How To Reset Holmes Space Heater [7 Easy Steps]

Holmes Space Heaters often require resetting while facing issues. You see, unsuccessful attempts to reset can cause other issues. It may lead to complete system and hardware failure.

So, in today’s guide, we will tell you how to reset Holmes space heater properly. Plus, we will tell you which heater problem requires you to reset the heater to fix that trouble. So, learn in detail, go reading till the end… 

How To Reset Holmes Space Heater [7 Easy Steps]

Resetting your Holmes Space Heater doesn’t require any sort of expert knowledge. You can do it all by yourself. Many of you might wonder about the tools. Resetting Holmes Space Heaters doesn’t require any additional tools. All you need to do is to follow the said steps. Remember to conduct the instructions in order.

Step 1: Inspect the cause of heater failure. Your heater may require resetting for several reasons. Rest assured, we will be looking into all the possible reasons later on. Now, the first step is to eliminate the cause of the problem.

Step 2: For example, your Holmes Twin Ceramic Heater or other models may face overheating issues due to blocked airways. In such a situation, you will have to clear the blockage first.

Step 3: Now, as you have eliminated the cause, turn the heater off. In some models, turn the dial to the ‘OFF’ options. Some models may have a dedicated power switch. Then, follow this step carefully. As you have turned off your Holmes Heater, pull the plug out from the power outlet and put the thermostat setting to ‘HIGH’

Step 4: In digital thermostats, set the thermostat settings to manual. In some models, the thermostats have a ‘Reset’ option where you will not have to unplug the heater.

Step 5: Now, wait for 10 to 15 minutes and allow the Holmes Space Heater to cool down. It is very crucial while executing the resetting protocol.

Step 6: As the heater is completely cold, turn it back on, keeping the thermostat settings to ‘HIGH’. This is mandatory for resetting the thermostat sensor as well.

Step 7: Let the heater run for a little bit. Some heaters with automatic thermostats may blow cold air for the first 30 seconds. This allows the thermostat to have an accurate temperature reading.

4 Problems That Require Resetting Your Holmes Heater

Now, as we have learned how to reset your Holmes Heater, it is fitting to understand the issues which require such actions. Here are some of the problems.

1. Heater Not Working

In many cases, your Holmes Heater fan might be working but the heater is not heating. Thus, resulting in cold air. Many models come with ‘Only Fan’ settings. Inspect the settings properly. If it is set to the ‘heater’ settings, your Holmes heater will require a full reset.


  • The heater coils may malfunction sometimes. It will start working after a reset.
  • Damaged heaters can’t be fixed with a reset. In such an instance, call customer support.

2. Holmes Space Heater Overheating Issues

Holmes Space heater may overheat for several reasons which lead your Holmes heater shutting off. Then you need to reset your heater to fix the issue. Follow the list of causes behind overheating. 


  • Blocked or dirty air vents, obstructions, faulty fan motor or blades, and over-voltage may cause such problems.
  • Clear the blockage and then perform a reset.

3. Thermostat Issues

Thermostat settings can be a bit tricky for new users. Your Holmes Space heaters can only heat your room if the thermostat has higher temperature settings compared with the surroundings. Sometimes, the sensors can malfunction. In such instances, your Holmes Space Heater will require a reset.


4. Power Supply Issues

Usually, power supply issues don’t require resetting. These are caused by lost connections or inadequate power supply. However, you will have to reset it after a specific mishap.


  • You will have to reset your Holmes heater after you encounter an overvoltage. But, inspect your heaters first. Make sure that the components are healthy and intact. 


Why is your Holmes Space Heater not working?

In most cases, your fuse might have blown off. If other heavy components like refrigerators, ovens, or televisions are connected to the same fuse, it can trip down the circuit breaker. 

Are Holmes Space Heaters Safe?

Yes, Holmes Space Heaters are safe heating appliances. These heaters come with a bunch of safety features that are very efficient and effective. On top of that, it is compact and very user-friendly. 

How can you reset your Holmes Heater when Tip-Over Protection is on?

The tip-Over Protection protocol may trigger if your Holmes Space heater is knocked off. In such cases, your space heater won’t turn on. To restart it, simply place it upright and avoid placing it on uneven surfaces.

Can you use multiple Holmes heaters in your home?

Yes, you can use multiple Holmes Heaters. But, make sure that you have connected them to different circuit breakers. 

Final Thoughts

You have already read the ultimate guide on ‘How to Reset Holmes Space Heater’. Now, you can easily reset your heaters all by yourself. Just make sure that you follow the right instructions step-by-step.

Most importantly, do not forget to be cautious during the procedure. Nonetheless, reach out for any additional help regarding your Holmes Heaters. Our experts are always here for your help!

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