GeoSpring Water Heater Troubleshooting [7 Easy Solutions]

You have been using a GeoSpring water heater for the last couple of years. And you know how efficient it is to heat the water. However, when you turned on the water heater last night, you got no hot water. Because of this issue, you go nuts and ask yourself- what is the reason behind it? 

geospring water heater troubleshooting

Well, let us break down why you don’t get hot water. If the circuit breaker gets tripped or the fuse has blown out, you will never get hot water from the water heater. Like the above issue, you may also go through these problems:

  • GeoSpring water heater beeping
  • GeoSpring water heater compressor failure
  • Geospring water heater code f1

To help you to solve those issues, we compiled this in-depth guide on GeoSpring water heater troubleshooting that we did in our Superstor indirect water heater troubleshooting guide. So, keep reading to know how to troubleshoot the Geospring water heater problems. 

GeoSpring Water Heater Troubleshooting [7 Easy Solutions]

Follow the below troubleshooting steps to detect the issues your GeoSpring water heater goes through. We also provide solutions to those heater problems. 

1. Water Heater Makes Noise

Every water heater, whether it comes from GeoSpring or other brands, has a fan. The fan will spin to move the air throughout the system, which causes some amount of fan sound. It’s a normal operating sound. However,  if it makes an abnormal sound, understand there is a problem with it. 


You know every water heater makes a noise when you operate it, which is normal. However, sometimes it may make louder noise than usual. In this case, call GeoSpring customer service for help. 

2. Heater Makes the Room Cool

Your water heater may make your room cool if you don’t vent your room properly or if the room is too small. Also, the heat your heater produces is removed from the air to heat the water, which is normal. 


Ensure you vent your room properly. On the other hand, if your room is smaller than 10′ x 10′ x 7′, it should have a louvered door to let the air exchange with surrounding rooms. 

3. Water Drops Down the Outside of Your Heater

If the condensate drain of your water heater gets blocked by dirt & debris, the water of the drain will run outside of the heater. Therefore, loose hot/cold wire connections are responsible for water dripping down the outside of the heater. 


Start with cleaning the condensate drain life of your water heater. To do this, locate the drain first. Then, make an air-tight seal between the condensate drain line and your wet-dry vacuum. Then, turn on your vacuum to remove all dirt, dust, and water from it. 

On the other hand, make sure you fasten the inlet and the outlet pipe connections to stop the water from dripping down the outside of your heater. 

4. Not Enough or No Hot Water

Getting not enough to no hot water is an indication of a malfunctioning water heater. Multiple reasons are responsible for this issue. Some of them are:

  • You may set the water temperature too low setting
  • Hot water faucets are leaking or they remain open.
  • Lack of clearance to allow air to circulate for the heater pump.
  • A tripped circuit breaker or the fuse gets blown out.
  • No power to your water heater.


To fix those issues, follow the below troubleshooting guide-

  • Adjust the water temperature setting and set it to a high position.
  • Make sure all the faucets are closed. 
  • Keep the unit 7″ away from the wall.
  • Replace both the circuit breaker and fuse.
  • Ensure you plug the heater into a standard electric outlet. Also, check your heater cord for damage. 

5. Water is Too Hot

Getting too hot water is a common issue that almost every GeoSpring water heater owner experiences. If you set the temperature too high, the water becomes too hot.  


Just adjust the temperature and set it to your desired temperature level. 

6. Water Heater Makes Rumbling Noise

Water conditions in your home may build up scales or mineral deposits on the heating element. Because of it, your water heater will produce a rumbling noise. 


Fixing this issue is simple. Just disassemble the water heater and suck away dirt, debris, or mineral deposits from the heating elements. We recommend you hire a certified HVAC expert to get the job done. 

7. GeoSpring Fan Failure

You turn on your GeoSpring water heater and the display flashes F4, which indicates the fan is the culprit. Fan failure will occur because of faulty or loose wire connections to your fan motor. A defective or damaged fan motor can also be the culprit. 


First off, unplug your water heater from the electric outlet. And then, inspect the evaporator for damaged or loose wire connections to the fan motor.

Replace the wire connection or tighten it if it gets loosened. If the heater still doesn’t turn at all, we bet the fan motor gets faulty. So, replace the fan motor. 

3 More Issues With Your GeoSpring Water Heater

Apart from the issues we mentioned above, you can also go through the following problems with your GeoSpring Water Heater. 

