Comfortbilt Pellet Stove Problems [5 Easy Solutions]

You will encounter several Comfortbilt pellet stove problems over time, including: 

  • Excessive smoke during startup
  • Chirping noise coming out of the auger area
  • Burn pot is backing up with pellets
  • The stove won’t turn on
  • And so on
comfortbilt pellet stove problems

Insufficient airflow, dirty air chambers, and other defects are responsible for those issues. We compiled this troubleshooting guide to break down what causes those stove problems.

So, keep reading till the end to explore the solutions to those pellet stove issues. 

Comfortbilt Pellet Stove Problems [5 Easy Solutions]

This chapter will let you know the common pellet stove issues and how you can solve them. 

1. Stove Won’t Turn On

Your pellet stove won’t turn on or ignite due to power supply issues. A blown fuse is also responsible for this stove problem.

Therefore, a damaged power cable, gray ribbon data cable, or main harness wireline can also prevent your stove from turning on. Lastly, a defective control panel is responsible for the stove issue. 


Firstly, check the outlet you use to plug the stove. If it is well, ensure you turn the on/off rocker switch to the On position. 

Secondly, inspect the fuse in the back of the power switch. If it gets blown out, replace it with a new one. 

Don’t forget to check the power cable, gray ribbon data cable, and harness wireline. If they get loosened, connect all of the cables securely. And finally, replace the control panel if needed. 

2. Excessive Smoke During Startup

Excessive smoke comes out of your pellet stove during startup due to the following reasons:

  • A weak or misaligned igniter
  • Insufficient airflow


Ensure you start up the pellet stove in heat level 3 if you turn the stove on in Manual mode. It will allow sufficient airflow for proper combustion.

Secondly, check the igniter position of your Comfortbilt Pellet Stove. You should correct the igniter position if it gets misaligned.

If the interior air pathways and channels get dirty, it causes airflow issues. Use an ash vacuum to clean the interior chamber once a week to keep it dirt-free. 

Here is an igniter troubleshooting tutorial for you that will be helpful for you. 

3. Chirping Noise Coming From Auger Area

Your ComfortBilt Pellet Stove will make a humming or squeaking noise if:

  • Dirt, sawdust, or moisture may build up in the auger housing or around the fighting of the auger bit.
  • Foreign objects like nails or screws may get mixed in with the pellets 
  • One of the two bearings may get compromised


You can use a rubber mallet to knock some of the dirt & debris deposits if the buildup is not too severe.

Just grab the rubber mallet and tap on the cylindrical auger housing on the top and bottom of your stove. 

The pellet stove will also make a chirping noise if dirt builds up at the top of the chute. Regarding this, run a long rod up the pellet chute to loosen the build-up from the chute. 

It may require you to remove the auger bit from the stove if there is severe buildup. You can hire a professional, in this case, to pull out the auger bit for thorough cleaning. 

4. Burn Pot Is Backing Up With Pellets

Improper fuel-to-air ratio caused by the airflow restriction can be the main culprit behind the burn pot backup issues.

Therefore, a lack of air pressure, a clogged burn pot, and an improper auger feed rate are also responsible for this stove issue. 


The backing-up issue will happen due to an airflow restriction. And the airflow problem will occur if dirt or dust builds up in the rear airflow chambers.

Clean the ash or dust buildup from the rear airflow chamber using an ash vacuum. 

On the other hand, you should adjust the auger feeding rates if you encounter the backing-up issue since installation. Lastly, ensure you seal the air chamber area properly. 

5. Stove Gives Over-temp/Overheat Alarm and Shut Down

Your pellet stove will give an overheating of over-temp alarm if: 

  • The room blower fails to move enough hot air out of your stove.
  • Limited Airflow
  • Improper fuel-to-air ratio


  • Make sure the room blower functions properly. Flick the squirrel-cage style fan manually if it is not spinning freely.
  • Unclog the rear airflow chambers to draw sufficient air
  • Adjust the auger feeding rates and exhaust voltages


What is the life expectancy of a pellet stove?

Generally, a pellet stove will last more than 10 years under normal use. However, you can expect more longevity if you maintain the stove properly. 

Why does my pellet stove keep shutting down?

Your pellet stove will keep shutting down due to these reasons:

  • A clogged auger tube
  • Improper air adjustment
  • A dirty unit
  • The igniter gets defective

Why does the glass on my pellet stove get dirty so fast?

Insufficient fuel and air supply can cause inconsistent fires that may produce more by-products like creosote. Consequently, the glass on your pellet stove will get dirty quickly. 

