How To Turn off Cadet Wall Heater [4 Easy Methods] 

When you are wondering to know how to turn off Cadet wall heater, then you can simply follow the following methods.

  • Turning off the circuit breaker.
  • Disconnecting the power source.
  • Turn off using the ON/OFF switch.
  • And finally, you can turn off the thermostat to shut off your heater.

Let’s discuss the above methods in detail.

How to Turn Off Cadet Wall Heater [4 Easy Methods]

 Cadet Wall heater’s 4 turning off methods are the following:

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1. Turning Off The Circuit Breaker

The main control panel’s circuit breaker controls the heater’s lap. First, locate it and turn it off.

Next, shut down your wall heater’s electricity-receiving source. Then turn off the home’s circuit breaker for advanced security. 

2. Disconnecting The Power

Turn off the heater’s power. To turn off the Cadet Wall heater, shut down its running electricity. Disconnect the heater’s primary power supply source, and the heater will turn off. 

3. Use Heater’s On/Off Switch

The Cadet Wall heater has an ON/OFF switch, using which you can quickly turn off your heater. Turn the unit’s switch in an off position, and the wall heater will stop functioning. 

4. Turning Off the Thermostat or Setting It To Lower

The HVAC system’s brain is the thermostat, and it controls the wall heater’s heating system.

So, another method to turn off your Cadet wall heater is to turn off the thermostat or set it lower than the actual room temperature.

If you shut off your thermostat, the heater will stop getting a signal, and it will turn off.  


Do wall heaters shut off automatically?

Yes! The wall heaters shut off automatically. It shut off automatically because of the furnace sizing. The large gas wall heater is a culprit for this issue. Once it requires heat, it will turn on.

Why does my Cadet heater keep turning on and off?

Your Cadet Wall heater can automatically keep turning on and off because of lack of digital control, incorrect thermostat set up, short cycling, too much wattage, etc. All these factors contribute to the heater’s turning on and off issue.

How do I turn off the Cadet thermostat?

Your Cadet thermostat’s easy turning off way is to turn it down or left. For a digital cadet thermostat, you need to turn it down all the way. In the case of a mechanical thermostat, you need to dial it counterclockwise.

How do you turn on an electric baseboard heater?

To turn on an electric baseboard heater, you need to set the thermostat at desired temperature level. Once it reaches the temperature, the heater will turn on. If there is a sudden drop in programmed temperature, the heater will turn on again.

Why won’t my baseboard heater shut off?

Your baseboard heater may fail to shut off because of a faulty thermostat. Moreover, you will experience skyrocketing power bills because of a thermostat malfunction. Replace the defective thermostat, and it will again function properly.


Now you know how to turn off the Cadet Wall heater. Hopefully, you will now be able to turn off your Cadet Wall heater by yourself using any of the four methods.

Still, if you fail to get the job done, you can comment on your issue. Our experts will try to draw the solution for you.

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