Louisiana Grill Temperature Problems [4 Easy Solutions]

Grill not maintaining or holding temperature, running hotter, and temperature fluctuating are some common Louisiana Grill temperature problems. These temp issues will occur due to insufficient airflow, dirty burn port, and outdoor temperature & wind. Also, a dirty or wet temperature probe can cause grill temperature problems. 

louisiana grill temperature problems 

Fortunately, we have come to you with the Louisiana Grill Troubleshooting guide to fix the temperature issues. So, keep reading to solve & gain the ambient grill temp. 

Louisiana Grill Temperature Problems [4 Easy Solutions]

Here are the common temperature problems of your Louisiana Pellet Grill and their solutions. 

1. Louisiana Grills Not Maintaining Temperature

Your Louisiana Grill won’t achieve or maintain a stable cooking temperature if the grill gets insufficient airflow. Plus, not having enough pellets in the hopper is also responsible for not gaining ambient cooking temp.

louisiana grills not maintaining temperature

Turns out, your pellet grill may not be set on COOK mode which can also be the reason for your grill not producing sufficient temperature


Firstly, check the burn grate for ash build-up. If it gets filled with ash, air won’t flow through it. Clean the burn grate after every cook. Also, ensure the burn grate is seated properly in the burn pot.

Don’t forget to check the air intake for blockage. If there is any obstruction, clear it to let the air flow uninterruptedly. 

Secondly, inspect the hopper to see whether there is enough fuel or not. If not, fill the hopper with wood pellets. Make sure you put high-quality pellets in the hopper. 

And lastly, take your eyes off the temperature setting to see whether you set the grill on Cook mode or not. Set it to Cook mode. 

2. Louisiana Grill Not Holding Temperature

A grill can’t hold the cooking temperature for multiple reasons. Among them, outdoor temperature & windy conditions are the main culprits that prevent your pellet grill from reaching its top-end temp.

louisiana grill not holding temperature

Therefore, too cold weather is responsible for not getting the grill to hold the ambient cooking temperature. 


Move your Louisiana Grill to such a location to protect it from the outside temperature and wind. If the outdoor environment is too cold, we recommend you cover your grill with the best grill covers and blankets. 

3. Louisiana Pellet Grill Getting Too Hot

Your Louisiana Pellet Grill is way too hot! We bet you don’t start it up correctly. The temperature of the grill will climb like crazy if you fail to start the grill up properly.

louisiana pellet grill getting too hot

A burn pot filled with ash and wood dust can also be the culprit behind running the grill too hot. Therefore, your pellet grill will get too hot if a grease fire occurs. 


Start your pellet grill up correctly. Make sure you keep the lid open and set it to the smoke setting. Then, close the lid and go to your desired temperature setting. 

Secondly, check the burn pot for ash buildup. If the burn pot is filled with ash, clean the burn pot by removing ash & wood dust. 

Your grill will run hotter if a grease fire occurs. And the grease fire will happen if the internal grill components like the cooking grate get dirty.

To solve this issue, turn off your grill first and let it cool. Then, pull out the internal parts and wash them evenly.

Yet, if you find your Louisiana is still running too hot, then you can read our ultimate solution guide on how to fix the Louisiana pellet grill overheating issue by yourself.

4. Actual Temperature Reads 32° F

This problem will happen if the internal temperature probe of the pellet grill gets dirty. Also, you will encounter this temp issue if the probe gets wet somehow. 

temperature reads 32° F


Use a soft cloth and spray hot water with soap on it. Then, wash the temperature probe gently. You can also use a mildly abrasive sponge to wipe away the temp probe. 

If the temp probe gets wet, use a hairdryer to dry the probe. Keep in mind, you should remove the access panel from the bottom of the unit to clean or dry the temp probe. 


How do you adjust the temperature on a Louisiana grill?

