Heat N Glo Northstar Problems [7 Easy Solutions]

The most common Heat N Glo Northstar problems are difficult to fire starting, smoke during startup, smoke during operation, fuel-burning too fast, glass getting dirty, no heat or insufficient heat, and the fan won’t start. 

heat n glo northstar problems

To solve these issues ASAP, read our guide!

Heat N Glo Northstar Problems [7 Easy Solutions]

In this section, we will take an in-depth look at the causes of each trouble Heat N Glo users face and provide the simplest solution.

1. Fire Difficult To Start

There can be a lot of things wrong with your fireplace that are making it difficult for you to get a fire going. The possible causes include-

  • Lack of combustible air
  • Insufficient heat
  • Downdraft is caused by the temperature of your fireplace chimney or a negative house pressure
  • Obstruction in chimney
  • Insufficient fuel or bad fuel


To get your Heat N Glo fireplace to light up easily, you can try the following things.

  1. Make sure your air vents are open.
  2. Use dry kindling and more paper to light the fire. Ensure that you are using sufficient fuel.
  3. To start upward air circulation, place lit rolled newspaper at the flue hole.
  4. Ensure that your chimney doesn’t have an obstruction. Clean it up if necessary. 
  5. Exhaust fans should be turned off, and windows should be gently opened.

2. Smoke At Startup

Smoke during startup is a sign of a dirty chimney. You most probably have creosote in your chimney that needs cleaning. 


Follow the steps below to clean up your fireplace chimney.

Step 1: Extinguish all hot embers. Dispose of all ash from the firebox. Allow for complete cooling of your furnace.

Step 2: Before cleaning the chimney, disconnect the flue pipe or remove the baffle and ceramic blanket from the device. Otherwise, residue will build up on top of the baffle and ceramic blanket, causing the device to malfunction.

Step 3: Close the door all the way. A brush appropriate for the type of chimney in use should be used to remove the creosote or soot. Remove any ashes that have fallen from the firebox. You can use a chimney sweep to remove the ash. 

Some additional things you need to ensure are:

  • Open up the air controls wide
  • Ensure draft
  • Keep the exhaust fans off during the startup
  • Keep the doors open till you see a well-lit fire

3. Smoke During Operation

The following things can contribute to smoke during the operation of your fireplace.

  • Obstruction in the chimney
  • Insufficient kindling and fuel to create a draft
  • Inadequate combustion air
  • Closed air controls


Inspect and clean the chimney to ensure that it isn’t blocked. Look for a seal on the door rope. Ensure that you have used enough fuel and kindling to light the fire. Open up the air controls to stop smoke production. 

4. Fuel Burns Too Fast

When you use excessively dry wood, it burns fast. There could be operational problems causing quick burnout as well. It could also be that your ACC timer isn’t working correctly.


To check this common Heat N Glo Northstar problem, you should try doing the following things. 

  • If the wood is too dry, add more seasoned wood once the fire has been built.
  • Use wood with a bigger diameter.
  • Make sure the baffle/ceramic blanket is properly positioned.
  • Shut down ACC. When you are facing this over-fire situation, you need to slow down the burn rate immediately. For that, slide the lever of your ACC to the left. Also, slide your combustion air control completely to the left. 
  • Contact a professional to check your stove and stove pipe for any signs of damage. 

5. Glass Gets Dirty

If your fire is producing a lot of smoke, this can get the glass dirty quickly. The opacity of your fireplace reflects how cleanly it is burning.

The opacity of a smoke column is measured in percent; 100 percent opacity implies that the smoke column completely obscures an item, while 0 percent opacity means that no smoke column can be seen. You want to get as low opacity as possible.


You need to ensure that you’re using well-seasoned wood to get a good, hot fire running. You can also try the following things to reduce the amount of smoke coming out of your fireplace. 

  • Burn wood that is dry and low in moisture content.
  • Before lighting a fire, fully open the damper.
  • Before lighting a fire, warm the air within the chimney.
  • Build smaller fires that burn hotter.
  • If it hasn’t been done in the last year, have your chimney been swept?
  • To help the fire get enough fresh air, open any external air vents or windows in the room.
  • Don’t build a fire if the weather is too windy or too hot.

Doing these things should reduce smoke and keep the glass clean. You can clean glass using a non-abrasive glass cleaner. 

Make use of a moist towel dipped in ashes or a commercially available oven cleaner that is readily accessible. You will need to remove the oven cleaner residues on the glass with a glass cleaner or soap and water.

6. No Or Insufficient Heat

It can be frustrating to start up a heater and get no heat out of it. But this issue does happen and usually, the following reasons are to be blamed.

  • Inadequate fuel
  • Low-quality wood
  • It’s possible that the snap disc is defective.
  • Heat output capacity of the unit is insufficient for the area of your house.


Make sure to use enough dry and well-seasoned wood and kindling to start a fire. You may need to replace the snap disc. It is a pretty simple process.

If everything is good and you are still not getting enough heat, you possibly have a heater that is too small for your home.

You need to buy a heater with more capacity. You can use the Heat N Glo one as a secondary heating source to help your bigger heater. 

7. Fan Not Working

If your fireplace fan not working, the following things can be wrong. 

  • Heater not getting power 
  • The fireplace isn’t hot enough to trigger the snap disc
  • Snap disc may be faulty


Ensure that the heater is getting power. Make sure you are using good quantity and quality of fuel to get a hot fire going.

If the fire seems to be hot enough, your snap disc is most likely at fault and needs to be replaced.


Why will my gas logs not stay lit?

The thermopile and thermocouple are the most common causes of a gas fireplace’s failure to keep lit. However, there are alternative options available. Incorrect gas pressure is another common cause.

How do you clean a clogged pilot light?

Use pliers or wrenches to remove the pilot light. Clean the soot and carbon buildup with a wire brush. With a metal file, clean up the spots that are harder to reach. A soft cloth or compressed air should remove loose dust.

What happens if a thermocouple fails?

When the thermocouple fails or stops working, it normally turns off the fuel supply to your heater. This is crucial, especially if the pilot light has gone out because it prevents hazardous gas from entering your home.

Why is the heater blowing cold air?

One of the most common causes of a heater blowing chilly air is a clogged filter. It could also be going through a cool-down cycle or you have a malfunctioning lower limit switch. 

What does it mean when your furnace is making noise?

When your furnace makes a clicking noise, it’s usually a sign that something is wrong with the ignition system. If the furnace is unable to ignite for any reason, you may hear a clicking sound as the igniter attempts to fire.


Hopefully, now you know how to go about fixing the most common Heat N Glo Northstar problems. So, whenever you face any issue with your Heat N Glo Northstar fireplace, follow our guide and fix the issue.

Plus, maintaining and cleaning your fireplace always will keep your fireplace in good condition.

However, don’t forget to leave us a comment if you need help on something that isn’t included above. We will get back to you soon.

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