Harman Accentra 52i Problems [11 Easy Solutions]

Some of the most common Harman Accentra 52i problems include stove not feeding pellets, partially burned pellets, flame out and excess smoke coming from vents.

Besides low heat output, auger not turning, blower not working, error codes, smoke in the hopper, stove not igniting, and the stove won’t shut off are the common issues with Harman Accentra 52i users face .

harman accentra 52i problems

However, keep reading our guide if you want to fix the issues easily by yourself. 

Harman Accentra 52i Problems [11 Easy Solutions]

In this section, we will look at the causes behind the common troubles faced by Harman pellet stove users as well as their simple solutions.

Note: You can also read the Harman pellet stove troubleshooting guide.

1. Stove Not Feeding Pellets

There are several possible reasons behind your Harman Accentra not feeding pellets. These causes include-

  • There is no fuel in the hopper. 
  • The firebox airflow may be too low for the feeder circuit’s detecting switch to activate. 
  • Blocked hopper or auger
  • Failed auger motor


To make your stove start feeding pellets to the fire pot, follow the guidelines given below. 

  1. Refill the hopper.
  2. Check for closed doors, a loose or missing gasket on the doors, or a missing gasket on the hopper lid.
  3. The auger motor will not begin to run until the ESP control detects a specific temperature. Before manually igniting the fire, you may not have put enough fuel or beginning gel in the burn pot. Make sure you put adequate fuel or beginning gel while lighting the stove.
  4. Remove all of the fuel and inspect the hopper and auger for restrictions. Remove any blockage.
  5. Replace the auger motor if necessary. 

2. Partially Burned Pellets

Having partially burnt pellets in your firepot means you are losing money by wasting pellets.

Your firepot will accumulate ash faster and your hopper will run out of pellets sooner. The reasons behind this issue include:

  • Feeding rate is too fast.
  • Inadequate air-to-fuel ratio. 
  • It’s possible that the burn pot will need to be cleaned.


The feed rate is adjustable on your Harman Accentra pellet stove. Follow the steps below. 

Step 1: Locate the feed adjuster. It’s below the temperature knob on the stove. Rotate the feed adjuster clockwise until it comes to a halt.

Step 2: Rotating the feed adjuster counterclockwise increases the feed rate and vice versa. The feed adjuster can be set to a fraction of a turn for precise adjustments. To begin, back up five turns on the feed adjuster. Set the feed adjuster to “3” if it has one.

Step 4: Allow the fire to burn for a few minutes before measuring the amount of ash in front of it. The feed adjustment is adjusted correctly if there is 1 inch of ash when the stove is set to “high.”

Step 5: Determine where the feed adjuster should be set to create 1 inch of ash, then back off somewhat unless you need the stove to run at full capacity. Your stove will now burn fuel as effectively as possible, resulting in the least amount of waste possible.

If adjusting the feed rate doesn’t fix the issue, you should check your air intake and burn pot clean-out cover for dirt and debris. Clean them up to allow air into the stove for proper combustion of the pellets. You may also need to clean the burn pot. 

3. Flame Out

When your Harman Accentra flame goes out suddenly, the following things can be wrong with your stove.

  • There is no fuel in the hopper.
  • The draft is too low, and the flue is obstructed.
  • Something is obstructing the flow of pellets.
  • The hopper lid isn’t properly closed.
  • The feed motor or combustion fan has stopped working.


You can check your hopper and refill it if needed. Clean out the flue to remove obstruction so that the flame will get combustible air. Close the hopper lid properly.

Inspect the hopper and auger for jam. Ensure that the pellets are being fed to the fire in the burn pot. 

You may need to replace the auger motor or the blower in case the problem persists even after taking the above measures.

4. Excess Smoke Coming From Vents

Excess smoke coming from the vent may mean the following things-

  • The air-to-fuel ratio is far too high.
  • The feed rate is excessive.
  • Due to a gasket leak, the draft is too low.


Adjust the air intake to reduce the inflow of air. Reduce the feed rate. You may need to replace the gasket on your stove’s door. Watch this video to help you with Harman Accentra door gasket replacement.

5. Low Heat Output

  1. Feeding rate is insufficient.
  2. Due to a gasket leak, the draft is too low.
  3. Pellets of poor quality or that are moist
  4. Both 1 and 2 can happen together. 


Adjust the feeding rate higher. Replace the gasket from your stove door. Dam or low-quality pellets produce an inefficient fire that doesn’t burn too hot.

Buy 100% hardwood pellets for a cleaner burn and ensure that your hopper contains only dry pellets. If you alter the type or brand of fuel you’re burning, you’ll need to re-calibrate the feed adjustment.

6. Auger Not Turning

When your auger is not turning, it could be a result of a jam in the auger or your auger motor has gone bad.


The first thing that you need to do is ensure that there isn’t anything obstructing the auger.

Sometimes, wet pellets can cling together and swell up causing a jam. Clean the auger carefully. If the problem persists, replace the motor. 

7. Blower Not Working

If your blower keeps running continuously even after the flame is out, you most likely have a malfunctioning lower limit switch.

In case your blower doesn’t run at all, a dirty stove, poor wiring, a malfunctioning high limit switch, a damaged blower motor, or a faulty control board can be causing the issue.


To fix your Harman Accentra blower not working, you need to do the following.

Replace the lower limit switch if your blower keeps running. If your blower doesn’t run, first, clean up your stove.

Inspect the wiring and tighten up loose connections. You may need to replace the high limit switch, blower, or control board. Test each of these stove parts and replace them if needed. 