Firstly, you should preheat your grill. Regarding this, tap on the TEMP button to get the setpoint temperature on the display. Then, click on the Temperature Adjust Arrows to set the temperature to 121°C for the first 20 minutes to preheat the grill. Then, set your desired temperature using the Temperature Adjust Arrows. 

Why does my pellet grill temperature fluctuate?

The following reasons are responsible for fluctuating your grill temperature: 

  • Cold weather
  • You may open the grill lid frequently
  • Load the cooking grate with a lot of food
  • Insufficient airflow
  • You may change the temperature often

At what temperature do wood pellets smoke?

You will get the most smokes from your pellet grill by setting the temperature between 225 to 250 degrees. 


Gaining the ambient cooking temperature on a Louisiana grill is a must to cook a delicious & mouthwatering meal. But you will go through some temperature problems.

Above, we mentioned the reasons that cause the Louisiana Grill temperature issues. At the same time, we also broke down how to troubleshoot those temperature problems. So, follow our guide to fixing the temp issue of your Louisiana Grill.

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8 thoughts on “Louisiana Grill Temperature Problems [4 Easy Solutions]”

  1. I’m smoking a turkey for a group of friends. My grill will not cool down or run at a low temp. 350-400 and I am on the lowest smoke setting. I have the lid propped up to vent. I can hear the pellets steadily dropping. Maybe eating turkey jerky.

    • Hi Scott

      Your grill won’t run at a low temperature may be due to one or more reasons like a blocked fire pot, moist pellets, defective auger, or bad weather conditions.

      To solve the issue, first, try cleaning firepot and check the pellets whether they are moist or dry. If you get them wet, dry them or use fresh and dry wood pellets. Plus, ensure the auger is working without any issue.

      Hope you will get the solution.

      But if it doesn’t work, take help from the Louisiana customer support center.

      Wish you all the best.

  2. My Louisiana says it’s at 549 degrees F but actual temp is 250 which I set it at.
    3 rd time cooking on it end result very good but have no idea what temp it’s at unless I have a internal one on and cook times are the same as my old traeger
    Have you ever heard of this issue before?

    • Hi Dave

      The temperature of your Louisiana grill swing from its set temp if you install the flame boiler incorrectly. Also, you will get inconsistent temp if the flame slide cover is not closed all the way.

      Check and fix these issues. Plus, ensure sufficient airflow, a clean burn port, and a clean & dry temperature probe.

      Also, it will be helpful to read our solution guide on Louisiana pellet grill getting too hot.

      Hopefully, you will get the solution.

      Happy grilling!

  3. Hello, so my Louisiana pellet grill always seems to have an ambient temp that is 25°F – 50°F higher than what it reads wondering if this is normal or if I should try a new ambient tamp sensor for it? I just end up going about 30° lower than what the recipe calls for and hope for the best.
    Thanks for your thoughts on this

    • Hi Darin

      Generally, the Lousiana grill controls temperature by turning on and off the auger during specific intervals & as a result temperature may swing at +/- 25 degrees which is normal.

      Well, you can take some measures to check the temperature swing issue like start your pellet grill up correctly. Make sure you keep the lid open and set it to the smoke setting. Then, close the lid and go to your desired temperature setting. Secondly, check the burn pot for ash buildup. If the burn pot is filled with ash, clean the burn pot by removing ash & wood dust.
      However, it will be helpfull for you to read our solution guide on Louisiana pellet grill getting too hot.
      Wish you all the best with happy grilling!

  4. Most everything seems to be working as it should. Temp readings seems to be correct the issue I have is once the set temp is reached, the pellets continue to be feed. What would be the fix to this

    • Hi Oscar

      Your pellet grill keeps feeding pellets due to one or more reasons like bad wiring, a bad auger, or a weak fan.

      Well, to fix the issue, first, inspect all the wiring connections & ensure they are in proper condition. Also, check the auger & fan & then fix them if you get them defective. Plus, clean your grill thoroughly.

      Hopefully, your grill problem will be solved.

      Best of luck!


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