Dyna Glo Grill Won’t Light [7 Easy Solutions]

If your Dyna Glo grill won’t light, be sure the system has encountered some major problems. Like faulty regulator, defective ignition module, empty LP tank, blocked grill burners.

dyna glo grill won't light

Also, gas leaking, cracked igniter electrode, and dead battery lead to the malfunctioning of the igniter.

No worries if you are struggling with the same problem. Our comprehensive Dyna Glo grill troubleshooting guide will assist you in breaking down this problem. So, stay connected with our exclusive discussion. 

Dyna Glo Grill Won’t Light [7 Easy Solutions]

Here, we are going to include all probable reasons for causing the ignition issue. Besides, you will get the solution procedures for each reason. Scroll down to learn in-depth. 

1. Faulty Regulator Pressure

A faulty regulator is one of the main culprits for occurring gas grill won’t light issue. If there are any defects or faulty pressure, the igniter won’t work.

You have to go through with the gas grill regulator reset procedure to eliminate this issue. Here are the processes which you have to follow:


  • Before starting, turn off the gas. 
  • Then shut off the valve of the propane tank. You just have to turn the valve clockwise to do this.
  • Then, unscrew the hose and disconnect it from the propane tank.
  • Open the lid of your gas grill.
  • Now, you have to turn the burner valves in a high position.
  • Leave for 3-5 minutes. 
  • After that period, turn off all the valves of the burner.
  • Connect the hose correctly to the right position.
  • Turn on the LP valve slowly.
  • Your regulator is being rested, and there is no excessive pressure inside.
  • Now light the burner by the regular ignition process. 

2. Damaged Ignition Module

A well-functioned ignition module is needed to operate your gas grill properly. It helps igniter electors to light the gas by sending current.

But if there appears any problem like blocking or cracking, it will fail to ignite the gas. Check and Solve your grill’s spark module:


  • First of all, turn off the gas supply.
  • Now, remove the battery cover and pull out the igniter battery.
  • Remove the plastic mounting nut at the same time.
  • Remove the spark module and check this.
  • If there is any crack, replace this.
  • Just place a new module at the same place and connect the wires.
  • Now reconnect the mounting nut of the new module.
  • Place the battery and cover up it.
  • Open the valve of the LP tank and try to light the gas. 

3. Low Fuel level on The LP Tank

Low or no fuel in the LP tank may be responsible for the case of the Dyna Glo Grill igniter not working. It is essential to have enough fuel in the tank to light the gas properly. Without getting late, check the tank by the below processes.


  • First, disconnect the tank from the gas hose.
  • Now open the valve by turning it clockwise.
  • Check in the tank whether there is enough fuel or jot.
  • If not, refill it by connecting the supply tank up to 80%.
  • Then reattach the valve and assemble the tank with the gas hose. Light the gas now, and hopefully, it is not falling this time. 

4. Blocked Gas Grill Burners

Blocked gas grill burners are one of the major reasons to keep away grill from igniting. If you are a long time using your burner and have seen such a problem, it is time to check the burner. Go through the following processes.


  • Before cleaning, turn off your gas grill and let it cool properly.
  • Now take the fame tamer and corking grates out of the grill.
  • Then, take a clean a clean brush and start cleaning the tubes individually.
  • Also, use a long wire to remove the debris from the inside of the ports.
  • After cleaning, reassemble the grates and flame the tamers back in the grill.
  • If still grill is not igniting, contact Dyna Glo grill customer service

5. Propane Leaking or Low Gas Flow

If your Dyna Glo grill not igniting, there may be a leak in the propane or gas line. If so, there could be the possibility of an accident as well.

So, without any delay, check whether there is a leakage in the gas line. Follow our below processes to check it:


  • Before starting, turn off the control knobs.
  • Now open the gas grill lid.
  • Make sure the valve of the propane is opened to pressurize your system.
  • Now mix liquid dish detergent with water to a ratio of 50:50 in a bowl.   
  • Take a brush and start brushing the soapy solution water onto the gas valve, hose, and regulator as well.
  • If bubbles come, be sure there is leakage on the line.
  • Now repair the leakage or replace the leaking component if needed. 

6. Cracked or Clogged Igniter Electrode

Dyna Glo Frill igniter electrode is an essential part of the appliances. If there seems clogged or corroded, it will fail to produce the spark that lights the gas. If all the above process is not working, the time comes to check the igniter electrode.


  • First of all, turn off all control knobs.
  • Shut off the valve to stop the gas supply and let the appliance be cool.
  • Now, remove the take out all the tamers and grates carefully.
  • Now remove the mounting screw and disconnect the electrode.
  • Pull out the electrode and check if there is any debris or damage. 
  • If it is damaged, it is better to replace it.
  • Just thread a new electrode through the firebox opening.
  • Line up the hole and install the mounting screw again.
  • After that, plug the wires of the electrode into the spark module.
  • Reassemble the tamers and graters.
  • Turn in the valve and light the gas. 

7. Dead Battery

Dead or damaged batters are also the main culprits for causing ignition problems of the gas grill. To solve the issue, follow our mentioned Dyna Glo grill battery replacement procedures.


  • Verify that all the control knobs are turned off. 
  • Next, don’t forget to shut the valve of the LP tank as well.
  • Now, look at the side of your gas grill. You will see a battery compartment there.
  • Pull the battery cover and remove the battery.
  • Place the new battery there and reconnect the cover properly.


Will it be worth buying the Dyna Glo grill?

Dyna is one of the renowned brands for introducing cooking products with highly well-reviewed. They offer good quality with a minimum budget. So, buying a grill from this brand will absolutely be worth it. 

What about the durability of the Dyna Glo grill?

Dyna Glo manufactures long durable BBQ grills with quality features and functionality. They provide up to 3 years of warranty for grills.  

Final Verdict:

Hopefully, you could trigger out the actual reason for causing the ignition problem of your gas grill. If still, you are facing any issues, don’t hesitate to let us know in the comment section. 

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