Heat N Glo Wall Switch Not Working [5 Easy Solutions]

Malfunctioning millivolt switch, bad wall switch, corroded wiring, wall switch is getting insufficient voltage, and bad door switch are the leading cause behind Heat n Glo wall switch not working.

heat n glo wall switch not working

If you suddenly find that your furnace’s wall switch stops functioning, be sure that any of the above or multiple factors are acting behind this issue. This Heat N Glo fireplace troubleshooting guide contains all those leading causes and solutions to this switch trouble. Let’s start: 

Heat N Glo Wall Switch Not Working [5 Easy Solutions]

Heat n Glo wall switch stops its operation for the following reasons. Let’s discuss:

1. Damaged Millivolt Switch

The Heat n Glo wall switch is a toggle switch. And it works as a connection between the gas valve and the thermopile. This switch closes or opens the gas valve and thermopile’s circuit connection. 

The toggle switch runs at millivolts. The millivolts enable the Heat n Glo fireplace to operate at minimum electricity voltage. Now, if the millivolt switch is damaged, the Heat n Glo gas fireplace’s wall switch will not work.


Contact a technician to check whether the problem is in the millivolt switch or not. If the expert says that the millivolt switch is the culprit, you should replace it immediately.

Replacing the damaged millivolt switch is an easy way to get rid of this issue. Moreover, it is almost the only option also.

One important thing to mention is that you should care about certain things when replacing the damaged millivolt with a new one. First, ensure that the new replaced switch’s colors, dimensions, and screw positions are the same.

2. Wall Switch Gone Bad

If your Heat n Glo wall switch stops working, the clear thinking that should come to your mind is whether the wall switch is okay or not. A lousy wall switch is another apparent reason why it stops working.

The wall switch is a low-key switch, and quickly it can damage. Your fireplace will not turn on because of this issue.

Whether the wall switch is the main culprit, you can know by doing the switch bypass and checking. Even with the closed circuit, the bypass process will confirm a faulty switch if the thermopile works correctly.


Replace the old or damaged wall switch of your Heat n Glo fireplace so that it starts running smoothly. Contact an electrician to replace your bad wall switch. If you decide to do it on your own, follow the steps below:

  • Turn off the fireplace control panel’s ignition and pilot switches
  • Find the appropriate switch installation network
  • Unscrew the wires holding the terminal screws
  • Connect the wire led to a spade terminal (for secure connection) or metal terminal
  • Tighten the screws
  • Connect the flat screws both set by putting back the switch in the wall

3. Corroded Wiring

The troubled or corroded wire is another cause behind the Heat n Glo wall switch stops working. However, rusty wire means either it’s damaged or loosen-up wire. Following the steps below, check whether the switch’s wire is corroded or not.

  • Use a screwdriver to unscrew the switch and its cover plate
  • Check the terminal’s loose wire leads connection
  • Tighten the wire connection
  • Check the fireplace’s wall switch is working or not
  • Put back the wall switch in the previous place


The best way to solve this problem is to replace the corroded wire. Now, it’s time to install a new wire for the flawless working of your fireplace’s switch. Replace the wrong wire and get rid of this issue.

Don’t take the replacing risk on your own. Instead, contact an expert electrician to replace the switch’s corroded wire.

4. The Switch is Not Getting Enough Voltage

 This is a common reason for most fireplaces, which hinders the heat n Glo wall switch’s smooth working. The system’s millivolt loss is the main culprit behind this problem.

Thermopiles generate millivolts in 350-1000 and then transfer them to the wall switch. If the controller receives the Voltage below 350, there is significantly something wrong with the wall switch.

Suppose your fireplace’s wire and switch are excellent, then the following two reasons are responsible for the lower Voltage. The reasons are:

  • A decayed wire
  • A dirty thermopile

Mostly the corroded wires or dirty thermopiles are responsible for bigger voltage dropping. As a result, the wall switch of your Heat n Glo fireplace fails to get enough Voltage.


First, check the wall switch thermopile voltage. If it’s more significant than the switch voltage, you need to clean the wires. When the switch stops working because of the considerable millivolt loss, then it’s the solution.

For example, 750MV should be the thermopile voltage when 150 MV is the switch voltage. Its solution is wire cleaning because it ensures electricity’s proper transfer.

5. Bad Door Switch

When the fireplace’s blower panel is off, the door switch reduces CO circulation by preventing the gas furnace blower. Now, if you forget to put the door switch’s panel back, it could go wrong during its operation. 

When it goes wrong, your furnace will stop turning on. As a result, it could stop the smooth running of your Heat n Glo wall switch. This issue could take place for the following reasons: 

  • The depressed plunger and the meter is reading OL
  • Extended control but its getting zero reading
  • The button fails to give the protection 


The bad door switch causes increased CO circulation in your Heat n Glo furnace. As a result, the wall switch stops working. The easy solution to this issue is to replace the furnace’s defective door switch. The other keys are:

  • Following the diagnostic procedure, test the door switch early
  • Contact an expert technician to check the furnace’s plunger and replace the depressed plunger
  • Ensure the door switch is getting sufficient protection
  • Make sure that the heat n Glo door switch is functional


How do I turn off my Heat n Glo fireplace?

At first, shut off the Heat n Glo fireplace’s gas supply valve. If the valve remains open, slightly press the knob and counter-clockwise rotate it. Reach the word “ON” on the 6 o’clock position by rotating it counter-clockwise.

How does the Heat n Glo fireplace switch work?

The Heat n Glo fireplace receives the electrical signal from the wall switch. When it gets the signs, it opens the valve. The fireplace’s pilot light ignites flame when the fireplace releases gas by opening the valve.

Are our Heat n Glo Fireplaces Good?

Yes! The Heat n Glo offers an excellent range of electric fireplaces. This fireplace looks very realistic. And it keeps the room heat at the highest level. It has fantastic lighting, and its logs are also perfect. Moreover, you can efficiently operate it.

How long does the Heat n Glo fireplace last?

Generally, the lifespan of Heat n Glo fireplace is 10-15 years. You will get a good service within this expected longevity. Moreover, it can last more than this expected range if you take care of it properly.

How do I know my Heat n Glo model?

The fireplace’s rating plate consists of the Heat and Glo’s serial and model number. The metal plate in your fireplace is the rating plate; check it. Usually, you will see it is inserted affixed permanently in the fireplace.


Now all the factors are clear to you which are responsible for Heat n Glo wall switch not working. Hopefully, now you will solve your wall switch problem by yourself.

Still, after trying, if you fail to get a solution to this issue, don’t hesitate. Comment on the troubling causes, and we will try our best to provide the solution. 

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