House Smells Like Smoke From Fireplace [9 Easy Fixes]

Why my house smells like smoke from fireplace? The possible reasons are ashes and dirt remaining for a long time inside your fireplace and chimney which creates creosote. And creosote causes discomfort and a bad smell. Plus, negative air pressure can be the reason for a smoky or bad smell inside your home.

However, whatever the cause, you need to get rid of the bad smell in the house ASAP. Right?

Get relaxed and go on reading the article. We will show you all the possible reasons behind the smokey smell & 8 simple solutions. If you follow our given solutions, we can confidently declare you will get rid of the smell of fire from your house instantly. So, let’s dive into the solutions…..

Why House Smells Like Smoke From Fireplace [9 Easy Solutions]

We know a fireplace is an awesome addition to our home to have a super cozy living space. But, when you feel a smoky smell inside your house for a long time, it becomes the cause of great discomfort. So, how to make the fireplace smell good? You have many options to solve this issue. Let’s know all about them…….

1. Inspect & Clean Your Fireplace

Smelling smoke inside the house can be for many reasons. Very first you need to check the fireplace to find out if there are ashes and dirt remaining. As you know, after making any fire, there remains a number of ashes and dirt. And if they stay inside the fireplace for a long time, it builds up creosote which causes discomfort and a smokey odor. 

cleaning the fireplace inside

After investigating the fireplace, if you find old ashes and dirt, don’t make any delay to clean up them. 

cleaning fireplace ashes and dirt

When you find the fireplace is cleaned up well, then get vinegar and water. Mix the vinegar and water in a jar and wipe out the fireplace precisely. It will absolutely help you to extinguish the smoky odor from your house and give you a fresh smell. 

2. Clean The Chimney

Now it’s time to investigate your fireplace chimney if it’s cleaned or not. You know in spring or summer, the fireplace stays unused. Then again the creosote deposits take the opportunity and grow up inside the chimney as there it finds the dirt.

cleaning fireplace chimney

And the creosote buildup and soot mixing with the moisture causes an unpleasant odor. So, go for the chimney inspection carefully and clean it to get rid of the chimney odor. Now, take a look if your fireplace chimney has a rain cover or not. An open chimney top also causes a smokey fireplace odor.


The answer is simple. If the chimney top remains open, rainwater rolls inside the chimney and makes the chimney inside and fireplace moisturized and humidified. Also, the outside air runs down. Creosote and soot get together and drift down with the outside air into your home inside and causes a musty smell.

So, cover the chimney with a chimney cap. The chimney cap will prevent the rainwater and outside air from swiping inside the chimney and thus get rid of you from the smoky smell as well as creosote smell.

Besides preventing the rainwater and humidity, the cap will also prohibit any animals or kits like rats from getting inside the chimney, dying out, rotten, and finally causing the unwanted bad smell.

3. Fix Negative Air Pressure 

Negative air pressure can cause a smoky or bad smell inside the home. So, when you find your house smelling like smoke, you should think it may be happening with negative air pressure.

So, to solve the negative air pressure problem, you need to find the cause very first. The negative air pressure can happen inside the home for many causes. Very first, it can happen because of the fatigue fan in the bathroom or kitchen. 

Then, there can be the air pressure for Duct Leakage, Combustion Appliances, central vacuums, fan motor speed, off-balance heat recovery ventilators, windows, water heater, dryer, furnace installation, and any kind of home improvements like new roofing or room decoration. 

When the negative air pressure occurs inside the home, it needs extra air inside the room. So, it pulls down the air to make up the negative one through the probable leaks or holes.  

Here chimney is a great source to pull down the air. And it comes with the odor or the smoke if you make the fire. Thus there lacks a source of fresh air inside your home. To fix this issue, you can go for the following simple steps:

  • Repair the duck leakage.
  • Change the exhaust fan in the kitchen or bathroom.
  • Fix the fan motor.
  • Seal the fireplace damper perfectly with a stainless-steel damper.
  • Most importantly optimize the ventilation.

Yet, if you find the negative air pressure problem is not solved following the above steps, you can look for a heating and air-conditioning expert to resolve the issue and enjoy the safe and healthy air in your home.

