How To Install A Pellet Stove in a Corner [7 Simple Steps]

Wondering how to install a pellet stove in a corner? Don’t worry, we have got you back. Reading this article, you can install a pellet stove of your own. You just need some tools and techniques of a carpenter. To know the pellet stove installation process in detail, keep reading down below.  

How To Install A Pellet Stove in a Corner [7 Simple Steps]

The overall process of installing a pellet stove in a corner is very easy and simple. It does not require too much labor. You only have to choose the right product and install it in a corner of your house following our guides:

Step: 1

Set up a pad in the place where you want to install it. The pad must be fireproof. For installation, first, fit a fireproof pad to the corner floor.

Step: 2

Take a circle on the wall of the room the size of the pipe from the stove. In that case, you can take the help of a professional to drill the walls. Now drill a 6-inch hole. In this hole, the pipe connected to the stove will go out. The inside of the room should be at the top of the pad.

Step: 3

Join the permanent vent pipe with the stove. Make an inch hole in the outer wall of the house.  Fix the end of the vent pipe with a hole. It will ensure proper maintenance of the combustible surface.

Now determine the outline of the wall vent pipe and move another line from the stove to another location. Next, remove the wall diameter from the wall and install a separate divider.

Step: 4

Now, you should trace the diameter of the thimble of the interior wall. You can use large dividers for this purpose. 

First, scrap the circle with the vent-pipe divider with the outliner and cut the outer part of the circle. Next, on the wall, you should scribe a circle. For this, you need to set the divider on the middle part of the outline. Then, by using a reciprocating saw, cut out the large circle. 

Step: 5

Make another hole in the external wall following the same process. The difference is here; you should mark the area where the exterior wall thimbles with the side of the house. 

Cover the pipe which will pass through the thimble with fireproof insulation. To fit the exterior thimble with slots cut off siding, create pressure on it. 

Step: 6

At this time, Connect the screen and elbow with the edge vent pipe. Against the wall, drive the mounting plate flush then; by using four screws, fix it. Seal all of the connections of the vent pipe with silicone caulk which can tolerate high heat. 

Then add the exhaust pipe with the stove’s rear part. These pipes need to be connected for fresh ventilation. The intake vent will also add a back part. Then tighten the hose-clamp attachment. 

Step: 7

At the end of the exhaust vent, add an elbow. Now, join it with the thimble of the interior wall. Then screw the elbow vent pipe. Finally, load the hopper with a wood pallet and plug in the stove and confirm if it operates properly or not.

Reasons To Buy A Corner Pellet Stove

A pellet stove is a great addition to your home. It doesn’t require too much maintenance and you will face fewer troubles with your pellet stove. However, now let’s know what facilities you will enjoy installing a corner pellet stove.

Requires a Tiny Place:

Do you know in such a small place you can install a corner stove? The fireplace requires too much space. If there is a small place in your home, you may want the stove. You can set the stove in the corner of your house in a tiny place. Thus you can enjoy a heating facility in cold conditions in your tiny home. 


The maintenance cost of a pellet stove is not too high. The pallet is not too expensive. You can buy a 1kg pallet for between €0.30 to €0.36. So you can buy 15 kg pellets for €4. If you want to buy a ton of pallets, the price will be €0.26 to €0.30 per kg. 

Simple Using Process:

From the overall process of installing a pellet stove in a corner, we can see that it is very easy to install. The using process is also simple. You don’t need any matches, paper, or other things like this. 

You will not face any problems with lighting a pellet stove. Because it has electric igniters. The pellet stove contains a thermostat. With its help, the fire will burn automatically. The advanced stove has some additional facilities like programming, smartphone control, remote control, internet control system, etc. 

Does not Require a Chimney:

The pellet stove does not require the traditional chimney. Instead, it contains a tube through which it excludes the smoke. For this reason, you can set it near the wall or under the ceiling or plug the socket safely. The air enters into it with suction and an exhaust tube. 

Have a Few Emissions:

If you compare the emissions with the traditional ones, its emission is too low. It indicates that the corner pellet stove is also an environmentally friendly way of heating your home.


How far does a pellet stove require to be away from the wall?

Ans: Putting in your stove, they can generally be placed 1 to 3 inches from the returned wall and 6 to 7 inches from the sidewalls. However, because of the heat they generate, pellet stoves need to be at least 36 inches from fixtures and draperies and placed out of the principal foot-site visitor’s areas, especially in families with small children. 

Can I install a pellet stove myself?

Ans: Yes, you can install a stove by yourself. The process of how to install a corner stove is very easy. To set up a pellet stove for your very own, you have to finish quite some steps. These steps are:

  • Attaching a vent pipe
  • Cutting a hollow in your wall
  • Positioning the pellet range effectively.
  • Securing the stove in the location

Do pellet stoves need wall protection?

Ans: Yes, it would help if you guarded the wall against pellet stoves. Also, Pellet stoves often offer a value-green heating opportunity to traditional fuel or electric-powered warms. They appear just like old wood stoves. However, they burn pellets of wood or corn or different substances like sawdust from time to time. Because there may be a real flame inside the range, it is crucial to protect any close-by timber items together with cabinets or furniture. 

How far away does furniture require to be from a pellet stove?

Ans: Pellet stoves ought to be at least 36 inches from furniture and draperies and located out of the central foot-visitors regions, specifically in households with small youngsters. 

Can I convert my wood stove to a pellet stove?

Yes, you can easily convert your wood stove to a pellet stove. You just need to have a conversion blower, a pellet hopper, and an auger system. Then set up all these pellets kits and convert the wood stove to a pellet stove.


We hope now you know well how to install a pellet stove in a corner effortlessly. So, if you have a pellet stove already, install it following our shown simple steps. 

But, if you don’t have one, buy one of the best pellet stoves and install it and enjoy a super cozy winter night. 

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