How often should a pellet stove be serviced?

You should clean and inspect your pellet stove once a week. You can perform the inspection workflow by yourself or by hiring a professional. 


Your Comfortbuilt pellet stove will start malfunctioning over time- just like other appliances. However, you can easily avoid those issues if you maintain the stove properly. 

If you encounter any Comfortbuilt pellet stove problems, follow the troubleshooting steps we have mentioned above. Otherwise, you should call customer service to fix the pellet stove issues.

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26 thoughts on “Comfortbilt Pellet Stove Problems [5 Easy Solutions]”

    • Hi Lonnie

      Malfunctioning of your stove and overheating issue is shutting off your stove when the blower starts. Plus, if the limit switch is defective, your stove will go out.

      Also, blocked air filter, dirty or faulty flame sensor, trouble with flame rollout switch, and defective control board can be responsible to shut off. Now check and find out which one is causing you to shut off your stove and fix it. First, try cleaning the flame sensor and air filter. Then try the rest issues to fix. Plus, you can read our guide why pellet stove keeps shutting off and how to fix.


  1. I just purchased my Comfortbilt pellet stove in December 2021. It started to make a pretty loud noise yesterday morning that woke us up. The noise sounds like a squeaking board or farting sound. It happens approximately every 8 seconds. Very annoying! Had to sleep with our stove off last night, which made the house pretty cold. We have been cleaning the stove daily to every other day. Have never let it go past 2 days without cleaning it. Any idea what the problem could be. It’s essentially a new stove…..

    • Hi Darlene

      Generally, this type of issue happens due to dirt or clogged system, unlevel mechanics, loose mechanics, or faulty airflow.

      As your pellet stove is clean, check for other issues and fix them if you get them defective.

      If it doesn’t work, take help from the Comfortbilt customer service center.

      Wish you all the best.

    • Going through the same problem currently. Pretty sure it’s the auger but haven’t received a reply from the company on troubleshooting it.

    • we have had to add some pure graphite powder to a bag of pellets about 1 cup per hopper full. you may have to add it more then 1 time it took 4 times before it stopped completely

  2. Are after market ignitors available for Comfortbuilt pellet stoves or can they be purchased directly from the ignitor manufacture?

  3. I can’t get the fire box to release so I can pull it out to clean. It feels like it is stuck on the back side . Any help would be appreciated.

    • Hi Donna

      First, try cleaning the area. If it doesn’t work, hit the area slightly with a small wooden hammer if needed. Alternatively, take help from a professional.

      Hopefully, you can release your pellet stove’s firebox.

      All the best!

    • Hi Linda

      Generally, this type of problem may happens due to low quality pellets, clogged burn pot, blocked auger, or lack of air supply.

      Well, to fix the issue, first, clean your stove including burn pot & auger. Also, check the auger & fix it if you get it defective. Plus, make sure using of quality pellets & sufficient air supply to the combustion process.

      Hopefully, you will get the solution.

      Wish you all the best!

  4. Is there a way to battery power during power outage’s. Could motors be changed out to 12v. My concept is running on deep cycle with charger so when power goes stove stays. Have seen sump pumps with this.

    • Hi Paul

      Yes, you can use your pellet stove during a power outage with a battery backup system. The battery backup operates your pellet stove automatically without interruption when your electric power goes out.

      Best of luck!

    • Hi Paul, look into a inverter. It converts 12v DC to 120 AC household current. The inverter has a outlet for stove and a variety of ways to connect to 12v battery. Some inverters even have a cigarette lighter style plug that can be plugged into a 12v car jump starter pack. Very convenient option when power fails.

  5. My stove is not taking pellets. The auger was cleaned out. It is making
    Sounds like it is stuck. HELP!! I keep calling the company no one has responded

    • Hi Daina

      To fix your pellet stove shutting-off issue, clean the combustion chamber & hopper thoroughly. Plus, make sure the air or the fuel is not being blocked from getting fire. Also, ensure the auger is feeding pellets correctly & there is no broken part.

      Hopefully, your problem will be solved.

      Best of luck!

    • Hi Amanda

      To fix your pellet stove won’t stay on issue, first, clean the unit if it is dirty. Plus, check the auger tube for any clogs & make sure of the proper air adjustment. Then, ensure the gasket is okay.

      Also, inspect the igniter & replace it if you get it defective.

      Hopefully, you will get the solution.

      Best of luck!

  6. Or it will be running and turn off saying check to see if it ran out of pellets or check burn pot.
    The hopper will still have pellets. The burn pot will be full and have unburned pellets in it. Please help


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