4. Deodorize Your House

Now you can deodorize your home as smoke smell tends to stick to your home walls, carpet, pillows, windows curtain, and floor near the fireplace. Here vinegar can be a powerful natural deodorizer. 

 deodorize home with vinegar
  • Mix 1:1 ratio vinegar and water and take it in the spray bottle. Then spritz in the window curtain, house wall, and fireplace area, then wipe down and thus deodorize.
  • Wet a towel dipping into vinegar and wave it all around the room. It will absorb the smoke odor from the fireplace. 
  • Take baking soda or vinegar in a  bowl and keep it inside or beside the fireplace. It will take away the bad smell. But don’t forget to remove the bowl from the fireplace before the next fireplace use. 
  • Place a box fan inside the window of the fireplace room and another fan outside the window, on the fans. The inside fan will out smokey air outside and the outside fan will push fresh air inside the room. It will certainly quick up the refreshing of your room and remove the smoke odor. 
  • Finally sprinkle baking soda over carpet, sofa, blanket, and pillows and wait an hour. After an hour, vacuum up the powder repeatedly until the smokey smell is out of. 

We hope, if you deodorize your house following the above steps, you will find a better solution to the issue of your house smells like smoke after the fire in the fireplace.

5. Burn Unburnt Wood

You might frequently notice that after shutting down the fire at night, even closing the flue and glass door, the cold air returns to your room with a smokey smell. Such a tedious smell is quite uncomfortable but remember, you have a solution.

burn the unburnt wood in fireplace

The best solution is to burn the remaining coals as early as possible. Before starting to burn, break down the large chunks of coals and pile all the pieces in a place.

Then add a few pieces of charcoal, fire it and let burn completely. When you find all the Firewoods are burnt fairly, clean up the fireplace ashes and burning wood if it remains perfectly. Next spritz vinegar all around the fireplace and close the glass door. You will find the problem with the smoke room is solved. 

6. Use  Fireplace Fragrance Oil

When you have done everything to remove the smoke odor, you may feel the odor yet as it’s soaked in a few places. Now, you can use fireplace fragrance oil to feel the fresh air. 

 using fragrance oil to remove smoke odor from house

Get the fireplace fragrance oil with a comfortable fragrance, pull up the wick in the bottle, and keep the bottle on the fireplace shelf for 5-60 days. Surely it will eliminate smoke particles and bad odors from your fireplace and you will feel pretty good. Remember, never allow the oil bottle near the fire as it’s burnable. 

7. Using Home Fragrance Lamp

Another most effective way of getting rid of smoke smells from your house is to use home fragrance lame. Just have a fragrance lamp and fill it with a fragrance oil that you like most. Remember, never overfill it.

using fragrance lame to smoke out from home

After filling with oil, light the lamp up and place it near the fireplace. Immediately, you will feel a sweet scent instead of a bad smoke odor.

8. Install Air Purifier

You can install a great air purifier if you still feel the odor. It’s an exciting tool as it’s capable of cleaning the air and getting rid of you not only from odors and smoke but also from fireplace flue, dust, and pollutants.  

installing an air purifier to smoke out from house

And thus an air purifier will give you a fresh and pure home insider and improve your life radically. 

9. Call a Professional Chimney Sweeper or Home Cleaner

Finally, if you can’t do all the above steps own self, you can call a professional home cleaner or chimney sweeper. As they are experts at doing all these cleaning jobs, they can instantly clean everything and fix the odor problem. 

And for a permanent solution, you can clean up your home and fireplace with a professional sweeper 2 times yearly. 

At the end of the winter when you permanently shut down & hide the fireplace during the summer. And then at the very beginning of the winter when you start to use the fireplace for your coziness. Certainly, the cleaning will bring you a permanent solution to the odor problem. 

How Do You Get Fireplace Smoke Out Of Your House In Short Time

The best way to get fireplace smoke out of your house quicker is by deodorizing your fireplace with vinegar. Here’s how to do it:

  • Take a medium-sized bowl and pour vinegar into it. And then place the bowl in one corner of the room. It will absorb smells passing by.
  • Put half amount of water and half amount of vinegar in a spray bottle. Then spritz the fireplace area with this solution to deodorize the source.
  • Take a clean towel and spray vinegar on it. Then wave the towel around the room to absorb the fireplace odor.

Following the above methods, you can immediately get rid of the smoke smells inside your house.

