Enviro Pellet Stove Flashing 2, 3, 4 [3 Easy Solutions]

The main reason for Enviro pellet stove flashing 2, 3, 4 includes:

  • The vacuum failure.
  • The exhaust temperature sensor failure.
  • And tripped high limit temperature sensor.

If you are also in trouble with any of the above flashing error codes, consider your problem is solved.

Our comprehensive discussion regarding enviro pellet stove troubleshooting will surely break down the issue. So, without any delay, let’s get started. 

Enviro Pellet Stove Flashing 2, 3, 4 [3 Easy Solutions]

Here, we have included effective step-by-step processes for each issue. Scroll down to learn in-depth. 

1. Enviro Pellet Stove Flashing 2

If your Enviro pellet stove is flashing light 2, it indicates the vacuum failure of your unit. In every pellet, there is a safety switch for safety purposes.

 When the unit’s temperature reaches 200 °F (93 °C), the auger system will stop working and turn off the unit suddenly. Ultimately, it shows the #2 flash code. Some other reasons are:

  • Loose combustion fan wire or a blown fuse.
  • The exhaust blower is full of trash.
  • Igniter failure.
  • The door isn’t closed tightly.
  • Dirty unit.

Don’t worry. In the following section, we will break down each of the above issues:


  • First, come to the combustion blower. You will find the blower behind the left cabinet side. Inspect the motor by turning it counterclockwise. Clean the blower properly. Remove the clogged ashes carefully.
  • Check the fan and the wires. Tighten all the loose wires and if there are worn out, replace them quickly. In the case of a fan motor failure, you have to change it to a new one.
  • Then, check the voltage coming from the unit. If there is any defect, replace the circuit board.
  • Now, Make sure your unit is cleaned out properly. Clean the burn pot, hopper, and auger as well. But before starting the cleaning, don’t forget to turn off the unit and unplug it from the main socket.
  • If there is an igniter problem, replace it. Also, you have to check that the door is tightly closed before firing. 
  • Now turn on the stove and check if still the same code is flashing or not. If yes, contact the manufacturer. 

2. Enviro Pellet Stove Flashing 3

If your enviro pellet stove is flashing third light, it identifies the exhaust temperature sensor failure of the unit. Due to this problem, the fire will not be detected on your pellet stove. 

There are two main reasons for exhaust sensor failure. One is igniter failure, and the other is insufficient fuel in the hopper. Sometimes, a clogged venting problem also leads to this issue. 

You can also fix this issue by following our below-suggested steps. So, let’s get started:


  • Start by checking the hopper located at the top of the unit. Make sure there is sufficient fuel to burn the fire. 
  • Check the pellets as well. Place more pellets if there are not enough.

Now the time comes to check the igniter system. To troubleshoot igniter failure, the following step will be effective:

  • First of all, check the burn pot placed in the igniter tube. Remove it and reassemble the pot square to the igniter tube tightly.
  • Make sure the exhaust blower is appropriately operating.
  • Clogged out all the obstacles from the venting system and increase the airflow. Also, open the damper.
  • Now check all the electrical wiring connections of the exhaust temperature sensor, which is located in the exhaust channel. Secure all the connections perfectly.
  • In the case of a faulty sensor, replace it.
  • Try to plug the igniter indirectly. If still, it is not working, replace it. 

3. Enviro Pellet Stove Flashing 4

In the case of flashing light four, it identifies the issue with the high-limit temperature sensor. When your stove reaches excessive heat up to 200 degrees Fahrenheit or 93 degrees celsius, the stove will automatically shut off for safety purposes. 

Sometimes, tripped circuit breaker or blown fuse triggers this issue. Additionally, convection blower failure is also another main reason for flashing light 4.


Here are some of the effective to solve the problem:

  • First, you have to inspect the convection blower. You will find the blower behind the right cabinet side. 
  • Unscrew all the attachments to inspect the blower. 
  • Now check the wiring of the fan motor and blower. If there is any damage or crack, replace it ASAP. 
  • Then check if there is any obstruction to running the fan blade. Remove all the clogged debris.
  • Now measure the voltage of the wiring connection to the blower using a multimeter. The standard voltage will be between 115-120 volts. If the voltage is okay, then the problem is with the blower itself. It will be better to replace it. 
  • Also, replace the tripped circuit board or reset it. 
  • Additionally, the high-limit switch can be reset by pressing the red button. You will find the button inside the unit. 


How to bypass a pellet stove temperature switch or high-limit switch?

To bypass the temperature switch on your pellet stove, first, unplug the power cord of your stove and then detach the switch wires. Now connect the wires together with the help of a jumper wire and plug the power cord of your pellet stove into the outlet.

Where is the vacuum switch of the enviro pellet stove?

The vacuum switch of the enviro pellet stove is found on the left cabinet side. it is the essential part of any pellet stove that measures the vacuum amount of the firebox. 

Wrapping Words:

Hopefully, your pellet stove is now free of any type of flashing light issue. If still, you have any queries, don’t hesitate to let us know through a comment. We are always ready to help you with a possible solution.

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  1. What does it mean to bypass the sensor by placing connector on same? I would like to bypass my sensor to see if it is my problem?

  2. My enviro ef2 pellet insert is flashing the mode and heat light together. The stove ran out of pellets last night. How do I reset the stove?
    I replaced the fuel and added pellets. It’s still blinking

  3. have a enviro mini pellet stove.. works great except i cannot seem to keep a igniter in it,, blows the board fuse or just quits,, checked igniters with ohmn meter ,, they all check bad,, other than that stove works as it should… Any Suggestions ??

    • Hi Thom

      To fix the issue, first, clean all the vents, adjust the airflow, check all gaskets & repair or replace them if needed.

      Plus, adjust the air-to-pellet ratio by increasing airflow or decreasing the feeding rate.

      If it doesn’t work, take help from the Enviro customer support center.

      Wish you all the best!


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