Heat N Glo Fireplace Troubleshooting [7 Easy Solutions]

Heat N Glo fireplaces start malfunctioning over time just like any other appliances in our home. For example, the Heat N Glo fireplace turns off by itself, the pilot light goes out, and a faulty valve is an issue you will encounter. 

Fortunately, we compiled this guide on Heat N Glo Fireplace Troubleshooting to solve those fireplace problems. So, keep reading between the lines. 

Heat N Glo Fireplace Troubleshooting [7 Easy Solutions]

In this chapter, we will discuss the common fireplace issues and provide their solutions.

01. Spark Igniter Won’t Light The Pilot

You continuously press the red piezo button but the spark igniter fails to light the pilot! It will happen for several reasons. A defective igniter is the main culprit behind the pilot issue. A misaligned electrode or faulty pilot can also be another caveat. Therefore, low gas pressure or no LP in the tank is also responsible for not lighting the pilot.


Firstly, inspect the electrode wire for visual damage. If the wire connection is well with the electrode and pilot and you can see no spark, we bet the igniter gets faulty. In this case, you should replace the igniter with a new one.

Secondly, check the pilot and see whether the pilot gets defective or there is no proper gap between the electrode and pilot. You can easily inspect whether the pilot is faulty or not. Just use your lighter and try to light the pilot. If the pilot lights, turn it off and trigger the red piezo button. 

If it lights again, we bet an improper gas/air mixture causes the bad lighting. If the pilot will not light, there is no proper gap between the electrode and pilot. And the proper gap should be 1/8 inch. If the gap is perfect, it’s a problem with the pilot. Just replace the pilot to solve the issue. 

And last, ensure the gas valve is open if the gas pressure is low. On the other hand, fill the fuel tank with LP if there is no LP in the tank. 

02. The Pilot Won’t Stay Lit

After following the fireplace lighting instructions properly, you fail to light the pilot, or the pilot will not stay lit. The pilot light will never light if the thermopile gets dirty or damaged. Therefore, A defective valve prevents the pilot from lighting. 


Make sure the thermocouple is clean. Clean on and around the thermocouple with a soft cloth if it gets dirty by spider webs or dirt. Also, check the thermocouple connection at the gas valve. If the connection is fully inserted and tight, understand the thermocouple connection is secure. 

Now, disconnect the thermocouple from the valve and measure the volt. Regarding this, place the one millivolt meter lead on the tip of the thermocouple and keep the other lead wire on the copper. Then, turn on the unit. If the readout is below 15mV, replace the thermocouple as it gets defective. 

On the other hand, if you get the readout above 15mV, we are sure the gas valve gets faulty, and you need to change it. 

03. Frequent Pilot Outage Problem

If you set the flame too high or low, you will encounter the pilot outage issue. On the other hand, dirt and dust accumulation on and around the pilot can also cause this pilot issue. 


Check the pilot area for dirt accumulation. If there is debris & dust around the pilot, tidy up the pilot with a soft microfiber cloth. You can also use an air compressor to blow away the dirt & spider webs. 

Next, ensure you follow the lighting instructions properly and adjust the flame. 

04. Pilot And Main Burner Goes Out

When you operate the fireplace, the pilot and main burner will go out for insufficient fuel in the tank. Therefore, the following reasons are responsible if the pilot and the main burner extinguish. 

  • A defective thermopile
  • Improper vent cap installation
  • Glass gets too loose, and the airtight packet leaks in a corner after usage
  • Improper horizontal cap installation


Check the LP tank for fuel. If it is empty, refill the tank with propane. Then, follow these troubleshooting steps:

  • Replace the thermopile with a new one
  • Install the ven cap properly and remove dirt and debris from it
  • Tighten the corner
  • Ensure you slope down the horizontal vent cap about 1/4 inches

05. Glass Soots

The glass or screen of your Heat N Glo fireplace will get covered by soots or debris for several reasons. If you set the flame too high, the flame will impinge the glass and cause soot buildup over time. Turns out, improper venturi setting or debris around it is also responsible for the soots on the glass. 


First off, adjust the log set properly so that the flame doesn’t hit the glass excessively. Secondly, ensure you adjust the air shutter at the base of the burner. Finally, remove any blockage from the venturi. You can also use a damp cloth to wash the glass with soapy water. 

06. The Flame Burns Blue And Lifts Off The Burner

It happens if enough oxygen is not supplied to the burner. Therefore, improper vent cap installation or loose glass on the unit is also responsible for this fireplace issue. 


Install the vent cap properly to ensure sufficient oxygen flow to the burner. Also, check the joints of the vent system are tight. Lastly, ensure you tight the glass, especially the top glass, properly on the unit. 

07. The Pilot Stays Lit Though The Fireplace Is Off

You turn the on/off switch to the off position, but the pilot stays lit. This problem will occur if:

  • There is a loose connection on the green wire.
  • The valve gets defective
  • Defective module


Start with checking the green wire connections to the green terminal on the valve. If the connection gets loosened, tighten it up. If the valve gets faulty, replace it. To learn whether the valve gets defective or not, pull out the orange wire on the valve. If the pilot stays lit, it’s time to replace the valve. 

Finally, check all connections and continuity. If you don’t find any fault in the wire, change the module. 

3 More Issues of Your Heat N Glo Fireplace

Over time, you may also encounter the following issues with your Heat N Glo Fireplace. 

01. Heat N Glo Fan Not Working  

The wires of your Hean N Glo fireplace are connected with a fan sensor switch. This switch will turn on the fan if your fireplace heats up to a certain temperature. It will also turn the fan off when you turn off the unit.  The goal of the fan is not to circulate cool air into your room. If the wire connections at the fan sensor switch get defective, the fan will not work. 

To solve this issue, try to connect the 2 wires that are attached to the temp switch. If the blower comes on, you should replace the switch with a new one. 

02. Heat N Glo Fireplace Won’t Turn On

Your Heat N Glo fireplace will not turn on if the pilot gets defective or dirt builds up around it. A faulty thermopile, defective wire connections, and a bad valve are also responsible for not turning the fireplace.

If you are not mechanically inclined, call customer service for help.  

03. Heat N Glo Remote Control Not Working  

The remote control will not work if you install the battery incorrectly. Also, the remote control doesn’t function if the batteries go out. Therefore, the misalignment of the slide switch on the receiver is not in the correct position. 

To solve those remote control issues, ensure you install the batteries correctly. Change the batteries if they get damaged. Lastly, position the slide switch on the receiver correctly. 

Heat N Glo Gas Fireplace Maintenance: How-to Maintain

Follow the below maintenance tips to operate your gas fireplace for years to come. 

  • Clean the glass door of your fireplace after operating the fireplace for 3-4 hours. You can use household glass cleaner to get rid of film deposits from the glass door. 
  • Check the flame pattern of the fireplace periodically. Ensure the flames are steady- not lifting or floating. 
  • Inspect the external vent cap regularly and ensure there is no debris to interfere with the flow of air. You can hire a professional or call Heat N Glo customer service to do this task for you. 
  • Replace the old ember material annually to let the fireplace function properly. 
  • Ensure you vacuum or brush away the control compartment, logs, and burner areas of your fireplace.


We recommend you maintain your Heat N Glo fireplace if you want to use it for the season after season. Follow the maintenance tips we mentioned above to avoid the potential fireplace issues like the pilot light going out or more. 

If you encounter any fireplace problems, follow the troubleshooting steps we described throughout this guide. Otherwise, don’t hesitate to reach out to a professional if you fail to solve the fireplace issue. 

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