8. Error Codes

There are 5 common Harman Accentra error codes that users usually have to struggle with. Let’s explore these Harman error codes in more detail. 

If the digital control board on your Harman Accentra 52i flashes twice, it means that your stove is experiencing an airflow problem.

The pressure switch on the stove has failed to close the switch’s electrical connections, or the contacts were closed and an event caused them to open.


Cleaning the stove and venting is the most typical way to get rid of a 2 blink error code. Check that the stove and vents are clean and free of blockages before turning them back on.

If the issue persists, make sure the combustion blower is turned on and spinning. No air will flow through the stove if the combustion blower is not turned on or spinning, and the airflow switch will not close.

This error code occurs when the ESP (Exhaust Sensing Probe) was not detected by the control board at starting, and communication with it was lost while the unit was running.


Remove the ESP probe and inspect it to see if it is clean. If necessary, clean it. If the probe appears to be “bent,” it is most likely broken. You may need to replace the ESP.

There are two types of probes: one with black wires and one with red wires. Replace as needed. Check sure the probe is connected to the controller and that the contacts on the controller are “clean” before reinstalling it.

A failure to sustain an electrical circuit through the room sensing probe causes the four-blink error to occur. 


If you encounter this error while the room sensing probe is plugged in, replace the room sensing probe.

This 5 blink error signal appears when there isn’t any rise in the exhaust temperature as monitored by the ESP even after 36 minutes of starting up.

You can expect to find unburned pellets from the firepot flowing into the ash bin during this error.  


Shut off your Harman Accentra and start it back up. Allow the stove to run for 2 minutes, then open the door, and clear the pellets out of the burn pot.

If the burn pot is warm to your touch, you can be sure the igniter is getting hot. Then, turn off the burner and clean it regularly.

Make sure that the airflow passage under the burn pot is clear of particles and ash. Restart the unit after scraping the downward slope of your burn pot.

If the burn pot is chilly to the touch and the control board’s “Igniter” indicator is lighted, your igniter is likely to have shorted out and will need to be replaced if you want automated starts.

The controller registers a sequence of lower-than-normal exhaust temperatures during a 25-minute period, resulting in a six-blink fault code. Too much air entered the burn chamber and overpowered the flames.

This causes the fire to collapse, resulting in a decrease in the predicted heat output rather than a rise.


Follow these actions if you get a 6-blink status light fault.

  • Make sure the door gasket is on.
  • Ensure that the combustion blower cover is on.
  • Verify that the feeder gas bypass hose is connected.
  • Inspect that the gasket in between the feeder body and the hopper is present.
  • Check that the burn pot is in the right place.

9. Smoke In Hopper

This may appear scary, but seeing smoke coming from the hopper indicates an airflow problem, not that there are pellets ready to ignite in the hopper.

Typically, the fan is not blowing hard enough to provide the necessary vacuum pressure, enabling smoke to escape from the hopper.


Here’s what to do when you see smoke in the hopper of your Harman Accentra.

  • Make sure that the combustion blower is working properly. Replace if needed.
  • Inspect that the flue is open broadly, the pipes are clean and maintained, and there are no obstructions in the exhaust pipe. Don’t let any moist pellets into the hopper.

10. Stove Not Igniting

Your Harman Accentra not lighting up can be due to a lack of airflow. If the igniter probe heats up in the stove but does not light the pellets, you have a problem with airflow.

Damp pellets, a defective convection blower, an improperly wired igniter probe, a blown fuse, and a bad igniter are all possible causes.


Ensure that the pellets are dry. The convection blower should be in working condition. Replace if that is not the case.

Check the wiring of the igniter probe. It should be connected tightly. Ensure proper airflow by making sure the air intakes and exhausts are open. Test the igniter. In case it is malfunctioning, replace it.

11. Stove Won’t Shut Off

Your Harman Accentra won’t shut off properly if there is a short in the surface element.

In case the switch of your surface element is at fault, your stove will not get the “signal” to turn off the heat to the burner.


Examine the burner element for any evidence of wear or damage. Remove the element from a radiant coil burner and inspect the terminals and terminal sockets for damage. 

If the device appears to be in good working order, replace the broken burner with a working one.

In case the new element stops working, the old one must be replaced. Your Surface Element Switch will need to be replaced if it has fused or become damaged.


Why does my fireplace glass get dirty so quickly?

Poor ventilation, a slow burn or less air pressure can cause your glass to get dirty. You can consult a specialist at your local Harman dealer to accurately analyze your specific problem.

Is there a reset button on a Harman pellet stove?

No. You need to manually reset your Harman pellet stove. Shut down your stove and let it rest for 10-15 minutes before starting it up again. This will reset the stove.

How often should I perform maintenance on my pellet stove?

Some maintenance acts need to be done on a daily basis, some weekly, some monthly, and others yearly. Check out your Harman Accentra 52i owner’s manual for specific instructions. 

What does the exhaust blower do on a pellet stove?

Air is drawn into the burn pot by exhaust fans of pellet stoves. It then pushes the hot air and smokes out through the flue venting after pulling it across the heat exchanger.

If I find unburned pellets in my ash pan, can I reuse them?

Never put any ash or pellets discovered in the ash pan back into the hopper of your appliance. This is for your protection. The embers in the ash pan detritus could ignite the rest of the fuel in your hopper.


Fixing your Harman Accentra 52i problems need minimal electrical knowledge. If you are comfortable with household appliances, you can DIY troubleshoot your pellet stove. 

You can leave us a comment in case you are having trouble with anything. We would gladly help you out. 

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