will take a couple of minutes for pellets to reach the firepot.

What happens if my Traeger runs out of pellets?

When the Traeger Grill runs out of pellets, it begins to cool down and eventually shuts down on its own. Because an empty auger can cause the grill’s firepot to catch fire, you should refill your Traeger hopper as soon as possible.


The fun of grilling and smoking is in the scope of experimentation. With your Trager pellet smoker, you get to try out different pellets to see which suits your taste buds the best. 

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