Electric Smoker Won’t Go Above 200 [7 Easy Solutions]

A direct indication that your electric smoker isn’t working properly is that the temperature doesn’t exceed 200 degrees Fahrenheit.

Now, there are quite a few reasons why an electric smoker won’t go above 200, including a faulty heating element or bad weather conditions.

In addition to that, a damaged thermostat, old or dry wood pellets, loose connections, opened lid, and an unclean smoke tray can also contribute to the issue.

electric smoker won't go above 200

To help you solve the problem, we will discuss all the possible problems along with their solutions in detail. So, stay with us till the end.

Why Your Electric Smoker Won’t Go Above 200 [7 Easy Solutions]

Here, we will discuss the 7 reasons why your electric smoker won’t go above 150 to 200.

electric smoker

We will also talk about the solutions in detail so that you can solve the problem on your own.

1. Faulty Heating Element

One of the most common reasons behind your electric smoker not getting hot enough is the faulty heating element.

When the grill is turned on, the heating element heats up the grill and reaches the ideal temperature for the smoker. However, if the heating element is defective, then it won’t heat up the grill properly.


Turn off the connection to the electric smoker and let it cool down completely. Examine the heating element of the grill and make sure that it is in proper condition.

Repair or replace your electric smoker heating element with a new one and turn on the grill to see that it is reaching the proper temperature.

2. Bad Weather Conditions

Another common reason why the smoker won’t go above 200 is due to bad weather conditions. Smoking during cold or windy conditions can significantly affect the electric smoker’s temperature.


Before you make plans of cooking food on your electric smoker, make sure that you check the weather condition first.

If you see that the weather is windy or cold, then change the plan to another day.

3. Damaged Thermostat

Setting the thermostat to the right temperature is essential for the electric smoker to heat up properly.

However, a damaged or faulty thermostat will disrupt the temperature setting, resulting in the electric smoker not getting up to temp.


Turn off the electric smoker and let the temperature drop down completely. Open the control panel and check the thermostat connected to the smoker, and ensure that it works properly.

Replace the thermostat if it is defective and turn on the electric smoker to adjust the temperature to the right setting.

4. Old Wood Pellets

When the electric smoker is turned on, the wood pellets in the smoker tray burn to create smoke and heat up the grill to the right temperature.

If the pellets you use in your smoker tray are old or wet, then it will not burn properly and won’t provide the proper performance.


Disconnect the main connection of the electric smoker and open the smoker tray. Check the wood pellets and make sure that they are fresh and dry.

Remove all the old pellets and clean the tray properly. Fill the smoker tray with fresh and dry wood pellets and turn the grill on.

5. Loose Connections

The wiring to the electric smoker often loosens up automatically. When the wiring loosens, the electric smoker doesn’t work properly which results in the smoker not exceeding 200. Not only that, but loose wiring can also take a dangerous turn.


Turn off the electric smoker and open up the control panel. Check the wiring connections and make sure that it is connected properly. Follow the user manual and place the wires securely within their right position.

6. Opened Lid

A common reason why the electric smoker doesn’t go above 200 is that the lid remains open. When the lid is open or there is a defect on the lid, the smoke escapes which prevents the temperature from rising.


Before turning on the electric smoker, make sure that there is no holes or defect on the lid. Repair or replace the lid properly to make sure that the smoke doesn’t escape. Keep the lid closed properly and allow the smoke to reach the required temperature.

7. Unclean Smoke Tray

Last but not least, the unclean smoke tray plays a major role in the issue of the electric smoker not reaching 200. Over time, the ash from the burnt pellets accumulates in the smoke tray.

Not only that, but dirt, dust, debris, and so on also build up in the tray. This prevents the smoke from being produced properly and doesn’t reach the right temperature.


Empty the smoke tray properly before turning on the electric smoker and clean it perfectly. Remove all the accumulated ash and dirt and fill the tray with new and dry pellets. Turn on the grill to see if it reaches the proper temperature.

How To Make My Electric Smoker Hotter

In order to make sure that your electric smoker is hotter and holding that temperature, properly examine and identify the issues to solve them.

On top of that, setting the temperature on the thermostat to a higher degree while ensuring that the lid is tightly closed heats up the electric smoker. 

Take the weather condition into consideration and make sure that the electric smoker is clean and functioning properly to heat up to the required temperature. 

How To Maintain A Steady Temperature In An Electric Smoker

To ensure that the meat is cooking properly on the electric smoker, it is essential to hold the temperature at a steady rate. This will not only ensure proper cooking on both the inside and outside of the meat but will also save time. 

You can maintain a steady temperature in your electric smoker by ensuring that the ignitor is working perfectly. Allow proper airflow into the smoker which will keep the fire burning properly.

In addition to that, keep an eye on the firepot to make sure that there are enough fresh wood pellets to hold the temperature.


How Long Does It Take For An Electric Smoker To Heat Up?

Electric smokers need to reach a temperature over 200 degrees Fahrenheit to perform properly. It usually takes 30 to 40 minutes for an electric smoker to heat up.  

Can I Fix An Electric Smoker On My Own?

Yes, you can easily repair and restore an electric smoker on your own if you can identify the issue properly. However, in critical cases, we typically suggest the help of a professional.

How Do You Take Care Of An Electric Smoker?

Taking care of an electric smoker is important to ensure that it’s in top condition. Clean the smoker on a regular basis and replace or resolve the issues on time. 


We have now reached the end of the guide and discussed all the possible reasons why your electric smoker won’t go above 200 along with the solutions.

If you ever encounter a problem with your electric smoker not reaching the required temperature, follow this guide and solve the problem on your own.

If you have any questions or queries about the electric smoker or the issues related to it, leave a comment below. We will get back to you with the best possible solution as early as we can. 

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