Masterbuilt Smoker Not Turning On [7 Easy Solutions]

Your Masterbuilt smoker won’t turn on because of the thermostat failure, damaged power appliances, malfunctioning smoker controller, poor quality heating elements, wrong temperature setting, and damaged extension cord.

Whatever the reasons behind your Masterbuilt smoker not turning on, this article will precisely explore all the possible causes and associated solutions to them.

masterbuilt smoker not turning on

So, if you are struggling with the smoker turning on issue, don’t skip the article till the end. You will definitely get the perfect as well as simple solutions.

Masterbuilt Smoker Not Turning On [7 Easy Solutions]

Usually, without giving much trouble, the Masterbuilt smoker runs smoothly. But it has some issues along its way, which hinder the easy turning on of the Masterbuilt smoker. The reasons and solutions are the following:

1. Thermostat Failure

Thermostat failure in a Masterbuilt smoker causes its inefficient operation which fails to turn on. Malfunction in the thermostat caused by four main reasons and those are:

  • Overheating smoker
  • Sludge in thermostat
  • Defective and aged thermostat
  • Continuous running or frequent short cycling


A malfunctioning thermostat hinders the smoker’s smooth operation. Thus, you should replace it first. The other solutions are the following:

  • Check the smoker whether it’s overheating or not and repair it
  • Dirty thermostats trigger short cycling; thus cleaning it
  • Replaced the aged and defective thermostat
  • Make sure that it is not running continuously

2. Damaged Power Appliances

Turning on the Masterbuilt smoker requires power. It gets power from various appliances, including power supply cords, wires, outlets, circuit boards, etc.

The damaged power appliances hinder smokers from turning on the process. The reasons responsible for the damaged power appliances are:

  • Circuit breaker problems
  • Dead outlet
  • Frequent electricity sags, surges, or dips
  • Damaged outdoor power lines
  • Bad electrical wiring


Power-supplying appliances are the base of turning on of Masterbuilt smoker. Thus if there is anything wrong with the power appliances, the whole process will go wrong. The solutions to this problem are the following:

  • Contact a technician and check the circuit breaker and replace it if required
  • Replace or repair the dead outlet
  • Use high-quality wire in the power connection to ensure a smooth electricity supply
  • Replace the bad electrical wire and damaged power line

3. Malfunctioning Smoker Controller

The controller is an essential component of the Masterbuilt smoker. If your smoker controller malfunctions, your Masterbuilt smoker won’t turn on. The common reasons behind the controller malfunctioning are:

  • Blank, locked, or scrambled display
  • The controller doesn’t have the primary AC power
  • The controller fails to recognize the module
  • The sensor fails to shut off the controller
  • The smoker display shows an error code


Before solving the malfunctioning controller problems, a visual inspection is essential. Hire a technician to solve the problem of your controller’s defects. The other solutions are:

  • Check the primary AC power and main circuit breaker
  • Install the modules properly and reset the controller
  • Conduct a manual test and quick inspection of the sensor operation
  • Check sensor wiring and sensor

4. Poor Quality Heating Element

The poor-quality heating element in your Masterbuilt smoker is another culprit for which the smoker stops turning on.

If you don’t clean the smoker regularly, it can create corrosion in the heating element. The small copper connector erodes because of the moisture and heat in the smoker.


While purchasing the Masterbuilt smoker, ensure that its heating element is high quality. And regularly clean the dirt and debris from your smoker to prevent corrosion.

Replace the malfunctioned connector and make sure that it goes smoothly with the heating element. Finally, if you find the heating element is faulty, replace the heating element with a new one.

5. Improper Temperature Setting

If you set the temperature of your Masterbuilt smoker below 40 degrees Fahrenheit, it won’t turn on. Temperature setting is an essential function in running the Masterbuilt smoker smoothly.

The improper temperature at the smoker will not trigger it to turn on. The causes of this problem are:

  • Smoker fails to get enough hot
  • Smoker overheating
  • Temperature control issues


You need to warm up the smoker’s temperature to 40 degrees Fahrenheit, and it will work smoothly.