Why My House Smells Like A Campfire

There have several ways behind smelling your house like a campfire. The most possibility is from sooty chimney and creosote surrounding the appliance. By sooting, the chimney falls black stuff of carbon and it stuck around the unit. If it doesn’t go through a proper cleaning, unpleasant smells start coming out from it.

Also, some other concerning reasons are having excessive moisture or humidity inside the house, burning woods under electrical fixtures, unswept fireplace or stove for a longer period. 

How To Tell That Your Chimney Needs Sweeping?

If you want to keep your stove clean, efficient, and fluent working, it’s a must to sweep the chimney periodically. But before that, you should know when literally you need to sweep your chimney. 

The quick signs that tell urge you that you should clean the chimney are faulty burning fires, odors from the unit, smoke that doesn’t come out properly, and oil spots in the wall of your appliance. Some other top signs to know if sweeping is needed include:

  • Fires hardly get started
  • There is tar around the flue entrance
  • Chimney sooting is frequently dropping from the unit
  • Animals on the chimney
  • Smoke is being blown back into the room
  • Thick black creosote visible in the chimney
  • Surrounding of the fireplace is turning black

How Often Should I Sweep My Fireplace Chimney?

According to the National Fire Protection Association, the chimney should be inspected once a year. The best period to clean out your chimney is at the end of the summer. As because you are going to use it in the colder weather, you can sweep it before starting the winter season as well. It will endorse you the best working and keep it away jammed in winter. 

Sometimes you will notice that the signs of sweeping the chimney are clearly visible, be sure it is time to clean it out. If you are using your fireplace or stove for longer and can’t remember the last time of its cleaning, it’s a good recommendation to clean the chimney in a proper way. 

What Happens If the Chimney Is Not Swept?

The sweeping is an essential activity to operate the fireplace and stove fluently. You should go through the cleaning process of the chimney when it’s needed. But if you go too long without cleaning, you may face so many risks. Have a look through some of below:

  • The chimney will be blocked with debris and start malfunctioning.
  • Smoke or gas will not come out properly because of being chimney clogging.
  • Creosote will build up surrounding the fireplace and further it will damage the structure of the unit.
  • Long-term without going to seep the chimney will lessen the durability of the fireplace.
  • The smoke will start to come out into the room instead of upwards. Thus, it will fall stain in your furniture and black shoot on the wall.
  • Malfunctioning of the chimney can billow back toxic gases into the room, which causes health hazards for your family.


Why does my fireplace smell like smoke when it rains?

There are a few reasons for occurring an unpleasant odor from the fireplace after a rainstorm. Like the chimney is being humid, water penetration, creosote blockage, faulty pressure of air.

why does my fireplace smell like burning plastic?

The major reasons for causing fireplace smell like burning plastic are overheating and defective inside components. Also, if the wires of the unit are burning or worn out, it will start releasing an unpleasant smell.

Why is my house filled with smoke though there’s no fire?

If your house is filled with smoke there’s no fire, be sure the problem is the venting area. If the damper of the fireplace is closed or not fully opened, smoke will come into the house. 

Does a wood burning fireplace make your house smell?

Yes, a wood-burning fireplace can make your house smell. When you burn wood, it eventually builds up creosote in the chimney. This happens due to the lack of moisturizer. The smell you get from your fireplace is basically the smell of burning creosote. To get rid of such a smell, you just have to keep the chimney clean.

Why does my house smell like burning wood?

The most probable reason why your house smells like burning wood is the old wooden beam in the foundation of your house. Your fireplace may affect these woods and such incidents can lead to catastrophe. So if you smell burning wood coming from your house, immediately check the woods under the electric fixtures. The heat that radiates from the fixtures can cause the wood to decay.

Can you smell an electrical fire?

Yes, you can smell an electrical fire. An electrical fire has an acrid smell of burning plastic. So if you get any such smell, look for problems in the outlet and then the internal wiring. 

What does it mean when you keep smelling something burning?

Well, some people continuously smell something burning, even if there isn’t any such thing going on. This condition is called “olfactory hallucination”. The smell can always be present or may come and go every now and then. 

Final Words

Now, you know so many easy and simple solutions when your house smells like wood smoke from the fireplace after reading the article.

So, when you find your fireplace smoke-filled house, simply follow the above 8 easy steps. Certainly, you will get the solution and feel super comfortable at your home. 

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