Hayward Pool Heater Ignites Then Shuts Off [5 Easy Solutions]

It’s irritating when your Hayward pool heater ignites then shuts off. The common reasons behind it are the dirty flame sensor, a dirty filter, the ignitor issue, blocked venting or exchanger, control module circuit board problem.

Go reading. We will tell you all about these reasons and their simple solutions.

Hayward Pool Heater Ignites Then Shuts Off [5 Easy Solutions]

Check the below guide to know the details and how to fix the issues:

1. A Dirty Flame Sensor

Sometimes, after you turn on your Hayward pool heater the flames will entirely ignite for 2 seconds to 10 seconds and then shut off. Even if you bypass the pressure switch and all other sensors and switches, this problem will not be fixed. It happens for a dirty flame sensor. The flame sensor cannot detect the flame in this case.


To solve it, firstly, remove the flame sensor. The flame sensor is situated at the lower end of the burner box. Now, clean it with fine steel wool or Emory cloth or light sandpaper. Finally, reinstall the flame sensor.

2. A Dirty Filter

At times, when you turn on the Hayward pool heater the igniter lights the gas but after three seconds it turns off. It occurs because your filter is dirty. As a result, there will not be sufficient flow to let the Hayward pool heater fire.


In this case, you need to clean the dirty filter to solve it. If still it is not solved, then clean the pressure switch.

3. The Ignitor Issue

Sometimes, the Hayward pool heater ignites and runs about 15 seconds and turns off, then it reignites and does the same thing again. Also, sometimes the flame lights, and then 1-2 seconds later it goes out. It can happen for two reasons. A startup sequence describes that it is secure to turn on the gas and ignitor. 

Regrettably, it did not identify the ignition so it shut the system down. It could be the ignition sensor, wires, or the controller problem. There is a flat silver disc in the ignitor which is a flame rollout sensor and a bad flame rollout sensor can also cause this issue. A flame rollout sensor needs to deliver a continuous voltage back to the ignition module or the gas will stop. 

If there is any rupture in the porcelain base or loose or rusty wire, then the ignitor might still function, as it has a high voltage. However, when the flame ignites and it sends the signal back, it is only a little low voltage going back to the module. As a result, the Hayward heater starts then shuts off.


In this circumstance, firstly, you can try cleaning the ignitor or sparker to solve it. If still it is not solved, then you are required to replace the ignitor to solve the ignitor issue of your pool heater.

4. Blocked Venting Or Exchanger

You can sometimes see that after you turn on your Hayward pool heater, it goes on then turns off about 5 seconds later. It can occur every time you turn on your pool heater. This happens because your venting or exchanger is at least partially blocked. 

When the pool heater can’t throw away the products of combustion, then excessive heat or flames, etc., will roll out the bottommost by the burner tray. There is a security switch that will identify that and stop the heater from firing. The heater fires, the switch then identifies the issue a few seconds later and turns it off. 

If the security switch doesn’t turn the heater off, you will cook the wiring, the gas valve, other controls, and worse things will happen. It also can be either an interior or exterior bypass that is causing insufficient water to pass through the venting or exchanger. It will then cause the high limit switch to kick the heater out a short time after it is fired. As a result, the Hayward pool heater won’t stay on.


To solve it, you need to check the gas filter and clean it if required. It is generally recommended to clean the gas filter at least one time a season. Then, you need to replace the venting or exchanger.

5. Control Module Circuit Board Problem

Your Hayward pool heater can also turn off after igniting because of a control module circuit board problem. At times, you can find that there are some ruptures in the solder of the edge connector on the control module circuit board. It will cause the pool heater to shut off even while the fan of the heater keeps running.


In this situation, you are required to replace the control module circuit board to solve it.


How to reset a hayward pool heater?

Your Hayward pool heater can be reset by yourself by using the keypad by cycling the MODE button via “STANDBY”. And then back to the actual functioning mode which is “POOL” or “SPA”.

What causes pool heater failure?

The main reason behind your pool heater failure is water chemistry. So, examine the pH & chlorine levels to keep them at the suggested levels by the company.   

Should I run pool heater overnight?

You should not run the pool heater overnight if you have no swimming pool cover. But when you have a cover to maintain the temperature, you can run your pool heater overnight.

How do I test my pool heater pressure switch?

You can test the pressure switch for voltage with a power meter or multimeter. 


Hopefully, you could fix your Hayward pool heater ignites then shuts off issue after reading our comprehensive guide.

However, still, if this issue is not solved or any more help is required, then please don’t hesitate to let us know in the comment box. We will be happy to help you and fix it as soon as possible.

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