Make sure that the smoker’s temperature is above the required minimum level. 100–275 degrees Fahrenheit is the exact cooking temperature in a Masterbuilt electric smoker. The solutions are:

  • Set the temperature at the precise status and ensure that the smoker is getting enough hot
  • Contact a technician to solve the sm0oker overheating problem
  • Only a professional and an expert technician can solve the temperature control issues

6. Faulty Power Light

When the power light of your Masterbuilt smoker doesn’t turn on, it creates a hindrance in turning on the smoker itself. The probable causes of this problem are the following:

  • Improper plugging of smoker power light into the wall
  • The controller wire connector and smoker are not connected
  • Tripping house fuse


In case of faulty power light of the Masterbuilt smoker, you should follow the solutions below:

  • Check household fuse. If the fuse is blown, replace it
  • Check connections

7. Damaged Extension Cord

The Masterbuilt smoker’s damaged extension cord can cause a fire in the smoker, and it also prevents the smoker from turning on.

The extension cord of your smoker can become damaged or frayed because of the following causes:

  • Heavy use of extension cord
  • Aged or outdated cord
  • Excessive current flow


If the extension cord of your smoker becomes damaged, don’t even expect that it will turn on.

Instead, hire a technician to check the extension cord and replace it if required. The other solution to this problem is the following:

  • Avoid the heavy use of both the smoker and the extension cord. Excessive use of anything reduces its expected lifespan, and the same is applicable to cable.
  • Replace the expired, aged, or outdated cord from your smoker
  • Ensure sufficient flow of current through the wire


How to turn on the Masterbuilt smoker?

First, ensure that the water box and other Masterbuilt smoker equipment are in the right place. Then, switch on the electric smoker by plugging it into the closest socket. Temperature set at 275 degrees and put the 3 hours timer.

How long do Masterbuilt smokers last?

2-3 hours is the lasting time for dry wood chips in a Masterbuilt smoker, and it’s 4-6 hours for soaked wood chips. Use the pellet also but avoid filling it all the way; the cap will last or remain open for 8 hours.

Why does the Masterbuilt electric smoker keep tripping the breaker?

The Masterbuilt electric smoker keeps tripping breakers because of the heating elements dripping moisture. If the heating element of the smoker has excessive moisture, the smoker could trap it inside.

How often should you add wood chips to the Masterbuilt smoker?

One cup of wood chip’s general lasting time is 4-5 hours. Therefore, don’t open the Masterbuilt smoker door and monitor the smoke levels continuously. Instead, add the wood chips at every 4 hours of the interval and do it until the end of cooking time.

Do you put water on your Masterbuilt smoker?

Water is a practical element to control the smoker’s temperature, and it’s a compelling element. The smoker chamber got humidity from the pan’s water, preventing the meats from drying out. In addition, putting water on the smoker adds flavor to smoking foods.


The above problems are prominent issues that cause Masterbuilt smokers not to turn on. We explored all the issues specifically and provided you with the possible easy and simple solutions to each reason.

Hopefully, now you can fix your Masterbuilt smoker not turning struggle by yourself. Now, you can let us know in the comment box if you did find this article helpful for you or not.

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    • Hi Alvin

      Generally, a Masterbuilt smoker won’t turn on because of one or more reasons like the thermostat failure, damaged power appliances, malfunctioning smoker controller, poor quality heating elements, wrong temperature setting, and damaged extension cord.

      However, as your smoker is not turning on after setting the temp, the main culprit behind the issue could be a malfunctioning smoker controller. To solve the issue, follow our solution guide on malfunctioning smoker controller section in the article.

      Hopefully, you will get the solution.

      Wish you all the best.

  1. After replacing the control panel twice and trying different outlets. My smoker still will not turn on. It is only 4 month old. I was told to disconnect the digital controller and the power circuit board from the unit for 30-40 minutes as this does a hard reset. Is that the control panel on top and if so I did and nothing happens. Please help

    • Hi Jim
      Generally, the Masterbuilt smoker won’t turn on due to one or more reasons like the thermostat failure, damaged power appliances, malfunctioning smoker controller, poor quality heating elements, wrong temperature setting, and damaged extension cord.

      Well, as your smoker is only 4 months old, it must have warranty coverage. So, it would be wise to contact the Masterbuilt customer support center to check out your smoker before any repair.

      Alternatively, you can take help from your local Masterbuilt dealer.

      And yes, you are right. The control panel is located on top of your smoker.

      Hopefully, your issue will be solved.

      Have a great day!


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