Modine Heater Won’t Ignite [7 Easy Solutions]

When you turn on the garage heater, you will sometimes notice that the fan and light work, but the burner doesn’t work. Now, there are quite a few causes why the Modine heater won’t ignite, but the primary reason is defects in the gas valve.

modine heater won’t ignite

However, repairing and replacing the gas valve is easy and won’t be heavy on your pockets. Other than that, loose wiring, a faulty sensor, defected controller, and many more reasons contribute to the heater ignition issue.

So, continue reading to know details about these issues and how to fix them.

Reasons Why Modine Heater Won’t Ignite [7 Easy Solutions]

Let us take a look at the reasons that result in the Modine heater burner not igniting. Not only that, but we will also discuss the solutions to these issues in detail as well.

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1. Gas Valve Defect

There are often instances when there is a defect in the gas valve which often causes a failed transportation from the gas pipes to the garage heater burner.

This results in a functioning fan and light sensor but prevents the operation of the burner.

However, if the gas valve is turned off by accident or anyway, it will also fail to establish secure gas transportation.


Check the gas valve to the burner and make sure that it is turned on. If the garage heater burner doesn’t work even after turning the valve on, check the valve for defects such as leakage and so on.

Fix the defect and turn on the heater to see if your burner working. If the problem is still persistent, then replacing the valve is the only option to make sure that the heater works properly.

2. Damaged Ignition Controller

The ignition controller is an essential part of the garage heater as it helps the burner to spark when turned on and heat up to release warm air.

A damaged ignition controller will not be able to produce the spark and will prevent the garage heater burner from working.


Properly conduct a check of the ignition controller and search for damaged parts or pieces. Even though repairing the damage can be a temporary solution to the problem, we typically advise replacing the ignition controller to get rid of the issue for a decent period of time.

3. Thin Or Clogged Gas Pipe

A common issue behind the Modine garage heater not working is that the pipes transporting gas from the chambers to the burners are either too thin or clogged.

If the pipe is too thin, then it will not be able to transfer the required amount of gas to work the burner. On the other hand, if the pipe gets clogged due to the accumulation of dirt, then it will not let the gas pass through it.


Replace the thin pipe with thick and new pipes suitable for the garage heater. Check the pipes properly and clean the congestion after turning the gas valve off. Make sure that you turn the gas valve back on after completing the cleaning.

4. Faulty Burner Sensor

When the garage heater is turned on, the burner sensor receives a signal which turns on the burner in order to generate heat.

However, if this sensor is defective or malfunctioning in any way, then it will not be able to send the required signal to the burner. As a result, the garage heater burner won’t ignite.


Open the heater up and check the burner sensor to identify the trouble. Make sure to turn off the connection to the heater before repairing or replacing the sensor. Restore the connection and restart the heater to ignite the burner.

5. Loose Wiring

Loose wiring is a common issue that can often cause the burner of the garage heater to stop functioning. This problem occurs as the wiring to the burner often loosens on its own or by accident.

The loose wiring prevents the connection of the heater to reach the burner properly and can also result in a major accident.


Conduct a proper check on the wiring of the heater to make sure that there are no loose connections to the burner. You can follow the Modine garage heater manual to get a proper view or diagram of the wires and secure the wiring to the burner properly.

6. Low Gas Pressure

Low gas pressure is another common cause of why the Modine heater burner won’t light. The burner requires a certain amount of gas pressure in order to operate and it won’t ignite if it fails to receive the proper gas pressure.


Check the gas valve to make sure that the gas setting is set to its required setting. Check the pressure of the gas and refill the gas pressure in the chambers.

Since gas pressure is an important part of the garage heater and can cause accidents easily, we usually suggest help from a gas business or professional in this case.

7. Incorrect Thermostat Settings

In order to make sure that the burner of the Modine heater works perfectly, the thermostat has to be set at accurate settings.

The temperature difference between the thermostat setting and the current temperature of the garage plays a major role in preventing the burner from igniting.


Check the thermostat settings and make sure that it is set to the right temperature. Ensure that the temperature in the garage matches the temperature set on the thermostat before turning on the garage heater.


How Do I Reset My Modine Garage Heater?

Turn off the heater connection for a few seconds and restore it to manually reset the heater. You can also disconnect and reconnect the thermostat after a few seconds.  

Why Is My Modine Garage Heater Not Working?

The main reasons behind the Modine garage heater not working are a malfunctioning fan, an unresponsive burner, and a faulty thermostat. Not only that, but wiring issues and gas problems contribute to this issue.

How Do You Clean The Gas Pipes In Modine Garage Heater?

Turn off the connection to the heater along with the gas valve. Remove the accumulated dirt from the pipe properly before reconnecting the power and turning on the gas valve.

How To Take Care Of My Modine Garage Heater?

Clean the pipes and internal parts of the garage heater on a regular basis. Make sure that you conduct checking of the pieces regularly to ensure proper performance.


You are now aware of all the possible reasons why the Modine heater won’t ignite along with the solutions to each and every problem. You can now easily identify and solve the problem whenever the burner stops igniting with little help from our guide.

If you have any more queries about the burner problems or the Modine garage heater, make sure to leave us a comment below. We will get back to your query with the best possible answer. 

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  1. Shop heater was not coming on . Turned the thermostat full hot still ot on. No lights on control panel coming on. Tapped the control box on heater light comes on burner lights and seems to work normally. Turned thermostat down to 55 heater went off. Later tried again, thermostat full hot, nothing, tapped control box, heater came on worked normally. Tried again today probably too hot in greenhouse and would not come on even tapping control box. Will try again tonight when temp drops. Looked for loose wired none found.

    • Hi Dave

      Your heater doesn’t ignite due to one or more reasons like a defective gas valve, loose wiring, a faulty sensor, defected controller, or heater ignition issue.

      Well, as your heater has no loose wiring, then, check the other issues & try to find the main reason behind the problem & fix it following the guideline in the article.

      If it doesn’t work, take help from a technician.

      Wish you all the best!


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