Why Louisiana Pellet Grill Not Heating Up + How To Fix [Solved]

Your Louisiana pellet grill not heating up because of poor-quality pellets, an incorrect temperature setting, a faulty auger, sensor issues, windy weather outside, and so on.

Whatever the troubles, you can simply fix them by using high-quality pellets and inspecting your grill regularly.

louisiana pellet grill not heating up

However, we have come up with an ultimate solution to why your Louisiana grill is not reaching the desired temperature.

So, after going through our article, definitely, you will be capable of solving the temp fluctuation problems by yourself. Let’s get started.

Louisiana Pellet Grill Not Heating Up [9 Easy Solutions]

Here are the most common reasons why your Louisiana grill not heating up with their simple solutions.

louisiana pellet grill

So, read between the lines to fix and get maximum heat.

1. Low-Quality Pellet

The Poor-quality pellet is one of the major culprits for your Louisiana pellet grill not getting up to the right temperature. Your grill’s hopper or fire pot may be jammed because of using poor-quality wood pellets. Then, you will find extra dust and debris in the fire pot.

low-quality pellet

Plus, old, wet, and moisture-logged pellets are also mostly responsible for the issue. Because it breaks down easily and stores ashes in the hopper. As a result, your grill is struggling to generate the desired temperature for grilling.

On the other hand, leaving pellets in the hopper for a long time is another cause of not reaching the anticipated temperature. Here are the tips on how to fix the issue.


  • Don’t compromise on using fresh, dry, and high-quality wood pellets.
  • It is best to use air-tight containers for pellets.
  • You can simply collect pure pellets from the wood pellet service provider.
  • Empty the pellet hopper and replace the pellet every time you use it.
  • Never leave your pellets in the hopper for more than 2 weeks.

Hopefully, your grill will generate enough heat.

2. Faulty Temperature Setting

Improper time and temperature setting is other major reason for creating inconsistent heat on your Louisiana grill. Because a proper temp setting plays a vital role in reaching the ideal heat for the grill.

On the other hand, preheating is essential to get your ambient temperature before starting cooking. It takes 10–15 minutes to heat up. Without preheating, it may fail to produce enough heat. Hence, you can’t expect to have an ideal recipe without knowing the proper temp setting. 


  • Ensure your pellet grill is on the lowest setting when you are turning on your grill.
  • Tap the proper temperature setting button to get the adjusted temp.
  • Then, adjust the arrow keys to set the grill’s average temperature to get the anticipated heat. 
  • Wait until the temperature reaches a stabilized condition.
  • After igniting, turn on the control knob to the PREHEAT setting. 
  • Re-check that the heating systems are OK.
  • Ensure that your grill is in the ‘COOK’ mood.

And now, hopefully, the setting will work smoothly to heat up your grill.

3. Opening Lid Frequently

When you keep opening the lid of the grill too frequently, the vapors come out and it doesn’t let the temperature stabilize. Consequently, the grill can’t provide more effort into increasing the heat and compensating for the loss.


First, make sure your grill’s lid is tight enough after loading food. Then, to avoid opening the lid too often, use a meat probe that fits your Louisiana grill.

4. Grilling In Adverse Weather

Weather conditions and outside temps play a vital role in grilling properly. Hence, if you set up your pellet grill in windy and cold weather, the grill may maltreat to create high heat. This rough weather may obstruct the fans’ ability to produce airflow sufficiently.

Besides, windy conditions can completely stop your pellet grill from obtaining ambient heat. It also indicates your grill is operating at too low of a temperature. So, the situation causes low temperatures due to windy conditions rather than cold weather. Let’s have an easy solution to the problem.


Set your Louisiana grill in such a weather condition where the wind can’t sweep through it that it affects heating problems. Then, have a quick look to see if the inducer fan is swinging. So, try to avoid setting up your pellet grill in harsh weather and enjoy delicious grilling.

5. Defective/Broken Augur

A defective auger is mostly responsible for not reaching the maximum heat of the grill. Because an auger helps to feed the wood pellets from the hopper into the fire burn pot. Hence, when the auger is damaged or defective, the grill is unable to ignite the pellets in the hopper.

On the other hand, if the auger screw gets jumped by pellet dust or overloaded pellets, it can’t maintain a consistent temperature. Similarly, a defective auger motor is also responsible for not generating high heat. Here is an easy solution to fix the problem.


  • First of all, cleaning the auger clog is the best solution for the auger issue.
  • Use a rubber mallet to tap on it.
  • Even if it doesn’t work well, replace the auger.
  • For this purpose, if you are not inclined to do so, You can simply watch the below tutorial video on how to replace the auger and auger motor.

