How To Clean A Monitor Heater [5 Easy Steps]

People often clean their Monitor heaters in the wrong way. Thus, resulting in major component failure. Cleaning Monitor heaters can be a bit tricky. Rest assured, you have come to the right place.

In this article, you will learn all the tips and tricks on how to clean a Monitor heater effortlessly and safely. So, go on reading, clean your heater and discover that your heater is working like a new one.

And definitely, perfect cleaning will make sure you won’t face the common Monitor heater problems frequently.

How To Clean a Monitor Heater [5 Easy Steps]

Don’t forget to follow the steps in the right order to clean your heater perfectly and let it work like a new one. So, let’s start…

1. Emptying The Fuel Tank

The first thing you need to do is to empty the fuel tank. Kerosene Monitor heaters have a fuel tank in the bottom right corner. To empty the fuel tank, you will be needing:

  • A Funnel
  • An Empty Bottle

First, locate the fuel strainer. The fuel strainer strains any foreign particles from the fuel. Sometimes, debris and rust gather in the strainer. Before cleaning the strainer, you will have to empty all the kerosene. To do that, you will have to unscrew the fuel line.

Place the funnel on top of the empty bottle and hold it under the screw as the fuel drips into the bottle. Make sure that you have emptied the tank.

2. Cleaning The Fuel Strainer

Now, as the strainer is empty, take it out. Check the filter cover for any debris or rust. Clean it properly with fresh kerosene. Do NOT use water or other cleaning reagents to clean the fuel strainer.

Fresh kerosene is an ideal cleaning solution in such cases. On top of that, it eliminates the chances of fuel contamination. 

3. Cleaning The Outside Of The Heater

Now, it is equally important to clean the outside of your Monitor Heater. You will have to make a cleaning solution for that. Mix some Ammonia with water to make a cleaning solution. The best part of this solution is that it is non-flammable. So, using this solution is safe for heaters.

Take out the grills or glass panels and wash those with soapy water. Dry them properly and reinstall them. Make sure that the heater is not wet. Dry and clean it completely before reusing it.

4. Cleaning Soot From The Heater

Soot can develop for three specific reasons. The first one can be a lack of proper ventilation. The second one is for low-quality fuel. And last but not least, vaporizing substances inside the room.

You will have to eliminate the reasons first before heading to the cleaning phase. For the cleaning phase, you will have to make a cleaning solution first. Mix 1 Tbs TSP with a gallon of water. Follow the said steps to clear soot from your Monitor heater.

  • Clean the inner layer with a cloth or a vacuum cleaner as much as you can.
  • Now, soak a cloth or sponge with the cleaning solution and scrub the interior.
  • If the soot is very hard to remove, you can use oven cleaner and elbow grease solution for better results.
  • Make sure that you dry the interior completely after finishing the cleaning procedure.

5. Refueling The Heater

As your MPI Monitor heater is cleaned to perfection, it’s time to turn this baby on! Refuel it up to 80%. We recommend you not refuel at maximum capacity.

However, make sure that the fuel doesn’t run out. Make a routine to refuel the heater on time. Also, do not use low-grade kerosene. Always make sure that you use A1-grade kerosene. 


Why is your Monitor heater releasing black smoke?

Using other oil can be the reason for black smoke. Gasoline, Diesel, Petrol, or low-grade kerosene can’t burn off properly. Thus, releasing black smoke while burning.

Are Monitor heaters safe?

Monitor Heaters are marked safe. However, you will have to follow some extra precautions to avoid any accidents. Proper ventilation, using top-quality fuel, and maintaining a proper run time are some of the notable precautions. 

Can You leave your heater on all night?

It is not advised to keep the heater on all night. Make sure that you turn off the heater before going to bed. Also, do not crank up the temperature above 70 degrees.

Why does a kerosene heater smell?

Kerosene heaters burn kerosene that can create odor. To get rid of the smell, make sure that your room has proper ventilation. Keep a window slightly open to release the gas.

Do they still make Monitor Heaters?

No, monitor heaters and their parts are no longer available in the market. The company has stopped manufacturing the units.

Final Thoughts

We believe now you have a nice and clean Monitor heater by following our above cleaning instructions. The procedure is very easy. However, you will have to be careful while cleaning your Monitor heater so that you won’t hurt yourself.

This was all on how to clean a Monitor Heater. Let us know your thoughts and feedback in the comment section below. 

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