1. GeoSpring Water Heater Beeping

Your water heater will beep and display different error codes like F1, F2, F3, or more. All of these error codes will let you know the heater goes through a component failure.

For example, it will be a problem with the tank temperature sensor failure if the heater shows the error code F2. On the other hand, the GeoSpring water heater may don’t get 240VAC as intended if the heat display shows ‘bad lines’. 

Besides, your water heater may display other error codes. To learn about all of them and how to fix those, check out this article on GeoSpring water heater error codes. 

2. GeoSpring Water Heater Compressor Failure

If your GeoSpring water heater displays the error code F3, understand the compressor of your heater gets defective. Because of this issue, the current sensor fails to detect current flow through the control that energizes the water heater compressor. 

To fix the problem, start by unplugging the water heater from the electric outlet. Then, inspect the heater compressor, relay, and wiring. You can also call a certified technician for help if you get the compressor has failed.

3. Hot Water Has a Rotten Egg or Sulfur Smell

Water supplies with a high amount of sulfate can react with the anode rod, responsible for the rotten egg smell. You can easily overcome this issue by changing the anode rod with a less active material rod. 

For your convenience, here you can watch this video on how to replace the anode rod on the GeoSpring water heater.

How To Reset GeoSpring Water Heater?

Here is how you can reset your GeoSpring water heater. 

  • Start by turning off your water heater
  • Remove or eliminate the jacket access panel and insulation. Make sure you don’t cover the thermostat safety cover.
  • Now, press the red reset button to reset your Geospring water heater.
  • Finally, put everything back into their places. 


What does FF mean on the Geospring water heater?

If your GeoSpring water heater shows this error code FF, understand the electronic expansion valve of the heater goes out of range. To solve this issue, we suggest you call customer service. 

How do you clean a heat pump water heater?

To clean a heat pump water heater, follow the below steps.

  • Turn the water heater off and shut off the fuel supply to the appliance.
  • Turn the cold water supply off.
  • Run the hot water in the sink or elsewhere.
  • Open the relief valve to quicken the water-draining workflow.
  • Connect a garden hose to the bottom of your water heater to drain water.
  • Flush the water tank.
  • Finally, do the reverse like disconnecting the garden hose, closing the relief valve, and more. 

Can you replace the drain valve on a hot water heater?

The drain valve on a water heater may get worn out over time and you can replace it to fix the problem. Before replacing the drain valve, make sure you get a similar product to the existing one. 

How much does it cost to replace a water heater valve?

You need to spend $20 to get a water heater valve. If you replace the water heater valve yourself, it will cost only the price it takes to get a water heater. On the other hand, if you hire a professional, the cost will reach up to $200. 


GeoSpring Water Heater is a reliable heater to make the water hot. However, it may start malfunctioning over time just like other electric appliances. 

And this guide on GeoSpring Water Heater Troubleshooting breaks down every issue you will encounter. So, bookmark this guide so that you can detect the exact heater problem and solve it by yourself. 

If you have more questions to know about the GeoSpring water heater, check out the FAQs section or leave a comment below. 

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    • Hi Vincent

      FF code on your water heater indicates an electronic expansion valve out of range. You should contact a technician or call service to fix the issue. Again the F6 means T3b sensor failure or Evap inlet temperature. Call service agents to solve it.


  1. on occasion we do not have hot water towards the end of our showers. I just too a 10 minute shower and the water was not very hot at the end of it. I quickly want into the garage where there is slop sink approximately 5 ‘ away from the hot water heater and the water temp was 108*. The heater is set at 124*. We have a hybrid model GEH50DFEJSRB Serial # SG600516G. This was installed on 6/2/2017 by Michael’s Plumbing. It is very intermittent so any suggestions would be appreciated

  2. I have a 7 yr old group ring water heater. It started peeping and then says ‘ bAd line’. I held the enter button & up arrow at the same time and now it peeps and flashes 135* Can you help?

  3. The water is not getting hot enough. There’s plenty of it, but I’m basically taking a cool shower. I have moved the heat setting to its highest–140.

  4. a F3 error showed up on my Geospring.
    We had a power outage just prior to the F3 fault
    Is there a way to reset it or must I get a new compressor?
    Thanks for any help!

    • Hi Michael

      To fix the issue, first, unplug the water heater from the electric outlet. Then, inspect the heater compressor, relay, and wiring. If you get the compressor has failed, you can contact the Geospring customer support center or a certified technician for help.

      Best of luck!


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