6. Inadequate Fuel & Airflow

The lack of fuel and airflow is another common reason for your Louisiana grill not to get high heat. The grill won’t maintain a stable temperature if it doesn’t get enough airflow. And this problem may happen because of filling with ash and pellet blockage. As a result, it may maltreat and lose heat.

At the same time, a pellet grill may not heat up due to a lack of enough fuel in the tank. If you have run out of fuel, the grill causes the temperature to swing. This can cause the heat to cool down.


  • Ensure the burning gate to see whether it gets jumped with extra ash to produce enough heat. If you find any blockage, don’t wait to clean it to ensure sufficient airflow without any interruptions.
  • Be sure the fan is moving to produce sufficient airflow.
  • Ensure that you don’t run out of fuel in the tank. If needed, load the tank with fuel.
  • Always check for enough fuel when cooking.

Now, your Louisiana grill should maintain stable heat.

7. Temperature Sensor Problems

The temperature sensor probe allows consistent temperatures for the control board. The device can’t measure internal temperature if the pellet grill gets dirty or wet. So, if the temperature probe fails to measure the temperature properly, the grill won’t heat up properly.

To fix the issue, you need to remove or replace the device from your Louisiana grill. So, follow the steps to replace it.


  • First, remove all the access panels from the bottom of the unit to clean or dry the temp probe.
  • Now, you can wash the TEMP probe gently with a soft cloth and spray hot water with soap on it.
  • Yet, if it doesn’t work, you can replace it by removing all the screws holding the interior and exterior side panels from the grill.
  • Then, remove the fans’ wire completely.
  • Remove the wire clips from the backside of the grill and disconnect the probe wires from their extensions.
  • Now the temp probe has been removed completely.

Let’s get started on its replacement.

  • Use a screw to attach the probe wires to the plate and run them along the backside of the grill.
  • Join the probe wires inside of the main chamber.
  • Screw the interior and exterior side panels back on the grill.
  • If you are not good at replacing the parts, you can simply watch the below video to get the solution:

8. Problems With Inducer Fan

Your grill smokes well when the induction fans help to stoke the flame with no obstruction. You will hear the fan after starting the grill. In fact, the fan provides the flame oxygen to get ambient heat.

Your Louisiana grill will not reach high heat if the wire connection between the fan and the control knob gets obstructed, damaged, or loosed. 


  • First, check the fan’s blade for a clog with grease stuck on it. After 4-5 cooks, clean the fan with a degreaser and warm or soapy water if it is obstructed by dirt and debris.
  • Make sure the wire connections to the control board are fine. If the connection gets loosened, tighten it up. Otherwise, having it damaged, you will need to wire the fan’s blade.
  • Lastly, if the tips don’t still work, change the entire part. You can call the Louisiana Pellet Grill customer service to replace it with a new one.

9. Internal Malfunction Of Grill

Also, your Louisiana Grill is not heating up due to some internal issues. For example, if the burning gate, heat baffle, hot rod, digital display, blown fuse, or thermocouple has been jumped, damaged, or worn out, it won’t reach the ambient temperature. All the parts may cause ignition problems. 


  • Replace the defective parts once you’ve identified them. If you are not mechanically inclined to replace them, you can contact Louisiana Grill customer care for repair.
  • Inspect the internal parts regularly.
  • Take care of your grill after every use.


Why is my Louisiana grill not maintaining the temperature?

Your Louisiana pellet grill is not maintaining temperature due to a dirty burn pot, insufficient air flow, outdoor temperature, and wind as well. Besides, frequently changing the temp setting is also responsible for the fluctuation of the temperature.

How does a Pellet Grill generate heat?

A pallet grill requires power to run the digital screen and move the auger to feed the pellets to the firepot. Actually, the grill generates ambient heat with the help of the wood pellets and the inducer fan.

How do you clean dust and debris from the pellet grill?

At first, open the hopper of the grill and empty it out. Then, vacuum all out the dust from there. Finally, brush with a soft cloth with a cleaner to clean the dust of the smokestack.

How long does it take a pellet grill to warm up?

After completing preheat, a pellet grill normally takes only 10–15 minutes to heat up. It takes 10 minutes refers when it comes to “Low & Slow’ smoking. Make sure the lid is closed tightly

Why is my Louisiana Grill temp falling down?

Your grill’s temperature is falling down because of using poor-quality wood pellets, and a lot of ashes stored in the fire pot. So, use a good-quality pellet and clean out the ash burner regularly.


We have figured out the common culprits throughout our article that prevent your Louisiana pellet grill from heating up. So, follow our troubleshooting guides whenever you struggle with your pellet grill not reaching maximum heat and simply fix it by yourself.

And finally, don’t hesitate to let us know in the comment box if you are in any other trouble with your grill. We will come to you ASAP with the possible solution. 

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