EdenPure Heater Turns On But No Heat [5 Simple Solutions]

If your EdenPure heater turns on but no heat is blown, then a dirty filter can be the reason behind this. You can simply open up the heater and take out the filter and clean it with warm water. 

It can occur because of a bad fuse too. You should find out the fuse inside of your heater and unplug it. Check the condition of the fuse and if it’s not good then get a new one to replace it. 

If these solutions don’t fix the issue for your heater, then read through this article. We show five easy fixes to your EdenPure heater turns on but no heat issue as follows: 

EdenPure Heater Turns On But No Heat [5 Simple Solutions]

As the above-mentioned solutions couldn’t fix the EdenPure heater turns on but no heat issue, therefore here we guide you through the below simple solutions: 

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1. Heating Element Got Burnt Out

When a heater turns on but no heat is blown into the room, it means the heater isn’t working properly. This issue arises if the heating element got burnt out anyhow. 

A burnt-out element of heating will stop the whole system of your heater. Therefore, your heater may turn on but it won’t blow any warm air to heat the room. 


To resolve this issue, you need to sort out what element of your heater is burnt out at first. When you find the element, you should replace it with a new one. If you install the new heating element replacing the old one, then it will start heating the room. 

2. Front Portion Malfunction

Sometimes any malfunction with the front portion of a heater creates this type of trouble. When there is a malfunction in the front portion, it will stop releasing hot air and therefore the room won’t get heated. In this case, the heater will turn on but it won’t heat the room. 


You need to open up the heater at first and then look through your heater’s front portion. There should be a distinctive red glow coming out of the infra-red element of your heater when you plug it in. If not, then you must replace it with an updated one. 

3. Insulation of The Room

The heating characteristic of your EdenPure heater is related to the insulation of the room. It means how well your room heater is insulated plays a pivotal role on which the availability of heat depends. 


You must need to insulate the room properly where you want to install an EdenPure heater. Otherwise, it will turn on but won’t provide heat. So, you’ll have to remain in the freezing cold even with a heater. 

4. Get The Heater In A Right Position

The position of the heater is pretty important to get the heat in your house. Even the types of floors it is sitting on the matter. Tile and concrete floors are the preferred ones for heat absorption over rugs and wooden floors. 


So, try to fix a position for the heater first and then install it. Interior wall of a house is the best place to get the heater. So, you better get your heater against the interior wall to get the heat properly. 

5. Thermostat Issue

If your heater is turning on but there is still no heat in your room, then it means there are some issues with the thermostat. When the thermostat is malfunctioned due to any reason, the heater won’t blow warm air even after turning on. 

This occurs because the thermostat controls the entire airflow system of the heater. So, without it blowing warm air is not possible for any heater.  


To deal with this issue, you need to check the condition of the thermostat of your heater first. If it is in a condition to repair, then you should fix it right away. But if not, then you need to replace it with a new one to get a new life to your heater. 


Why Does My Fan Turn On But Does Not Blow Warm Air? 

It happens due to the auto mode of the temperature. Because of this mode, the heater will only blow warm air after reaching a certain temperature. It won’t blow hot air without reading the desired atmosphere in the room. 

Have My Heater’s Airflow Diminished? 

Open your heater up and ensure that the rear intake of your heater did not block the airflow. Make sure the filter is also clean at the same time. If you’re certain about these two things, then your heater’s airflow has not diminished. 

Can I Use My Heater In A Garage? 

You can use your heater in a garage. But you need to take care of a few things like insulation, floors, and the absorbing power of the place. If these things are not taken care of properly, the heater won’t provide efficient heat. 

Can A Heater Heat Several Rooms At A Time? 

A heater can certainly heat several rooms at a time but it depends on a few things. Heating may vary according to the openness of your plan and size of the rooms. When you can place it centrally, it should heat several rooms at a time easily. 

How Does Fan Speed Of A Heater Change? 

The fan speed of a heater changes due to the “AUTO MODE” and a feature called “Energy Saving.” In auto mode, the cycling of the fan will turn on and off according to the room temperature and in energy-saving mode the cycling will change based on the number of persons available in the house. 

Final Verdict

Hopefully, this article has guided you to find the issue of your heater and showed you the right solution as well. Now, all you need to do is to follow our mentioned solutions to fix your EdenPure heater turns on but no heat issue in no time. 

If you couldn’t find the right solution after going through this article, then please let us know in the comment section. We would be delighted to help you with a new one. 

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