Why Gas Fireplace Knob Won’t Turn [5 Easy Solutions]

If your gas fireplace knob won’t turn, then your gas fireplace will not work. The five reasons behind this problem are a faulty gas control valve, a safety mechanism issue, damaged plastic housing, a jammed shaft, and a stiff gas fireplace knob.

 gas fireplace knob won't turn

We will elaborately discuss these causes and their resolutions in this guide. We are assuring you that these causes and resolutions will help you solve this issue effectively. Therefore, without wasting any time, let’s begin.

Why My Gas Fireplace Knob Won’t Turn [5+ Easy Solutions]

You can be worried when this problem happens and even more worried when the gas fireplace is not working. Check the below guide to solve your worries.

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1. A Faulty Gas Control Valve

Sometimes, you can see that your gas fireplace knob will not turn to the off position. The gas fireplace knob turns sometimes, and other times it does not turn.

gas fireplace gas control valve

As a result, your gas fireplace won’t turn off. It happens because of a faulty gas control valve.


To solve it, you are required to change the gas control valve. At some point, the gas fireplace knob just will not turn anymore.

If it is difficult to turn or stuck on at that point you can always turn off the manual turn off in the gas line and change the gas control valve then.

2. Safety Mechanism Issue

You can sometimes find out that the knob is not turning past the pilot. Whether you try turning with the knob pushed, turning with it not pushed, beginning at the off position, beginning at the pilot position, turning clockwise to see, etc., it doesn’t turn. 

gas fireplace safety mechanism issue

Nothing will let the gas fireplace knob turn over to the actual running positions. As a result, your gas fireplace will not be fully lit up as well. This problem happens because of the safety mechanism issue.


In this case, firstly, you need to turn the gas fireplace knob to the off position. Then, wait for the pilot to go out. After the pilot goes out, wait some more time.

Within a few minutes, you will hear an audible metallic click or clang, such as some kind of spring-loaded mechanism disconnected. After that, you can turn the fireplace knob past the pilot, and turn the gas fireplace on with no difficulties.

3. Damaged Plastic Housing

At times, you can see the fireplace knob is frozen and is not turning. As a result, you can not turn on your gas fireplace. Also, sometimes the knob is in the on position, and you can’t turn it to the pilot position.

Whether you press down the knob clockwise or counter-clockwise, it is not turning. Both this problem occurs for damaged plastic housing.


To solve this, firstly, remove the plastic housing and turn the metal spindle to an off position with a wrench. Then, spray it with WD 40. After that, turn it back and forth until it is moving.

Finally, replace the plastic housing and now you will be able to turn the knob to the pilot position.

4. A Jammed Shaft

You can sometimes face the gas fireplace knob stuck in the on position and will not turn. As a result, the gas fireplace will not work properly. At times, a jammed shaft can be the cause of it.

gas fireplace jammed shaft


In this circumstance, remove the fireplace knob first. You can see inside the shaft that it attaches to.

Now, you need to turn the shaft with pliers by using brute force. You are also required to keep in mind to turn it clockwise to close.

5. A Stiff Gas Fireplace Knob

Sometimes, your fireplace knob will not turn but the pilot light can be on. Also, the gas fireplace will not work properly. This problem occurs for a stiff gas fireplace knob.

stiff gas fireplace knob


In this situation, firstly, you need to turn off the gas fireplace knob. Then, spray some wd 40 in the knob to solve the issue.


How to turn on the gas fireplace knob?

The gas fireplace knob has 3 positions which are on, off, and pilot. You need to move the knob to the on position and turn on the gas fireplace knob.

How to turn my gas fireplace back on?

You can turn your gas fireplace back on in many different ways. The ways of turning it back on are with the control panel, with a key, and even with a wall switch or remote.

How do you turn off a gas fireplace knob?

Firstly, only turn the wall switch off. Then, you can turn off the gas fireplace knob situated under the fireplace. You are not required to move the lever off whether it is in the basement or under the gas fireplace.

How do I know if my gas valve is bad?

If the gas valve is stuck or otherwise faulty, your gas fireplace might shut down entirely. It can also stop delivering warm air. Other problems might cause the same sign, so you require an experienced technician to diagnose the issue.

How long do gas fireplace valves last?

You might change more than 20 or 30 failed gas fireplace valves in 30 years. Sometimes, the new gas valve may go bad before the old one would. You can never predict how long gas fireplace valves will last. Some go 40 years and some go 3 years.


You need to know all the reasons and resolutions discussed in this guide to fix your gas fireplace knob won’t turn. After knowing these causes and resolutions to solve this issue very easily without calling out a professional.

We are hopeful that this guide will solve your worry regarding this problem. Still, if it hasn’t been fixed or any more assistance is necessary, then you can let us know in the comment box to troubleshoot your gas fireplace problems. We will be very glad to assist you and fix it as soon as possible.

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