Monitor 2400 Heater Problems [7 Easy Solutions]

The common Monitor 2400 Heater problems are the heater not starting, the heater going off after ignition, the automatic timer not working, loud sounds, not enough flames, automatically shifting to manual, and soot inside the burner window.

monitor 2400 heater problems

Whatever the issue you are struggling with with your monitor heater, in this article, you will explore the easy solutions. So, stay tuned…

Monitor 2400 Heater Problems [7 Easy Solutions]

You are already familiar with the Monitor 2400 heater troubles. Now let’s find a simple remedy to each difficulty.

1. Monitor 2400 Heater Is Not Starting

The most probable causes behind your Monitor heater won’t start are a damaged or clogged ignitor, contaminated fuel, wrong timer settings, and power failure.

You can’t fix the ignitor all by yourself. So, you can hire an expert to solve the ignitor. But, the rest of the issues are easy to fix.


  • Sometimes, there is water in the fuel. The fuel strainer is responsible for straining the fuel. However, a clogged strainer can’t work properly. Clear the clog and refuel to eliminate the problem.
  • Wrong timer settings can prevent the heater from starting. Press the timer ‘Auto’ button again to set the timer to auto. It will resolve the issue.
  • Check your power connections. Make sure that the AC plug is connected properly to the outlet. Inspect the circuit breaker as well.

2. Automatic Timer Not Working

Improper settings of the timer, power failure, and operation switch malfunction are the possible reasons behind this problem. Rest assured, the solution is very easy.


  • Turn on the Operation switch. 
  • Check the timer settings. Make sure that the timer settings are set to Auto instead of Manual. Now, check the timer. Set a proper time to ensure the heating process.
  • Make sure that the AC cord is well connected to a wall outlet. Make sure that the circuit breaker is intact. 

3. Monitor 2400 Heater Making Loud Sounds

As you know, the heater is made out of numerous metallic components. The metal expands to heat, making rattling and crackling sounds. So, such sounds are quite normal and will go away after some time.

However, the issue begins when the Monitor heater makes loud noises while combusting. It is dangerous. A loose fuel connection is responsible in such cases.


  • Let the heater cool down completely.
  • Check all the connections, especially fuel components. Make sure that all the connections are tightened properly.

4. Monitor Kerosene Heater Going Off After Ignition

This can happen for a couple of reasons. The first reason can be air trapped inside the fuel line. And the latter is low fuel. Either way, you can easily solve the issue.


  • Turn on the heater. Press the fuel ejection button on the right-hand side and slowly release it 2 or 3 times. It will allow the air bubble to escape. 
  • Refuel the heater if the fuel level is low.

5. Monitor Heater Not Generating Enough Flames

Do not panic. It’s perhaps a silly problem. Flames are not enough just because the heater is not turned on to the desired level.

However, in some cases, a loose fuel connection can be a logical reason. Whatever the case is, you can repair it all by yourself. Follow the said steps to find a fitting remedy.


  • Increase the heater level and inspect the flame. It should raise.
  • Turn off the heater and let it cool down.
  • Tighten all the fuel connections and turn the heater back on.

6. Visible Soot Inside the Burner Window

Blocked airway, obstruction in the combustion air intake system, and combustion fan malfunction will not pass the gas properly.

In such cases, the gas will form a flaky powder. This substance will then develop inside the burner window. The solution is simple. Follow the said procedure to eliminate the threat.


  • Turn off the heater and let it cool down completely.
  • Take out the combustion air intake system and inspect it for any clog or obstructions. Clean it properly and place it carefully back again.
  • Make sure that the combustion fan blades are cleaned properly.
  • Do not cover up the airway. Place the heater with sufficient room on every side.

7. Heater Shifting to Manual Automatically

A quick power failure or interruption can result in shifting the settings. In other cases, accidental resets can shift the heater from auto to manual automatically.


  • Make sure that the heater is getting sufficient power from the power outlet. 
  • Connect the plug properly.
  • Set the heater from manual to auto again.


How often should you clean your Monitor Heater?

You should clean the heater with a brush every time you are cleaning the room. A gentle brush on the grill will clean any debris. 

How often will your Monitor Heater require maintenance?

You should conduct regular maintenance of your heater every three years.

Where can You find Monitor 2400 Heater parts?

Unfortunately, Monitor Heaters and its parts are discontinued by the company. So, it is quite impossible to find the right parts nowadays.

What type of Fuel does Monitor Heater need?

Monitor heaters require kerosene or low sulfur No. 1 oil.

Final Words

We believe that our solutions were very useful in fixing your Monitor 2400 heater problems. In other terms, you will need our help. Feel free to reach out. 

Our experts will respond in no time. Lastly, share your thoughts, and write your valuable feedback in the comment section below.

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14 thoughts on “Monitor 2400 Heater Problems [7 Easy Solutions]”

    • Hi Sue

      As the control board is the central operator of your heater that controls the function of the ignition, flame sensor, and blower motor. A faulty control board may be the reason behind your issue. First, check for loose wairing and tighten them to fix.

      If it doesn’t work, take help from a technician.


  1. My 2400 series comes on and burns for a few minutes then goes off and says e13 I have cleaned it agian and agian and found a Crack in the dome that goes on top of the flame could that be my problem?thanks for any help you might have for me..

    • Hi Louis

      Generally, this type of shutting-off issue happens due to air trapped inside the fuel line or low fuel.

      1. Turn on the heater. Press the fuel ejection button on the right-hand side and slowly release it 2 or 3 times. It will allow the air bubble to escape.
      2. Refuel the heater if the fuel level is low.

      Hopefully, you will get the solution.

      Wish you all the best.

    • Hi Frank

      First, check the heat exchanger that may be cracked and responsible for the issue. In fact, it is a heat exchanger that carries out the fumes from the heater’s combustion chamber & passes them away from your home.

      Well, to solve the chemical smell issue, fix the heat exchanger when you get it faulty.
      But if you find the heat exchanger is ok & such a smell coming out, please contact the Monitor customer support center.

      Wish you all the best.

  2. My 2400 has a E13 when I try and use it. I’ve tried pressing the air bleed button down and slowly releasing it 3 times. burn lite comes on a few minutes later and goes off a few minutes later. I don’t see any flame in the window, but I can feel some heat coming out on the back side of the unit by the fan, and then after a few minutes the E13 light comes on.

  3. Recently installed a monitor heater and it has slow drip in fuel line where it connects to heater … does anyone know what I can do to fix the problem? I’ve tried undoing the line and reinstalling fuel line and still a slow leak . Is there a fitting or something I can use to seal the line where it leaks ?

    • Hi Stacy

      To seal the leak, first locate it again & try to seal it using a sealing compound that is formulated to resist oil.

      Well, if it doesn’t work, you need to replace the fuel line.

      Best of luck!

  4. My monitor mpi 2400 will not start it keeps showing an E 8 code. Does any one. Still service these and if so I’m in Monroe county pa

  5. The auto feature on my 2400 will not come back on following a power failure. I re-programmed everything but the light on the auto button will not come back on; every time I press it, it flashes 88:88 5 times and then shows the correct day & time that I set, but it will not work on auto. I had no problem with re-programming after a previous power outage. I have turned it off and back on again and re-programmed it again with same result. Thoughts?


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