How To Turn Off Heat And Glo Fireplace [2 Easy Methods]

Are you looking for a way to know how to turn off Heat and Glo fireplace? If yes, you don’t need to look further. Keep reading this article, and you will definitely learn how you can do it.

how to turn off Heat and Glo fireplace

You can turn off your Heat n Glo fireplace in two ways i) with a remote and ii) without a remote. Now we will discuss the details of these two ways. Let’s start…

How To Turn Off the Heat And Glo Fireplace With A Remote

Using your Heat n Glo fireplace remote control, you can quickly turn it off. The easy turnings off steps are the following: 

  1. Shut off the Heat n Glo fireplace’s gas supply valve
  2. Slightly press the fireplace’s valve knob if it remains lit
  3. Rotate the valve knob counter-clockwise until it reaches to ON position
  4. Finally, turn off the remote control’s switch

How To Turn Off Heat N Glo fireplace Without The Remote

To turn off your Heat n Glo fireplace without a remote, you need to follow the steps below. These steps are reversed to the fireplace’s turning-on process.

  1. The Heat n Glo fireplace consists of high heat settings and low heat settings switch. First, locate the high heat setting switch and turn it off.
  2. Now to turn the fireplace’s Heat off, you need to shut off the low heat setting switch. Find this one and put it off.
  3. Even after turning off the above two switches, your fireplace’s flame can remain in a turn-on situation. Thus to turn off the heat n Glo fireplace’s flames, you need to shut off the main switch. Locate the fireplace’s main power switch and turn it off again.
  4. Then turn off the wall socket switch. The wall socket switch allows the burner’s turn on. 
  5. See whether the wall socket’s power cable is in a plug-in position or not. If it remains plugged in, you need to remove the power cable to turn it off completely.

However, the Heat n Glo fireplace’s manual instruction suggests that at first, switch off the fireplace. And then unplug it later.

If you are not using any appliances for a long time, you should unplug that appliance from the socket or outlet. Follow the correct procedure and check the user manual when turning off your Heat n Glo fireplace.

How To Turn Off Heat And Glo Fireplace Pilot Light

Heat and Glo fireplace’s standing pilot light remains constantly on. Thus seasonally turning off it will save your money and energy substantially. To turn off your fireplace’s pilot light, you need to follow the steps below: 

  1. Open your Heat n Glo fireplace’s front door
  2. Turn off the pilot knob
  3. Turn off the fireplace’s gas shutoff valve

Following the above steps, you will easily be able to turn off your fireplace’s pilot light. 

Note: Read also how to turn on Heat and Glo fireplace with 3 easy methods.

Issues In Turning Off The Heat N Glo Fireplace

Sometimes even after following the above simple turning-off steps, your Heat n Glo fireplace may fail to turn off.

This problem could occur because of the over-stretched or tightly bent power cord. Again, the tripped breaker or fuse box switches could be responsible for creating a hindrance. 

If you see your fireplace is not turning off quickly, you should check the above causes. Inspect your Heat n Glo fireplace’s fuse and check it. Replace the damaged fuse if necessary. You can also try different wall sockets.


Where is the gas shut-off valve for the gas fireplace?

Usually, the gas fireplace’s control panel consists of the shut-off valve. Check the fireplace’s front screen behind, and you will get the control panel. The control panel also contains the gas flow knob to reduce or increase the flow.

How do I reset my electric fireplace remote?

To reset the electric fireplace’s remote, just push the reset button. You will get the reset button between two plugs at the outlet’s face. However, for the wall switch, ensure the ON position. Otherwise, it can create issues.

How do I get more heat out of my vented gas fireplace?

To get more heat from your vented gas fireplace, you must set the thermostat at maximum value. Next, properly sealed the fireplace and damper so that warm air couldn’t escape. Then, use a blower and evenly spread the warm air.

Why is my gas fireplace hot when off?

The gas fireplace’s pilot light generates heat in small amounts as it always remains on. As a result, if you touch the fireplace’s glass door, you will feel a warm touch. You can fix this issue by shutting off the pilot light seasonally. 

How much does it cost to keep the pilot light on a gas fireplace?

For your fireplace’s standing pilot light, on average, you may cost: per year $219 for natural gas and $657 for liquid propane. However, the intermittent fireplace pilot light system can reduce this cost significantly. 


Now you know all the steps of how to turn off Heat n Glo fireplace with a remote and without a remote. Hopefully, you will now be able to turn off your electric fireplace successfully by yourself.

You can also follow the Heat n Glo fireplace’s user manual to understand the process more clearly. Then, comment and let us know whether you successfully turned it off or not.

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